This is the timber turbo evolution from horizon hobby overall, its stock, except for i have crossfire, and then i have a vtx set up on here for the digital fpv. So what this setups and allows us is not only to have a video transmitter, but also a pan and tilt, so we can look left right and up and down as well, which should be a lot of fun on a fixed weight works out pretty well. I have not used a head tracker before so im. Pretty excited cool lets, see what this thing looks like youre gon na make me spend money as always: yeah thats, actually pretty responsive theres, not too much of a delay either dude. This is im pretty impressed with how much articulation you get thats, pretty cool man. This is gon na, be weird we its good in the air. So, for all intents and purchases, this is the first time weve ever done. Uh head tracked fpv on anything, but the whole point of this was to kind of demonstrate like this is more like. The traditional use for head tracking, like itd, be really cool to combine this with like long range wings or planes or stuff like that. Taxi go get out of here, so head tracking is not a new thing right, weve been using head tracking for a long time on, especially wings like this. So hes got his turbo timber evolution that we have the head tracking set up, so he can actually like pan around look down.

Look at the props see where hes taxing to and thats pretty fun right, its, not necessarily the most useful thing in the world for fpv, because the drone spins around and looks around really quick and really easily. However, when you combine it with a drone and a just a pan tilt servo for the actual drone, well be able to look around later and have some extra power in different things that we can do with filming so winstons going to get this plane in the Air and well kind of give you a little bit of a opportunity to check out what it looks like to fly thick swing with the pan tilt whats up. Oh, my goodness, i think its pretty funny that youre keeping your head pretty much stationary, though so, like once you get a little altitude. Can you look down over there? Look at the trees, thats, so cool. This is beautiful, though, so what im noticing so far is im not used to it and its definitely its taking me a second trust it for the trees. Quite yet he says going into the trees. Well, like down all right, oh gosh, oh wait! I can look left, oh god. This is weird: okay, yep nope! I didnt trust myself, just diving into the oh geez, oh thats, a cool thats cool, oh so weird. So this gives me like that, vertigo all over again, where you look down and its like whoa im controlling this.

What im? Looking oh jeez, looking straight down that is so wild all right lets check out the church over here to the right. Oh, this is vertigo. All over again wait: whats, oh geez, see theres the right wing, thats a cool view. Okay, i can see my attitude this way, like my angle of attack Music, mind that tree down there. Oh, that was weird, oh, its weird Music Applause, oh that wings, good, that wings good were good, youre right, oh thats! Right i mean that was still a good like five minute flight time, but all right so very happy. I landed it. I only have like 10 batteries through this plane, and we all know how i do with planes. Uh, the head tracking thing was cool that was nice to be able to check the uh, the wings to make sure they werent damaged, so thatll take a while to get used to. But i definitely like the idea of like look at the church or look at the building, as you fly past and add a whole new level to like fpv on that that was cool thats. A different experience thats like a whole nother experience with flying that thing. Fpv, that was cool all right lets go get this thing so now that youve seen what traditional head tracking can look like lets, take it to the drone side and see how it can enable us to get unique shots. So the product that were playing with is the metal in drones, head tracker, hes used some open source hardware and software to kind of create like a plug and play head tracking device that can attach to whatever you want to track so in in the case before We were flying it on the plane.

We could use it with the dji digital fpv system, which to me, is a dream, and i have it now attached to the fat sharks just again with some double sided tape. Now i know a lot of people are going to comment that fat shark has a head tracking device, thats pre, built and thats absolutely true, but what im really excited about this is that it can apply to literally anything now this drone that ive set up with The metal and tracker is running analog and thats for two different reasons: one i couldnt get a long enough, cable fast enough for them to make this video that would run between the drone and the actual camera and the air unit. So thats. One problem that i had to solve and then the second is: i actually wanted to set it up with two fpv cameras, so theres, one fpv camera down here and theres one up here that are both connected to the same flight controller, which is the hobby wing. H7 flight controller, so i can actually do camera switching and switch between. I could potentially like leave this camera really low and so its like kind of like a birds, eye view sort of thing locked without having to fly out of it or i could leave it. Super high and then fly with an angle, so it just kind of gives me some redundancy some different options: theres a really big, powerful servo here that they warn in the instructions when youre setting it up is enough torque to break a finger, whether or not thats.

True, i dont know, but it definitely seems pretty chunky its got a wire and it goes to this gopro mount that actually physically tilts up and down. I can go down to about thats negative 50 degrees and then up to about positive 40.. So almost 180 degrees of motion and i think thats gon na be a lot of power, so ive not actually flown this. All i have done is uh hover tested this drone uh. So i have no idea what its gon na be like to fly with the head tracker doing stuff like this. Oh, i think im gon na get sick to my stomach, so im really excited to get it out. Both wins and i are going to try to fly it see if we can actually get it in the air and, like not like, you know, fall out of our seats because were doing this kind of stuff and then well use it to try to baby chase. The plane chase the bronco and see like what kind of different shots we can get by like looking down or looking up or you know, can we fly alongside something and, like start low and kind of come up high, get unique perspectives that are really hard to Get traditionally with fpv and just kind of get creative with what we could do with the head tracking system. All right lets see how bad this goes. Oh analog, video, oh, i think im gon na get sick of my stomach.

Oh, this is so weird im gon na fly under this tree and look up at it. Hey i made it. Oh my god, i legitimately started im starting to feel queasy. This might not be for me, okay, im, going up over the trees and im gon na look down into the tree area as i go over us and Music yeah thats, pretty cool its kind of hard to fly. It like this. Oh thats cool, okay, theres, some potential there. Oh this is so weird im gon na kind of look down at this uh. I i am getting sick of my stomach like im not going to throw up, but, like i do, feel weird Music im going to try to look at stuff as i fly over it Music kind of going over top of stuff and looking down at it is Really cool: oh uh, okay, so heres. What i did i started to fly backwards and then i gave myself negative tilt. I started to fly really fast backwards, but everything was still in frame. Altitude management is very hard. Okay, im trying to orbit while looking down Music that was weird but hard im flying into the trees and looking down cruising down through the trees. Oh, that was cool oop low battery okay, im gon na bring it in land youre gon na, try it before i break it: Music, okay, okay, that was pretty cool like i, i was a little bit skeptical at first, because its like okay, yeah kind of a Gimmick like you can look up and down with the drone, but when i can like look down a gap and fly down through the gap, not because im, confident in my ability to fly.

But i can use that as a cool angle to come down through something and, like you know so ill be looking through the gap and as im coming down. I look up to what im trying to reveal through the camera so, like i kind of went into a gap over there in the trees, and i looked, you know i came into the gap, looked down and then cruised down the gap and then through, and that Gave me like a perspective that ive not seen before in fpv. I want to play with more with the up tilt too, like to kind of see like kind of look up and fly up through something and then down stuff like that. But like theres, definitely something there that i hadnt thought of before and im really really excited about what that could be. So winston you got to try flying it because it is a head trip all right here. We go. Oh geez, like i want to tilt my head farther forward to move because usually i have in my mind, to pitch forward and to pitch forward. I look down. Oh geez, all right heres. What i wanted to try Music. Oh! This is hard. Oh and looking up physically man, this test your skills as a pilot cause, you got ta feel what the drone is doing as youre flying it. Oh thats cool and like to hit gaps coming down Music. Oh i like this.

Looking down. Theres that you look up. Oh there we go hold on orbit Music, so im just kind of playing around with it trying to get used to the idea of what the drones going to do, where its pointing and just keeping correlation with everything. With where im. Looking and remembering one thing that i had fun with was just kind of orbiting and looking up as you orbit was kind of cool one of the things i want to try. I dont know if its practical, but it was fun, thats, really cool, just the the slow flight to look down and be able to go real, slow and down. Thats always one of the hardest things to do, especially with the the indoor cinewop shots is where you have to go slow and lose altitude youre almost looking straight up at something so thats thats. One thing that would be useful for i dont know how useful profession to be, but thats thats really cool, though you definitely get the vertigo moving around to where its not tied to what you think it should be tied to. That definitely was throwing me for a loop to check out josh medellins kit for the head tracker, which includes the servo, the prints, the gopro mount a few different frames and a generic version for each of those, as well as the actual head tracker itself check. The link in the description below second flight for winston, its not gon na crash uh, im gon na find a nice long stretch of area here that i can try and fly backwards without hitting some stuff im gon na stop right here at the oh wait: oh Geez: okay: here we go look down and tilt back Music yeah.

That thing moves being able to adjust the camera angle and not sacrificing the rest of the flight. Just to fly backwards is kind of nice. All right lets line this up nice and lined up, keep it off the ground, Music being able to just kind of not sacrifice the angle of the camera and the gopro the rest of the flight and still being able to stop on your subject. Look and just slowly come back like that. I wasnt very smooth about the transition, but if you get practice with it, i bet you could probably get some cool shots with that, especially with like the indoor tours where theres the things where you have to watch. Someone come up to the door and back off with them or something along those lines would be a cool cool use case, or something like this so ive, given myself about four or five batteries to really start feeling out how i can be using the head tracking. Alongside of the actual drone itself, just because its a kind of weird thing to get used to like, i didnt feel like my first couple, flights really justified like how it could be used, and so i wanted to kind of just practice off camera. So this next flight, what i want to show off is kind of how im using the downward angle, especially because i have a little bit more downward tilt in this angle in this setup than i do upward.

I can really only get to like there, but i can go a lot further down than i think than up so its like 50 degrees, and i use that to kind of move slowly down through trees and kind of make reveals. So, like theres gon na be a shot where i come down and i kind of scoot through all the trees right behind us and kind of come level to winston and then kind of move off in a different direction and using those sorts of movements to kind Of create something that you dont normally get with. Fpv, i think, is one of the powerful things about this particular idea. So, im excited to see what other things we could keep doing with it, but for now im excited to see the early beginnings of what this could mean. So in conclusion, we dont actually know all of the possibilities of this. Yet the ability to fly down through stuff was absolutely incredible, like we can kind of like point the camera all the way down and really slowly make our way down through things and then, as were coming back up. We kind of reveal the stuff that were looking at. I thought that was a unique application for this device beyond the unique shots that you can get whats cool about. This particular kit is that it can work both with fat sharks and with dji, digital fpv system or whatever system you want. You just have to stick it on and control it with the controller.

To that end, im really excited to hear what you guys think in the comments about the things that we should shoot with it right. We tried a little bit of chasing a little bit of proximity flying and a little bit of backwards flag.