So you fully understand whats inside now upon delivery, youre going to be impressed with how cool and clean this box looks its just nice, knowing that you can actually purchase really nice items right here on amazon straight out of the box youre going to uncover this very Nice carrying case its more of a hard case. It really can protect your drone once you open that up, youre going to see that you have the foldable drone, thats, nice and neat folded in a very compact size. Youll also have the transmitter. Youre gon na need some batteries for that double as whats also nice about this flymore kit is. It comes with two drone batteries which helps you maximize your flight time. Each battery holds about 23 minutes of flight time. The kit also includes four extra propellers, just in case others get damaged, you can replace them easily. It comes with a usb charging, cable and a charge hub to charge up to two batteries. At the same time, and of course it comes with the instruction booklet, which is very detailed for getting your drone in the air for the first time, unlike other drone brands and packages that make you pay more for all these accessories.