Sorry if the audio is going to be a little worse than normal, but hopefully its still okay. Today were going to take a look at what i bring out with me when i fly fpv im gon na go through everything that i have in my backpack, the bag that i use uh go through some of the stuff that i like, and even talk about. Some of the pain points ive had throughout the past year, setting up what i think is my perfect fpv kit, so without further ado lets get into it. Lets go uh the bag that i use is the iflight fpv quad backpack. Its got plenty of straps up here, plenty of straps over here for extra quads. In this side i usually keep some tools. I keep some blue tac for soldering and then also i keep my battery checker and my theyre basically uh battery dischargers on this side. Uh heres the main compartment, a bunch of space for storage up here i keep a spare goggle strap. I keep an adapter and a usb plug. So if i want to actually connect my goggles to a phone or tablet, so i can show somebody what im seeing. I can do that and then a spare xt62 goggle connector as well, just in case this side of the bag. I have all my props. You can see freestyle props, smaller props heres, a couple of the drones i have with me today: uh cinewoop, with the gopro bones on it.

Ive got uh two three inch props and a full two. Three inch props two three inch drones and a full five inch. Drone uh here i basically have my tools set up. I have my battery checker uh these. Basically, if i damage a lipo battery, i want to be able to discharge it as soon as possible. So i bring these with me to the field, an xt60 and an xt31 just in case uh. This is a t mount prop remover. Now, if youve ever dealt with small loops, really smaller than that cinewoop that use t mount props, sometimes they can get stuck on there. So this is basically an extractor tool, great little device. I have my iflight tool kit, which im going to go over in the next video. I have my spare parts for my freestyle drone and some spare antennas as well, some bigger tools really more for getting off gopros and some bigger jobs that arent as quad specific. Most of those tools are in here i have a multimeter so when im doing any kind of repair – and i want to check that – i maintained continuity and i didnt bridge a pad having a multimeter with me – is phenomenal. It all fits together. Its really nice compact, really good ad in here ive got my batteries. Cable adapters, spare goggle battery and up here ive got a charger and then a parallel charging board. Just in case i need it.

Uh heres all my action, camera stuff uh in here ive got nd filters. Spare gopro mounts anything i need, while im out flying action. Camera related. This is a small first aid kit. As you can hear, i have some advil tums band aids, some basic stuff, just in case i get a cut, scrape or anything like that that i can take care of. Obviously i have my goggles using the rotor right, strap and then this little uh, i guess its sunny life 3d printed or i guess its injection molded, but a little goggle battery holder so that slips in there. So its all nice and compact, then obviously my dji controller and all this together fits into this bag, all nice and securely, so that way its easy to bring to and from the field like Music. I didnt go over this pocket. This is usually where i took action, cameras and kind of quick access items. Um, like batteries for action, cameras stuff like that and then last you do have a laptop pocket back here or you can take a laptop or a tablet or anything else as big and long and tall other than that thats the bag. Now that im all packed up and ready to go for today, uh. Thank you all for joining me on todays video im to be back again im going to dig into that toolkit, because a lot of people want to know hey what should i bring to the flying field or the spot when i go out there to fly my Drones – and i want to give you a kind of comprehensive list of what i bring and then maybe some suggestions of what additional items i would like to bring so with that said.

Thank you all for joining me on todays video hope you liked it. If you did, please hit the like button, please leave a comment. Let me know what you bring to the field or what bag you really like, or if youve had bad experiences with the iflight, because im still pretty new to it and then obviously subscribe. It really helps me grow and build this channel. Thank you all for joining me.