I watch them all the time and dan kind of makes fun of me for it, but it is whats in my bag and today is wedding, photographer portrait photographer versus videography and yeah. This is kind of interesting because we got a bunch of different cameras here lenses. Why we pick every focal length and everything like that, if you guys want us to get into lighting and audio and all that kind of stuff too? Just let us know well get into that, but here is everything that we use every time we shoot a wedding. Okay, so first lets talk about bags. I love this companion bag. It pretty much fits everything i need. I mean i do bring a couple extra bags because i am an over packer and an overachiever when it comes to wedding photography. Okay, so first lets get some like quirky stuff in there, so some of the things that i always carry carry with me to every wedding. Definitely a pack of gum because you never know when you need to be fresh, because i shoot with my husband so its romantic, its a wedding and, of course, card, read or card holder dan got me this on amazon basics. You can just pick one up too. I love it and, of course, my sony. Tough cards are inside love those cards. They are the best cards and i always carry a little pouch with essentials for brides like if they need a little pair of scissors or a bobby pin or ponytails or even an extra pair of earrings.

I carry them with me for my brides and a little bit of perfume because girls, you never know so. I dont know the only quirky things that i guess we videographers carry around nd filters. Ive missed edition standard edition from these. These are from polar pro right here. Got ta have a rocket blower for that kind of stuff, uh shotgun mics. What i use gaff tape – gaff tape – is definitely a necessity but uh. I use a backpack because i want to keep my hands free for things like gimbals and tripods, and everything like that so lets get in the camera. So main camera for me would have to be my a7r, 4 and ive been using the a7r series for a while. Now i actually did a video a couple years ago. If you guys want to go check that out on wedding, i was shooting a wedding and i used my a7r iii back then, but obvious upgrade here, because we have improvements in autofocus, obviously youre going to have the upgrade in megapixel count, and you know i really Want to make sure and use this during portraits, because it goes a long way when my bride and grooms are printing large, portraits of themselves like on a canvas and then i can get in there and tweak a little bit more with that higher megapixel count and Of course, hardware improvements are so important to me. This grip was such a big upgrade for me, and i love this camera.

So my main camera and ive got it rigged out with a small red cage right now, but this is the a7s3, and this was a life changing camera. I mean when this came out the ability to shoot 4k 120. I use 4k 60 a ton being able to shoot in almost zero light. I mean i bought two of these im recording the other one here. Ive got one on a gimbal one on a primary camera and i use these things. I use these things like crazy. These are amazing cameras. They do everything for me, unlimited recording, so you dont have to worry about stopping the camera every 30 minutes. Anything like that, so many frame rates so many different options and codecs. This is my go to main camera. A7R4 amazing camera. My second body that i always bring with me is, of course, the sony alpha one, this camera we fight over this one. We do a lot and i want to take it all the time, because i always always like to have two bodies on me. At all times, because of obviously you can have different focal lengths and carry different lenses on there, but im not like i dont play around when it comes to weddings. I mean this is the dream camera for both photo and video. So, first of all, you have high resolution 50 megapixels youre able to shoot fully silent, no viewfinder blackout. So many advantages to being able to do that anytime.

You dont want that camera click or anything like that thats, the camera we go to, but for video 2. I mean 8k, 4k 120, all the options of an s3 and get you for video 2.. So if you are doing hybrid work or even wedding photo or video either one, it is the ultimate camera out there right now and yeah its insane. So lets get into some lenses right now and first zoom lenses. We kind of like to do zooms and primes. I like to have zooms on one camera series and then primes on the other and be able to go back and forth. I think you like to do it the same way right, oh yeah, absolutely yeah! The zooms give a lot of flexibility when youre shooting a wedding. Flexibility is almost a must. I there are times that you really just need that ability to be able to change focal lengths in an instant, but these prime lenses are amazing quality. They give you wider. Apertures, so you can shoot at lower isos and things like that, so its great to have both setups and how we usually do. It is primes on one camera zooms on the other, so on the zoom side, i absolutely love this lens right here. This is a 12 through 24. The wide angle i dont use it a ton, but when i use it its for like room shots, environmental things and it is insane what you can do with it, but basically f: 2.

8 aperture series are go tos for weddings, so starting out in the wide angle. Yeah, this is a 12 through 24 f, 2.8 youve got 24 to 70. yeah thats, definitely not one that i steal from him, because the distortion possibly in portraits is not my friend, so i use the 24 70 a lot. This is my main shooter, especially when it comes to um wedding ceremonies. Because again i want that wide to get the whole room shot of everybody sitting at the ceremony and then, of course, the 70. So i can zoom in as well during that first kiss, if were in a smaller ceremony site and, of course, the bread and butter right here. The 7200 f28 is my baby. This is what i shoot the bulk of my ceremonies on as well. Just because again, i can get 70 up close and i can get the rings being put on it. You know 200 millimeters, which is super important to me, because the different portraits the different focal lengths are very important when it comes to portraits, especially in weddings, because you want that differentiation between eat for to give to the bride and groom and then, of course, lets Go into primes yeah, so any really the same thing for video 24 to 70s on a lens all the time: 7, 200, usually in ceremonies, and things like that. Yeah now for primes. I personally use primes on my gimbal camera because it just it gives me that wider aperture and some really cool looks for it.

So i tend to go with the smaller series from sony its like their g lenses right here. Um ive got a 20 millimeter ive got a 35 ive got the 55 zeiss so yeah. I really love how compact these things are. They still give you really wide apertures and just overall amazing prime lenses for the money and yeah these work great on a gimbal. So im not holding you, know, seven pound cameras and lenses, and everything like that – and these are my go tos on it. Now you go a little bit bigger than me on these ones. I do and of course you know, go big or go home, because here i have my 7200, my 24 70. These are not light and then, of course, were going to get into the 85 f14 g master. This is the most unbelievable lens. I believe that sony has so far um and another lens im going to talk about a minute, but this lens four portraits absolutely beautiful. My bride and grooms always talk about their pictures when it comes to an 85 on them and, of course, the 50 f1 2 sony just recently came out with this this year and 50 f1 2. I could shoot an entire wedding on a 50 f12 and this particular lens is so crisp, so beautiful edge to edge sharpness, beautiful, no distortion, no chromatic aberration, which is super important to me, and i love it yeah. This is a lens that i will take all the time, because it is that good and most of my stuff is shot 35 50 for things like portraits getting ready.

This is a dream: 50 millimeter, lens, um and then 35 millimeter is a very good go to. They got the 1.4. This is it uh. This is also a great prime lens for that so 35. 1.4, that 50 1.2 and thats some awesome lenses. Oh absolutely, of course, an f12 is so important because we shoot in a lot of dark environments when it comes to ceremonies, and you dont know how the lighting is going to be. You know youre, obviously wanting to get a bride and groom next to the window, but that f12 makes that difference in every portrait. It really truly does and its beautiful and crisp. So i will go ahead and leave some links down in the description. If you guys want to check out, because weve got reviews for pretty much all of this stuff with some pretty crazy shoots on it, so definitely go check those out also the bts of an entire wedding. That is definitely worth watching. If you were a wedding photographer on that, one maybe well have to do something with video coming up soon, maybe or see how we fight behind the scenes. Thatll be. Definitely, i think the r4 video has a lot of that one so go check that one out stay tuned. We got some more stuff coming up.