We have carbon fiber protection underneath the bottom of it and i did not get a mount for dks go pro, but its interesting, because you have a rear view facing camera with a stubby antenna back here i have my firefly x riding on the back today. For this honest review – and we have the insta360 go 2 on the front im going to show you both those camera size and were going to do a durability test today, something that you might want to consider if youre thinking about buying this one and as always In my honest reviews, im going to show you the result of my crash test. Unexpectedly, we hit the concrete, and i i found the weakest link on this quad, so im going to show you what that is in this review and maybe diatone will will upgrade that for you guys in the future. But i was also flying to to give diatone some credit a little larger battery than what youd normally fly on here, just to try to get a little bit longer flight time, as always um but yeah that battery ejected and we had some damage so lets go Ahead and do the flight test and ill show you the results on the bench after we get back from the flight test, enjoy the flight Music all right, my friends lets go ahead and get it off the ground. This might be confusing to look at, but i labeled everything skyzone dvr on the top right firefly x, follow cam on the rear view and shot on the insta 360 go for the front view.

Now you can get some pretty cool shots with the rear view camera. I think this is kind of a cool concept. Again, i like to see this on more quads, especially for shots like this im just going to switch it right now, so you can see the rear view on the full screen and check out this little fly through thats kind of cool like revealing shots on a Rear camera are really nice and i wanted to also fly further out in the field. I did have some kind of issues with that short little stubby antenna keep an eye on the sky zone dvr at the top right. Youre gon na see like some break up at different points during this flight youre gon na you know, were only flying 25 milliwatt here. So a lot of times i like to to test that out, for you guys, but im gon na fly a little further out in the fields were gon na put that back up on the screen here in a minute. But i just wanted to check out at a high altitude what the rear view camera looks like up in the air and youre gon na have to play around with the camera angle. I dont feel like mine was maybe totally right during this flight, but its kind of cool to see way up high in the field that im used to flying. I saw a little bit of stutter there on that firefly x, camera on that turn right there that pan theres not a lot of stabilization on the firefly x, but it does a pretty good job, but it also reveals that the tune is not totally perfect.

So theres a little bit of wobbles, but this is interesting here fly through and down this road that weve flown down before check this out on the rear view. Full screen isnt that fun thats kind of cool id like to do that at high speed. Maybe just speed it up through there that would be super cool, but for slow, controlled cinema shots, and if you want to do any kind of reveals, thats, pretty cool like a big building or a landmark or something now coming back through, were gon na fly through Some trees again and im gon na put that rear view camera up again up in the top left there thats pretty cool. Are you confused by all of the images on the screen you should be now when we come around the screen uh we come around the the tree here, not the screen crash. I lost total video right there, so durability check all right, guys, durability, test just went down on the concrete uh. Hopefully, you can hear my voice over the winds a little bit of wind right now, its kind of windy up there and overcast all that again today. But i wanted to fly this today, for you guys and lets see what happened lets see if any of it broke. I mean we went straight into the concrete, so okay yep looks like we broke some stuff, so when i unplug that before it gets, shorted out looks like the lens on the firefly is okay thats good all right, oh thats, good ill! Put that in my pocket.

This carbon top plate broke off so lets look at that carbon top plate clean off. So it looks like you know. This is an 1100 milliamp pack, its probably a little bigger than is recommended on this quad, but that was a hard hit. You know whenever you crash on concrete stuff is bound to break, but i make honest reviews guys um, i have to say the overall flight characteristic of it was good. This is still recording someone stopped that flight characteristic was good 4s. This thing is fun, it will freestyle it. Will. Cinema itll carry two cameras, no problem. I had a lot of fun kind of cruising with this one out there, but maybe dagtone can send me a new top plate. I feel like that should be thicker. You guys see that right there im just gon na stop, so you guys can see that thing looks like two millimeter. Maybe – and it has four screws on it, so you can remove it and get to the vtx and the flight controller, but yeah as you can see, that is the weak spot of this particular design and that could have fried my vtx so thats right. Over top of the vtx, you might want to put a piece of something between that top plate and the vtx. So anyway, guys hope you enjoyed the flight test. Lets go back to the studio bench and lets talk about this thing, a little more in depth and ill.

Look it over a little more for you just to make sure theres, no extra, hidden damage here and ill turn it on again see if i can get all my video systems and everything back up but durable frame, the frame did not break got some really deep. Scratches on it – and i think itll fly again – no problem just need a new top plate all right here we go all right guys. Welcome back from the flight test lets just go ahead and jump right into the meat of this honest review and im going to keep it honest with you guys. I found kind of the the issue that needs to be addressed with this quad um and i know diatone carl is going to jump right on this, for you guys, um the elephant in the room, its its the top plate. The top plate is one millimeter and, as i was walking back from that crash, i was looking at it and when you have a battery eject off a quad, you think, first of all, the you know the strap broke the straps totally intact. But then i noticed the piece of carbon on the bottom and then i looked again on the quad and it was the top plate, theres four bolts that normally hold this top plate on, and i commented right after the crash without knowing the specs that this looked Like two to one and a half millimeter, when i got back and actually looked at the specs on the website, i was shocked its one millimeter top plate on a two and a half inch: 4s 850 milliamp battery toting quad.

What the h is going on here, the engineers got a little happy with their uh weight reduction. It seems i know theyre trying to make this under 250 grams for you guys, but as it sits on the scale that became compromised 148 grams with the two tpu mounts front and back on there with the full size antenna. You can also run this little stubby. I dont recommend that, because, when i came around that tree having the stubby on there that compromised my signal back to my goggles, my video went out and i couldnt see a damn thing and i crashed at the concrete the one place on the field that i Did not want to crash id rather crash out in the grass. I think it would have probably been okay, but the weight of the 4s 1100 battery just totally compromised that top plate. So thats. The first issue on the quad you can see my 1100 from eachine is not that much bigger than the 850. I feel like. You could easily run an 1100 on any two and a half inch quad out there. I mean its its only a tiny bit more weight on this 4s setup and ive comfortably ran this 1100 on tons of my 4s to 2.5 inch quads, no problem now with the 4s 850 thats, getting you up to 238 grams, so thats under 250 grams. Now the problem is that if you want to keep it under 250 for a 2 inch series, adding the go.

2 gets you above 250., so youre going to have to shave down your battery weight to maybe 4s 550 or something then its going to give you about a three minute flight time with the 850 youre going to rock about five minutes. If youre cruising um 265 with the front camera and then the rear view, camera, which is my firefly x, light thats getting us up above 300 grams, so 305 grams is approaching a a much bigger quad weight. So all that work to shave down your frame ended up um having a compromise here, so um thats, not good. I feel like diatone should thicken this up to um. Maybe a two millimeter would be better um, maybe even three millimeter i dont know at this point. I feel like the the front and back plate are probably okay, the way they are. If you look on here, there is a bolt here and two bolts here, so we have four bolts holding that on the problem. Also that i thought was that, after i looked at this the way it sits its extremely close to the vtx right here lets see. If i can get into focus, you see that little thin sliver right there thats carbon. If that had touched that metal post right there, it might have arced and burnt out my vtx during that crash. So if i had picked it up wrong while it was plugged in that would have pretty much fried everything, possibly my motors too now.

The next thing that i thought about when i looked at this quad was aside from the excitement of dual cameras and and have some nice motors on here. Great power 4s was that hey, they moved the usbc cable and they rerouted it theres, no actual physical connector. On there, so no usbc port on this flight controller at all. You see that there theres nothing there its rerouted to this one. So the problem with that was mine. It didnt work, no matter what cable i used, the one in the box that i got in this nice soft case that dietone gave me it did not work. No cable worked so my osd, if you notice in my dvr its down off the screen, i couldnt adjust it in betaflight to bring it up. That was a problem, so this never worked for me. Thank god. The arm switch and the modes worked on my transmitter, but i was pretty much flying blind of how much power i had left in the quad uh. The next thing that i noticed on this as well lets just keep these honest reviews going here is that the bottom plate on here i i think aesthetically this is beautiful. I love this. These little carbon venting sort of bottom plate guards on here. I think theyre mostly for looks um theyre kind of nice in a softer environment, but i knew these were going to break. I knew i was going to maybe have a hard bouncy landing if you had a pad on here to maybe keep it up off the ground just a little bit on a solid belly in it might protect it, but um in my frontal crash you know.

Take it with a grain of salt hitting the concrete, youre gon na break stuff. This spa right here broke and this one broke on this side. This one survived a little bit of damage on that, but the purple frame here this thing is a beast. So great job on the frame itself, i think that they were thinking that, since this frame is i mean literally, this thing is like little tikes. I think a two year old could play with this and not figure out how to break it. Um, even my twins could probably play with this all day and not break it somehow, but it flexes in the center right here, but the front to back on the prop guards is super super rigid. So i can see that surviving a concrete crash. Youve got dual bracing all the way around here and one thick one right in the middle of the core, so i think engineering wise this thing is a beast. You also have a bottom spot for a battery. If you wanted to run a strap through that, so that was cool. If the engineer thought about that, for you guys – and it seems, i got an extra one in this case uh and extras as far as extra goes die tones nice. They give you a lot of extras tons of extra hardware. Ive got extra cables in here. Ive got an extra set of the props. These are ducted 63 millimeter flash jim fan, props, pretty sweet there, cable for the rxsr receiver, and the price on this guy is on the website around 229 dollars.

But i was surprised about the few things that came to light during my test uh. So i think, durability wise, the syn log series is, is going to beat out the the take hand series. Even though the take hand series is a favorite, its a huge crowd. Favorite out there diet tone. Quality is usually good for me. Um, the the tacan series has been super popular people, love it um, but this these are just the things that maybe that diatone will address for maybe an update to this frame. I think if you guys could get maybe a two millimeter top plate that might hold up in a really hard frontal crash, but any anything larger than like a 650 milliamp may just break that clean off like what happened to mine – and i was so surprised, like You see theres still a bunch of sharp edges that i need to pull off here, just sticking up everywhere. So yeah i felt like the the video that i got from this was cool. It was spectacular um. I i do not like the stubby antenna on there at all, because it kind of hides it down here. I dont recommend that put the longer one on here, bend it down and thats going to give you much better clearance. When i was flying – and i had my crash – i was flying the stubby, so if you get the stubby just maybe put these on your goggles or something or use it on another quad that has more clearance than back here in between this spot right here, not A good spot plus your your camera is also blocking it, but um cool idea, great concept and i like to see more of these dual camera setups coming out from different companies, and hopefully you enjoyed my honest review today of the c25 mk2.

It is nice. Power to weight. Ratio is good. It feels okay on the high throttle, but just a few design changes not its not going to be quite as durable as your your big brother, cinelog 35. But if you want to check this out in the link down below and also my recommended top five cinewoops, you can do that as well um. Hopefully, all my tests in here on the channel benefits you guys and and what you want to buy next uh also be sure to comment down below on this video and subscribe, because im giving away that that flywoo center race coming up um 400 bucks. 4S little elrs 2.4 gigahertz uh series quad super super awesome, really really nice dji quad, giving it away on the channel guys take care, be well fly, safe and ill.