Imagine there was a lot of golfers or non golfers. I should say going what the hell is: liv golf now ive not been paid to make. This video obviously got free tickets. I took dad um, as you saw at the start there. It was his birthday. I said. Would you like to go um to the golf with me and with the two young ones? We do spend a lot of time together, but very rarely do we have a day out. So i said ill drive. You have a few beers and lets go and enjoy watching some golf because in the uk ironically, we dont see that much golf. We obviously have wentworth, which is quite similar in terms of distance to myself. This is only an hour away, so it was kind of a given that i was going richard bland hit by the way sporting. The m2 2016 head, which kind of won me over. He was one of my favorite players of the day. Youll see a great drive. Um of him later, as well as theres another guy, i mean hes, been doing very well this year and, as i say, we dont see much live golf in the uk um when it comes to obviously the open, thats it and then obviously british masters and wentworth And thats about all we have so for me it was quite ironic because normally all the players ive never seen mcavoy hit a golf ball.

For example, all the big guys i dont foresee actually hit a ball because the moneys in america and now ironically, money was definitely the hot topic and id love to hear your guys thoughts on the coverage. What you thought one of the big differences – and this is obviously a selfish difference, as i was able to film the entire tournament it almost felt taboo. I felt, like i shouldnt, be doing it. It felt wrong pj tour european tour youre able to film, i believe, on the practice days where you are with the european tour but strictly forbidden on tournament days, and there was lots of people taking videos and photos and thats the one big thing through this whole Event which i think in terms of marketing, i think they were slow to set off with, because i didnt even know this event was happening three weeks ago. The instagram account, i think, only had 2 000 followers four days before the event was to kick off, but you can imagine the amass of people taking videos, photos and tagging that they were there. So in terms of marketing. One big difference is the amount of social media awareness that this tournament was able to do in such a short space of time. Dont get me wrong. There was lots of money being poured into this event very well run, i would say, as the first event now, there are a few things i think in terms of the coverage personally um, i thought it was very good.

Obviously, a lot of people highlighted the noise of the score leaderboard um sams horse field. Here, absolute ripper hes, my favorite player of the tournament. The guy can absolutely stripe it, but the coverage i thought was actually really good action packed a lot of americans. I saw no ads, which is obviously a big thing. We dont really have ads here uh in the uk when we watch sky sports in terms of golf, but it was free and it was on youtube, and i have no idea how the technology works in terms of streaming youtube and obviously the quality wasnt as good As youd see in a normal tv coverage, but they are streaming, it live and onto youtube, and it was a bit different and i think, thats the whole thing. I took away from this event whether you agree or disagree, indifferent, whatever it might be, its definitely something different and there was a lot newer golfers. I would say it wasnt, my typical. Now, when i go to wentworth, i think the crowds a lot older, if that makes sense so theres a lot more newer people and dont get me wrong. Weve had lockdown, so its a bit different weve had a lot more people. Um take up the game, so theres, no wonder: weve got new crowds, but in terms of the people them there, it was very much a relaxed atmosphere and, to be honest, looking um through all the bits from the like mini golf to the challenges: the music there Was a concert every night it was definitely catered not just for golf, but more entertainment obviously got stuck not stuck, but if youve ever watched live golf.

Its very difficult to actually get ahead of a few groups now obviously want to see dj film sam hit balls because obviously ive never seen them hit a golf ball before and they absolutely flushed it, and it was great to see but its very difficult to see. Other golfers, when you play the format and it doesnt, look that busy but its because the shotgun start for me makes a massive element in this. These are the beers of the day that um we had. I thought food and drink was quite good theres. A lot of different caterers um normally its just one for all, but actually i think they had independent caterers there. But shotgun start is a difficult one, because you might have one favorite player on the first and then you might have your other favorite player on the knife and typically with a normal event. Youll have to players turn off at seven oclock in the morning. All the way up to two in the afternoon, so most people kind of stagger like ill go there, because i want to see this person or ill go in the afternoon and you normally typically always see it. Theyll have big names in the afternoon and big names in the morning so that obviously they can filter out, maybe spread out the crowds a bit. Maybe a tiny bit like that, but this event was completely different in terms of right. Who do i want to go and see, and you have to basically make a choice? Am i going to go and see dj and phil, or am i going to go and see lee westwood and ian poulter? Am i going to try and see sergio all the other names on the roster and as weve seen over the weekend, a few more names are being added as well to the roster centurion club itself.

I thought it looked fantastic, but again it was a very interesting layout because you basically had to make a decision if youre at one end of the golf course thats it. You are at the other end of the golf course, and it was a very long walk back the stands, however, i thought was very interesting. Typically again, ive been to many events, but i went to wentworth. Normally you have to book seats. I think theres a few free seats here and there, but typically you have to book, seats and thats. Basically, you done youre now sitting there for the rest of the tournament theres. A lot of pop up free stands where, if there wasnt many people there – and this was the friday it wasnt it was sold on the saturday. So i wasnt quite sure what its like on a saturday. But you could easily get a seat in most places and obviously ill show you where me and dad perched on the first um in a minute again the non featured names lets say not the top five big names is very easy to get up close and personal With the players walking between teas, seeing them how they hit their golf shots – and lets be honest – all these golfers are going to rip it and stripe it whatever you want to call them um, whether theyre towards the end of their career or theyre starting their career. There was a lot of good golf on the show and typically to see these players.

For example, if i was to see phil or if i was to see dustin in this country, it would always be a major and youll be eight people deep. So, very rarely you would actually be able to see any of the golf ball. Martin climber here hit the best shot of the day i couldnt well after his drive, obviously wasnt the best he hit on another hole. He then hit it over the trees here, um to about 12 foot and is rather incredible. Im not gon na lie short game. Always impresses me when it comes to these events. I play with pros a lot and a lot of them can hit the drive just as far as these guys, but when it comes to flight in the ball, it was incredibly weak, uh windy all weekend, which is why i think the scores were the way they Were this is us on the first um, but the short game always impresses me when i watch these boys its incredible what they can do with the wedge. So then we perch on the first, and i see we had this nice little free seating. We had the tv to the right of us um and the first tee on the left here and its quite its quite an interesting one. Again its action packed. I think most people would watch six hours of golf and then go home, but everyone starts at the same time and then obviously finishes at the same time, which is probably why the end evening, entertainment was actually so busy because most of the people that get there At eight in the morning are ready to go home by like three four oclock, because theyve basically walked 36 hours.

Overall, i thought it was interesting in terms of the coverage. Obviously i had a lot of drama going through the week. Itd be very interesting to see how this tournament itself settles and, as i say, i dont think its definitely a direct competition with the big boys on tour. But i dont think thats what its there, for.