We know just about everything there is to know about this drone thats going to be released in just a couple of days. Weve got high res images. Weve got unboxings; we even have flight footage, yep djis, pretty much. Let everything get leaked up to this point. So i want to tell you what we know what we think and were going to get the best information coming up on the 10th stay tuned Music. So the first thing you know is that this is a sub 250 gram drone, at least it is most of the time. Dji did something interesting and that is release a second battery thats, going to give you a little bit more flight time now that second battery is going to be heavier and likely push it above the 250 gram weight. The standard battery is going to give you 34 minutes of flight time now. Thats an improvement over the mini 2 in the mini se, and the extended battery is going to get you up to 47.. Those are impressive. Now. What id actually like to see is a smaller battery. Why? Well, if you fly in the us now, there are some regulations that allow you fly over people, but you have to be under 250 grams. You have to have propeller cards and it has to meet remote id requirements that drone doesnt exist. It should exist with this mini 3 pro and could be done if they give you a third battery with less capacity and is a little bit lighter well see.

Lets talk about the camera, it is absolutely an improvement. You have a 1 over 1.3 inch sensor, that is a bigger and larger sensor, going to get better photos and video in lower light situations and in all situations really, plus you have this dual native iso. That just basically means it runs it through that process twice when youre trying to change the game should be a little bit of a bonus plus we have 48 megapixel stills thats impressive. I think this drone is slotted to replace the mavic air 2, not the air. 2S, but the air 2 pretty much slots into that price range in the 700 800 range, and it does have a slightly improved camera, plus weve added obstacle avoidance just like on that drum. We have front rear and bottom obstacle avoidance on the mini 3 pro. This is the first mini drone from dji with obstacle avoidance. This camera is really interesting and then it can rotate. So you can take pictures in portrait mode as well as a standard landscape, thats really nice for various different social media, and you get the whole resolution of that image. It also says that its wi fi enabled that may mean that you can fly with your smartphone and not have to worry about the controller thats to be determined but thats a really nice feature and at worst you do get a quick transfer of images and videos To your phone thats definitely going to happen its going to have the improved 03 transmission system.

That means youre going to get much better range. Ive heard people say up to like 11 miles, thats mind blowing no ones going to fly that far. Nor do you need to, but its going to give you a crystal clear signal that 1080p signal and its just going to be absolutely stronger and have a lot more fidelity than even the impressive o2 system. This drone is definitely going to be better than the mini 2, but is it worth an upgrade hard to say you know i really like the camera. I do like that. The camera will pan up to about 60 degrees. Unfortunately, it doesnt go to 90, like the paragraphy, but thats still enough. Look up angle that you can see things above you, so that is impressive. The 4k is gon na, be really good, but the 4k was still really good on the mini 2.. Would i upgrade probably not unless maybe i had a mini se or a mini one? I think in those cases its going to be a little bit better, but its also going to be almost twice the price, so thats kind of disappointing. Like i said this drone slots in where the air 2s was in their lineup uh in terms of features and price, and things like that, its its probably a better drone – and that was one of my favorite drones. I really love the hdr that was baked into that thing, and i think we can do it with this.

One, too were doing something like that. Quad bear sensor system that that that drone had – and i really enjoyed that so definitely a bonus. This drone also will come with a new if you choose to a new smart controller and thats, really nice, its not going to be as expensive as ridiculously expensive as some of the other smart controllers. So thats a bonus well see what sort of compatibility that has moving forward now. You can also buy this drone without a controller, so if you already have say an air 2s or a mavic 3, this is a perfect backup drone and you dont have to buy the controller to pair with it. You can just pair with one of the existing controllers, because pretty much every drone, since the mini 2 has shipped with the same controller, including the mavic 3.. It was odd that dji chose to ship a smart controller with this one. I know they did the cna package and that was just a ridiculously expensive option that a lot of people just didnt need anyway. I hope this was helpful if you want to learn more about this drone or see how it compares and slots against other dji drones. Other mini drones were going to be doing those comparisons on our channel. Now on the launch on the 10th. I dont have one of these drones in my possession yet, but we will uh people that you want to check out now.

Dm productions has been doing these leaks, go ahead and check those out there. Jasper ellens, also big, on the leaks youre going to want to check him out, but in terms of the 10th billy kyle does great educational videos, as does russ over at 51. Drones id check those guys out. If you want a different take on things check out original dobo, he is always entertaining right. Dont forget we will do comparisons that no one else will do. We do things with drones, um in a different way and ive got a lot of interesting content coming on the channel, so make sure you give us a thumbs up and subscribe, so you dont miss it. You studying for part 107 wondering how do i use this drone uh to build my portfolio thats coming up pretty soon, hey thanks for watching dont forget to check out our website at halfgrown.com.