I can't get to the studio at my workshop, so I can't do in your reviews, and so what I want to talk about today is the future of the Hobby in the wake of this current crisis, because there's all sorts of things that could be happening and A lot of downbeat that stuff out there we're gon na con honest telling it's going to take ten years to recover from this, because you know it's, just gon na devastate economies in the Western world and all over the place I'm gon na up big. I don't believe that, actually I tend to be a little bit more optimistic about the outlook and and, of course, the outlook of the economy, their terms where the Hobby goes. If we are all that of work and we're living hand to mouth and we'd have trouble putting bread on the table, we're not gon na be out there buying new gear and flying every afternoon or every weekend. No, so there are some who say the Hobby is about to undergo a significant decline through lack of money and lack of product and businesses going out of thing now. I don't quite believe that I think, with a very resilient hobby, it's been around for a hundred years, so it's more so I think it will survive. I Will Survive. So what I want to talk about today is is what changes are going to take place in the next month, that's coming months and years as a result of the crisis were currently going through.

I made some notes because I'm old – and I forget so I'll – start at the top and first of all, let's examine the best part of the hobby and I believe the best part of the hobby is the social aspect. It'S it's, going out with your friends and enjoying a bit of flying whether you fly mini quads and you're, like diving buildings and and freestyling or racing, or whether you're just an old guy that likes flying and there's models around in circles in the field somewhere it's. So much more fun when you do it with friends and, of course, this whole social distancing thing is kind of throwing a spanner in the works that you can't go out with, with 50 other people to a field and fly models anymore, because there's laws against gatherings And, and so you may have to fly on your own and for a little while or they'll have to be this 2 meter gap and you can't use shared equipment. It'S gon na be a transition period where we have to used to the norms. Having changed a little bit, we will adapt. We'Re resourceful people will find ways around it and the Internet. Of course, great equalizer. Virtual socialization is going to be an important thing. There'S gon na be live streams and it already live streams, but I don't know I'm a live stream from the field who knows but we'll find ways around it. And yes, it will change things.

A bit will be less social, but we will adapt and we will conquer be that the hurdles that are placed in front of us so yeah get used to flying a bit more on your own or in smaller groups, and if life will be fine. Now the next big question is: will anyone be able to afford the hobby anymore because things are gon na change? Now people will some people will lose their jobs, it's already happening, people have lost their jobs and some of the the worst predictions are that these these job losses could be as much as 10 or 15. They could last for years, I'm. Not so sure, I think what we're seeing is is a gap, an interruption in the economies of most nations as we go into lockdown. I think when we come out of lockdown, I think things will recover a lot more quickly than most people thing, because it will still be a demand, will still be supplies. There'Ll be companies that have a mess of cash shortfalls. Governments have stepped in and thrown huge amounts of money ready to try and keep the wheels of economies turning and although some companies will go to the wall, other companies will be brought up by bigger competitors who see value in acquiring their their customer base and their Branding and their products, we still have a supply of model products and we'll still have people who have the cash, the funds to buy those model products, so they some people may find themselves marginalized for a while.

If you lose your job and you've still got to put food on the table spending you know a hundred bucks on a new flight stick or or a new model is not gon na be high on your priority list. So yes, some people will have to take some steps back until things come back to normal. By the same token, if you do have a job, you do have money in your pocket. There are going to be some fantastic deals on the second hand, market. If you're someone who has lost your job and you've got a phantom or a medic in the cupboard, but you don't have food on the table. You know what you're gon na do. You'Re gon na put that phantom of Maverick on Craigslist or Ebay you're gon na take the money you're gon na, buy food or pay your rent or pay your utility bill that's. What people do when they have to so there's gon na be some real bargains. On the second hand, market that's right across the board, everything from fixed wing and and and nitro and guest planes and foamies, and drones and mini quads. Everything will be popping up on the second hand market, so you've got the coin, there'll be some real bargains to behead and that will help offset the fact that new equipments probably going to become quite expensive, more expensive than it is now, maybe not too expensive. But if we, as I said, government's, have thrown huge amounts of money at this problem and the USA, trillions of dollars have been spent propping up the economy during this period of a basically economic stagnation in action within the economy and, of course, governments don't actually have Money of their own, they take it from you and I, by way of taxes right so they've been taking money off us for years and they have a little stockpile of money.

They can use, but that's been well depleted in most countries. Now governments have spent money, they do not have and they need to get that money back in. So when the wheels of the economy start turning again they're going to be going and saying, we want our money back and how will they do that? Well, they'll. Do it by jacking up taxes, they'll check up income taxes, they'll jack up sales taxes, they'll check up duties at the border when products come across the board? If your order from Bangalore hobbyking when that comes into the country, caching will be a tax applied to it. To pay back the money that they have put into the economy, it's inevitable it's. What will happen so new products? New parts will become more expensive but that'll be offset by the second hand market. So yeah there you go a little balance out to a degree, but you don't think things are not going to change in terms of the price of the hobby it's going to get more expensive. I have perhaps one worry, and that is with product prices going up on the new market and people having less money to spend. I can see that some people will drift away from the Hobby to other hobbies. How is that a cheaper hobbies that are not high tech, like the hobbies, the hobby, that we enjoy? Maybe wood, carving or something like that? I don't know because you know they can buy some really low cost equipment and they can just enjoy the hobby for a long time without having to worry about crashing or buying new stuff, because once you get yourself a nice set of chisels and and some wood, Where you go, I can see that happening, it's going to happen, but hopefully it won't be too big a drift.

It will be only a small secret and hopefully there's people who come back when the the balance is restored and things start getting cheaper. But we do have to acknowledge that some people are going to change hobbies because they really don't have an alternative. Now something else that will have to happen is the way we deal with the gear. We'Ve got at the moment if I crash a plane and bend and break a motor or if I crash a mini, quad and break an arm or well. My flight controller goes they're out or if I break a servo fails, what do I do? Well, I just throw in the rubbish and buy a new one, because they're super cheap super really available that may change in the next few months and the euro so to come because, as I say, everything will cost more and the supply chains may be broken down. Some of the manufacturers in China may go broke because the world demand will drop, and so there will be less product and it'll be more expensive. So I'm thinking we're probably going to see a change away from just burning and replacing to flexing stuff and that's. Where I come in, I'll tell you in a moment why, where I see this channel being hopefully invaluable to the Hobby in the months and years to come, even if things turn out really badly, but I think we're gon na have to change our minds about changing Our mindset, because I've been around this hobby for 50 year over 50 years – and I remember the days when not so long ago – actually just probably listen – 20 years ago, a servo in this country at least would cost you 50 bucks, just a cheap standard.

Servo 50 bucks now, of course, hobby King came along and you can buy them for five bucks, but we may be headed back towards the days when servos an end gear cost so much that we actually thought about repairing it back in the old days. You could buy a set of gears for a survey, so if you broke a gear, you just replace the gears, there is let's see if that's, fine or a motor or a pot or whatever would replace would appear. Things would prepare things because it was cheaper and I got ta admit there was a degree of satisfaction involved in it. These days, we've got a throwaways Society, something breaks, throw it away, buy a new one, it's cheap as beans. There you go that may have to change for a while, because we maybe have no options, whether it be by a lack of new product or a lack of money to buy a new product. We may have to start fixing stuff so I'm going to be focusing quite heavily if I need to in this channel on how to fix stuff, because it's not rocket science stuff. If you understand how stuff works fixing, it is actually usually not that hard. So I'll be doing more of the educational more of the tutorial more of the DIY. More of the you know the how to type videos to give you guys the information you need to not have to buy new stuff every time something breaks, even if you could buy it and other things out, basically reducing the cost.

Reducing the cost I'm gon na. Do my old man thing now when I was a boy I used to mow the lawns at home and rake the drive, it would take me half a day to do that. I do in 50 cents 50 whole cents and with their 50 cents. I would build a model aircraft and on the Sunday of that week I would go and crash their bodily aircraft come Monday, I'd be building a new one. It was a. It was a wash rinse repeat cycle. Every weekend I'd end up crashing a plane, build a new one, but I did it for 50 cents. Now 50 cents was worth a lot more money back then, but even saying that I had to be very clever about how I spent my 50 cents and what Parts I could reuse and and how I could save money on materials. So maybe it's time to start bringing some of that back to the hobby and saying well, instead of just rushing off and buying a 300, I or if maybe you can fix the one you've got or maybe you can build something from scratch using more nicely available Materials and get even more satisfaction, maybe we're, going to wind the clock back a bit with this crisis. I don't know, but if we need to Oh happily, lend a hand and do so so that's, where I see this channel maintaining its audience because there's going to be fewer products to review let's face it.

Some of the manufacturers are going to go out of business. There'S gon na be fewer dollars in people's pockets to buy new products, which means there will be fewer manufacturers, advertising and YouTube channels like this. Well, not so much like this, but a lot of YouTube channels are gon na, be hit really hard for some surprising reasons. Now, as everybody knows, full time, youtubers get it cut, people who monetize it channels get it cut of the advertisers spend on the ads that appear in their videos. So when a company buys an ad – and it appears in my video – I think I get 55 and YouTube gets 45 percent the other way around or something so that's. The way it works that's. Why so many videos have all those mid roll ads through them because they make four or five times as much money as I make, because I never won in at the beginning there's a choice I made. But the thing is that right now, there's no advertising money. Advertisers are saying well no point in us advertising on these videos because hey we can't manufacture products, all our factories are closed and be even if we couldn't manufacture. We can't sell them because all the retail outlets are closed, so what's the point in wasting money on ads that's, why the ad spend has gone down that's? Why every single, monetized YouTube channel has seen a mess drop in the amount of money they're ruining my my views.

A way up. My revenues are way down. Okay, it's, like complaining, work changing I'm, not going to complain it's what it is now it's it's affecting me. Obviously, but fortunately very fortunately, I have a good support. Support base in patreon I've got enough people who pledge of de buck a month or whatever to me that I can with hopefully wither out this massive drop in YouTube revenues. In fact, for quite some time now, my income from patreon has exceeded the money that YouTube pays me. It doesn't mean I'm getting a lot of money from patreon. You can go to my patreon page and see what I earn if you could live on that good. On you, but it is significantly more than I get from YouTube, so it means that even though my YouTube income is tanking, like everyone else's, I hopefully will survive this now. There are YouTube channels, full time channels in the hobby that may not be as lucky. They may not survive this now right now, they're earning a lot more money of me and most that money comes from affiliate links in the descriptions of their videos. They review a product, they say if you want to buy this product, please do so using the link in the description and it helps support the channel fair enough. It is a business model imposed on most full time, youtubers by YouTube themselves, who have just completely screwed up the whole monetization thing with the ad pocalypse and and all the other things that they've done wrong and masked in monetization 'z.

Youtube have forced most full time. Youtubers to go to other ways of making money, and that includes affiliate schemes, fair enough it's good. I chose not to do that for the reasons I've outlined on this channel previously, so I don't make a bean from affiliate links which is great because affiliate links are not going to generate nearly so much money as they have done in the past. For a start, not so much product will be being sold because people don't have the money manufacturers go to business or as list stock, so there'll be less sales through those links which immediately means affiliate people basing their income on affiliate links are going to see a Reduction in the amount they're in, but even worse, some companies like Amazon, extremely mercenary Amazon, is selling more than they can handle right now they are creaming it they're making a fortune, because if it wants buying online, this sales are through the roof they're taking on extra Stuff all around the world and these sales volumes are up massively, so they've decided ah fully eight partners. We don't need you as much anymore, so we're gon na slash your Commission's and I think in the USA, they've slashed their way up to seventy five percent, something that might have been tuning previously and I think Commission's gone down to like three percent really seriously. This means that if you're a YouTube channel reliant on those affiliate, Commission's you're in big trouble, you are on super big trouble because your income is going to be plunging.

As a result of that, you may not be lucky enough to have the strong patreon base that I have to support you, and you may also be used to living on this much money and end up getting that much I'm used to living like much that much. So doesn't affect me quite so much so we may see some massive changes in the YouTube landscape. Some of your favorite faces. May they probably disappear, but you may see much less content from them because they may have to go and get another job to pay the bills because YouTube may not cut it anymore by girl from affiliate buyer or from YouTube advertising, and I don't know that many People will be signing up to channels through patreon over the next few months or years. In fact, I I have said to my patreon supporters. Look after yourselves fear some. You may be seeing me a buck a month or five dollars a month. If you can't pay your own bills, then scale it back or if you need to just discontinue supporting me completely, because you guys need to look after yourself and your own families, and so I don't see in that climate people suddenly saying. Oh I'm, gon na start donating five dollars a month to this guy because he's not getting any affiliate revenue. I don't see it happening so it's gon na be tough times for some youtubers it's, not gon na be easy for me, but I think I beware the storm so yeah I'm, not feeling sorry for myself, I'm feeling upbeat I probably will just have to cut back On some things, but I will still be here to make the videos – and hopefully there'll, be the videos that will be useful to you, not the product reviews of products you can't afford so much as how to make the most of what you've got, how to fix Stuff when it breaks how to stretch things further, how to enjoy the Hobby, get more enjoyment with less that's.

What I'm plan to focus on I'm gon na take a look at the challenges that are presented to us and try and mitigate them and present you with the information you need to do the same thing: there's that's, where I hope I won't have to go back. I probably will because that's know for sure what's gon na happen right. So what I'd like now is you to go to the comment section and tell me what you think is gon na happen? What do you prophecy as the future of the Hobby? Will you be hanging in there for as long as you can or or will you be bailing out until you can afford to do it again? Have you already lost your job and in which case you know, are you gon na be selling your gear? So you can afford to pay your bills. Do you know where you going? What are you gon na do? Has it made no effect you at all you as sort of optimistic as I am because the alternatives are too dark to contemplate. You tell me I need some feedback. I'D also need to know where I should be heading with this. Is there any point in me reviewing you know thousand dollar products if people can't put food on the table, am i much better off to say? Well: okay, with the money without any money, you can do this with what you got and I you you'd steer me because this has always been a channel which has been shaped by the user base.

I'M, always asking for the feedback. So I can give you what you want it's one of the basic rules of marketing it's much easier to sell. I hate it to an Eskimo than a freezer, so I want to know what's your heater. What do you want? What is gon na be the thing that will make you watch my videos. What will you know excite you and incentivize you to stay on this channel and to stay in the hobby, because we really need people to stay in the hobby I'd hate to think this hobby will dwindle and and wither and die instead, where they have a whole Lot of people carving bowls out of tree trunks – I don't know you tell me anyway, that's it muffled on long enough. I hope I've, given you food for thought. I hope you realize that there's gon na be some downsides, but ultimately we'll survive we'll get through we'll. Just be innovative and resourceful as we always have been there, you go thanks for watching thumbs up if you liked it subscribe. If you're not a subscriber to the comments with whatever you got to say and don't forget to go and overlook an extra channel, if you haven't seen these 250 crashes in 30 minutes, video you're really missing out on something it's, the craziest video on YouTube. There is no other video with as many original content crashes in one video is there jets fiames, gliders helicopters, multirotors they're, all they're gon na have a look, enjoy I'll, put a link in the description.

The meantime I thank you so much for your support and hope.