Drones might be on someones christmas list. So how do you know which one to get them? Should you opt for this 100 rised hello, or is this top of the end 2100 mavic 3? The drone you should get, or maybe theres something in between stay tuned, were going to break down drones for anyone that might have it on their christmas list. Music, okay, so first lets clarify a few things. When were talking about drones. We are talking about drones that people want to capture pictures and video, not fpv were not flying airplanes. We want pictures and video and thats the angle that im taking were going to talk about drones. That start at, like 25, were going to get all the way up to 5 grand and theres a lot in between that might be best suited, depending on who youre shopping for, even if that person is you the very first drone i almost always recommend to someone. Is this, this is the rise telo and its about a hundred dollars has a 13 minute flight time to range about 100 meters, but its just super stable. This tiny little flyer has a an hd camera thats stabilized electronically. That means, if the drone kind of shakes as youre flying it, the footage is actually pretty stable. Now for a hundred dollars. This is a great place to start. You can even learn how to program this thing to fly autonomously with various different programs that are out there, thats a really cool trick, good for a kid absolutely, this isnt, just a kids toy its a great learning tool.

So if the person on your list has zero experience flying drones, this is a great place to start now, if youre, just looking for something fun for a kid as a stocking stuffer for maybe 20 or less, i really like the scoot, its kind of a hands Free you toss it up in the air and it just kind of flies. It has obstacle avoidance sensors when it gets close to a wall, it kind of stops and pivots. The other way, its really fun. You dont need a controller great for children under, i would say the age of 12, but i actually kind of had some fun playing with it too. If youre looking to get really decent pictures and video and the first drone that i would recommend for kind of really good pictures and video is actually the dji mini se, now a lot of people dont know about the mini s e, because it was kind of Released without some big fanfare, but its a 300 drone, its basically the same as the mini 2, with just a couple of limitations, the mini se doesnt have quite the range as the mini 2. So its range is like 4 000 meters. It also has a 2.7 k camera, but that footage is going to be stabilized. That drone is actually really really solid and its going to capture excellent pictures and video. It is the first drone that i would recommend to anyone, thats kind of thinking about seriously getting into videography and photography with drones at 300.

The mini se is a solid option, but if you can stretch your budget to 450 thats when the mini 2 comes in now the mini 2 and the mini se look identical, but the mini 2 here has some big advantages. First, the range is a lot more impressive at 10 000 meters and has a flight time of 31 minutes thats, a one minute increase over the mini sc, its also a little bit faster, but the camera here is capable of capturing 4k footage. So you get a slightly more capable drone. Now it has a handful of intelligent flight modes, as does the mini se, but it doesnt have that follow me feature. If youre looking for follow me, then you got ta step up in price class and in drone class thats where this guy comes in. This is the dji air 2s, and this is everything the mini was, but better. The air 2s adds obstacle avoidance sensors. You can see these sensors here in the front and in the back. So if youre moving forward or backward and theres something in front of you its hopefully not going to hit it thats, what those sensors are there for and they do a pretty decent job. But remember theyre not foolproof. Now the next thing thats a huge advantage is this camera. This actually has a full one inch sensor. That means youre going to get much better pictures and video, especially in low light situations, its a bigger and heavier drone.

So its going to handle the wind better than either of those two mini drones. It also has all those intelligent flight modes that return to home the quick shots, but it also adds an active track feature. So you can have this drone track you. This is a professional grade tool for about a thousand dollars. This is a really good drone and probably the drone. I would recommend to most people right if youre really serious about photography. This is what you want, but it isnt the absolute best youre going to get a flight time of 31 minutes in a range of 12, 000 meters, thats, seven and a half miles now. The r2s is good, but it is not the best. If you need the best, then this is what you need. You want one of these monsters. This is the mavic 3 and the evo pro 2.. These things are serious, aerial, photography, machines. Now i think the mavic 3 has the best camera and for some people thats all that matters, but there are some advantages with the evo 2 pro that i think you should be aware of now. Both of these guys have flight times of 40 minutes or greater 40 minutes with evo 46 minutes. With the mavic 3., you can do 5.1 k video on the mavic 3 5.4 k, video on the evo 2.. You have a 15 000 meter range 9 miles versus 9 000 meter range thats like 5 and a half, so these things impressive flight range.

Now they both have full 360 degree obstacle avoidance, sensors, thats, a big notch up over the air 2s theyre. Both super stable and fairly quiet, in spite of their large size, the big advantage of the evo 2 pro is there is no geo fencing. That means you can fly this thing wherever you want whenever you want, and the software is not going to lock you out. If you happen to be in a no fly zone now, dont fly in no fly zones, but there are reasons and times where you can get permission and fly and thats kind of a hassle with a dji product thats where this evo thumbs up. But if you need the best of the best, and that comes to camera, thats this guy, the mavic 3., this is a micro, four thirds sensor, thats bigger than the one inch sensor on the evo or the air 2s, meaning the low light photography coming out of This thing is going to be superb when it comes down to it, sometimes thats, really all that matters has all those flight modes that youre looking for except theyre not released until after january 1st. So if you buy this drone early youre going to have to be patient to get some of those flight modes like the active track, the quick shots and things like that, if youre interested in buying any of these drones links down below in the video description, they Are affiliate links and they help support this channel.

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