Now I wanted to go over, I've been flying a few quads, and I want to show you the quads I've been flying while I've been locked down, unable to leave the property and just trying to have some fun. Now, if you're watching, my extra channel you'll have seen that I have been flying quads and the one I've been flying the most is this one. This is the quad that just it's been my go to quad, while I've been locked down here. This is the hip RC cine, queen 4k and I've reviewed. This will be links to the reviews on these products in the description of this video, so you can go and look at them. I'M already done video reviews. Let me give you a follow up in this video, just let you know what I think, after after two weeks of being locked down with these quads, because I've been flying in a lot and I've noticed some some really interesting stuff. Now this, as I say, is the Gipper see Sony Queen most of the videos, aerial videos are put up on, the extra Channel have come from this quad and I've really really liked it. I liked it in the review. I said it was a really good cine. Quad and my opinion hasn't changed. It says she got stronger. I did notice one thing one little negative. I did one flight if, for some reason, the little Tashia camera the Kennick stars here, we're in a bit haywire on the HD work up on HD recording and I got basically it was posterized.

The image everything was there was no detail was just colors and it looked really really strange. I'Ll show you a little bit of that footage here. It was a low light footage and I'm really at a loss to understand why it looks as bad as it does. Other footage has been fine, well that this camera really does prefer to have the high light levels. It'S, a small sensor, it's, a small camera small lens you'd, really need decent light levels for this thing to perform well, but out there in the full sunlight. I mean look at this. This is not too bad. Another thing I've noticed with this, though, is that if you use a 169 for the HD camera, the recording camera, the main fpv camera in 43, you can't rely on what you see in the goggles to be what you're recording, because it's got a lot of extra Vertical content, so i've been flying a lot in the 43 1440p mode, because then, what I see in my goggles is an exact replicas of what I see on the recorded image. Otherwise you tend to lose bets. You butts disappear below the bottom of the of the crop session and it's very hard to frame stuff up, so I've gone to 1440p, which is 1080p wide, and what does it sorry, it's? 1921. No it's! I can't remember now, 1440. What are anyway, you can look it up, but basically it makes it easier to edit the footage later so that's what I've been doing in that respect, and it means you don't get a sharper image, but you do get a lot more framing options, so that's what I'Ve been doing it at 60 frames, a second and it's, just it's.

Wonderful that works really well and range is excellent. I flew right over the other side, the like and never you know, no RSSI warnings or anything, and the video has been solid. The little antenna here works really well. I'Ve got no hesitation flying listen what I call high risk areas which is like over, like I used to be a little bit concerned about flying over the lake, so I've no hesitation flying this way. If I had a problem, it would disappear into the water I'd, never see it again, which would be a shame because I really really like it so that's. My number one Sam. I go to quite it's nice and quiet it's, light it's, very light. Look at the review for the exact weight and on a with a four. What is a four sells: 650 million battery I'm, getting reliably six or seven minutes of slow somatic flight, which is great no jello on this either that's. Another big bonus and the other quad I've been using quite extensively is this: this is the Transtech beetle. Hominis it's got the DJI digital system, and I thought I would use this a little more than I have it's a problem with this. One is it's, got a better jello, this particular unit. I can't, see why none of the props are damaged. The motor motors don't have sloppy bearings so who knows, but it does have a little bit of jelly, which kind of ruins the footage.

But the actual flight itself is is great, because you've got the full DJI HD digital system, and you just feel so much more in control, because you can see everything all around you. You can see with such precision of detail. This is a lot of fun to fly, but I haven't done I've done and also, but with the full, the full digital system. The ranges is really really good. I mean I could probably fly this out to three or four K. If I wanted to I'm getting around about again five to six minutes of flight time, with a 3 cell 850 battery on this, which is more than enough for what I'm doing so yeah, this is kind of nice exploratory flights. Remember I can't really leave my property if this thing, if I crash a quad miles from home, I've lost it. So you have to be totally confident. This has given me yea good confidence I've been flying this reasonable distances. So yeah I'm happy with this quad. It works really well. I'Ve got another frame with another set of motors I'll set that up after the lockdowns overs because I'd like to have this experience without the jello. If I could get it without the jello, I will be totally stoked, but it is it's. Nice edge all little quad and it's it's, reliable and it's. It does what it's supposed to do so yeah. This is my other favorite quad and the one of course I've been flying when all else fails.

Is the mobula 6. The little tiny work mobula 6 flight indoors flight outdoors flight in the garden – you know it's just it's, fantastic it's – really really fast to actually too fast, it's too fast. For me to fly inside a lot of time, I'm bothered sitting up angle mode on this that's. All rape mode and trust me it's a real handful to fly down a narrow hole and rape mode at the speed this thing's goes, but in the garden that's, just brilliant. This is the one with the higher kV motors 25000 kV so yeah. They see me this. Instead of the 1900, I think I would have been better off with the 19. Fair was at 19000 kV, be a little bit more sedate. This is just you know: I'm, an old guy don't have reflexes of lightning. So this sometimes challenges me but hey, but the rewards equal to the challenge. So those are the quads that I have been flying and I'm glad I bought them home. I do have a 5 inch quad as well. I had my m XP 230: the mud quad that I buried in the lake bed out there. When will the lake was drained and I've cleaned it out a bit, but I haven't cleaned it enough yet to reliably fly and there really there's not that much scope for flying a proper 5 inch freestyle quad out here at the moment, because first starts a bit More dangerous, it's, more it's heavy I mean these are all like this is this is sub 250.

The cine queen is sub 250 and of course the modular is, I don't know what it is. It'S, like 20, something grams, amazingly like so they're all super super light of something you know goes wrong and you know the bangers of the house not gon na break anything 5 inch, racing, quad, freestyle, quite a bit of a story, and of course these also here All have shrouded props, they all have prop guys so that you know I can fly these around and the fight you know, we'll take something it doesn't fall down the sky and I don't refine into myself. I don't person cut myself a little bonus points. Extra features that really useful when you're flying in confined environment so that's, it yeah, as I say, links to the reviews. I'Ve done on all three quads are in the description of this video and, as I say, if you're gon na have to buy one. If you had to buy one of these quads I'd go with this it's, just such a fantastic little quad it's, I love it. I can just get you know: I'll leave you some of the footage I've been taking using this quad and I think you'll agree with me that it really has proven it's worth in these conditions. So there you go the withers packin up now, we're going to get a big storm supposed to have 70 kilometer an hour winds and an inch an hour of rain tonight, so fingers crossed that the roof doesn't leak.

Yes, I say Christians come into the comedy bit and stay tuned, because I am doing more videos on x jet, which are my sort of archive footage to funny stuff and I'm going to do a special video, some of the most impressive gifs move ahead at the Airfield so yeah go and watch that as well in the meantime, give the video a thumbs up if you liked it thanks for watching – and I do have most of the bits of the the the sub 250 outlawed 250 build video on the computer.