Take away from me, Applause, Music Applause, hey guys, thanks for stopping by always appreciate it good to see you. This is your first time here. My name is keith, and this is alien drones. I do mostly tech drones, photography tips and tutorials and industry news thats, something thats of interest to you. You might want to hit that subscribe button thatll, let you get notified when theres cool new stuff that you might be interested in alright, so lets get to it. Alright, so every drone that i test here on this channel, i typically see some little button that says vr and its so funny, because some of the other people that i watch that do drone reviews they brush across that little symbol too yeah. Yes, i do watch other. I do watch other channels, of course yeah. No, not that dork, no cool ones like so i thought well, what is this vr mode on the drone apps and what does it do for us? So when i decided to check out what the heck this mode really is its for some vr goggles now i didnt have any so i reached out to a company that does it and the companys name is des tec, really quality company. When i reached out, they were really quick to reply, sent me these over to test so that i could show you guys how they work so really top notch company really good support, so i thought im going to hook it up and i havent done it yet.

I have not even put this on myself, so youre going to see it the first time when im, seeing it now im going to put these together and i dont know if youre going to be able to see the image inside but well see what we can Do so i just got done with the flying the bee wine, so i have a little bit of battery left on that one. So im going to go ahead because i noticed again it has this vr option and if you havent seen that b wine video ill put that up here, so that you guys can take a look at that review as well, because it did seem to fly pretty. Well, so go ahead, take a look at that as well. What were going to do is were going to go in the goggles here and turn on this vr mode. When you turn on this vr mode, it turns into a dual image kind of one for your left eye and one for your right eye and now were going to go ahead, were going to put it in because we should be already with the remote. We can go ahead and arm the drone and take off so lets, go ahead and do that so to do that. It just pops out here. This sits right in here. Just kind of goes right in sits in there real, clean snap it in and now i can see an image through the goggles here.

That is pretty thats, pretty pretty damn cool i got ta say it looks 3d uh its uh, its im im kind of freaked out here. Okay, so lets go ahead and arm this and see what this looks like im going to get. It started here. First, to make sure im stable and then im going to put these goggles back on. This is pretty cool. I got ta say wow, oh wow. I tell you what i could use a chair while im doing this, because it is, it is really something it is really its a lot more virtual than i thought i mean its kind of freaking me out a little bit to be honest, Music. Okay, so lets go up in the sky here and see what it looks like wow i got. Ta say this is pretty damn amazing uh. I wish i could show you guys what this looks like, because it is, it is uh pretty cool. I got ta say now: i dont know if id want to fly like this all the time to be honest, but it is pretty interesting um it is uh. I mean i could see where youd get uh vertigo real, easy uh, but it is so clear, uh and its its. It has some depth to it. It is a pretty interesting. I have to say okay, so if i can explain this, it looks it looks very 3d up. It definitely does that now there is a little little bit of a lag.

I dont know if its trying there wasnt before when i was doing this there didnt seem to be any control legs. So i dont know if its because of the the virtual mode that theres dual screen, that its or dual sides or something so it it. It definitely is 3d, though, but i honestly if i were to do this very long, i would have to get a chair because it is uh its not like an fpv where you have a flat. First person view it. It does have depth. So your depth perception is distorted a little bit uh because of how this works. So, in a nutshell, do these work. They certainly do if, if you want to have a different experience, while youre flying a drone, this is pretty cool i have to. I have to say there we go. We can come down a little bit more wow. They are pretty cool. Okay, so im going to go ahead and im going to land this here, because we have a proof of concept anyway, that this works and then im going to give you a couple more thoughts here before i close out all righty before you ask. That was a manual landing that was not an automated return to home. The battery was beeping that we were low, but i manually landed it so thats, probably why it hit the pad, quite so centered all right. So lets just talk a little bit about these goggles.

Here so first fit and finish wise. These things are incredible, very, very nice, looking a really quality kind of its all plastic, of course, but even the headbands and everything they have the little kind of flaps here for the light leaks really really nice. The optics in there had a few little plastic covers on them. I took those off. It is very clean uh. It really is, and – and i dont know the price right now – but of course ill put that up here – uh so that you guys can take a look at it. But these are. These are a quality item. These are really nice. I know i did uh see a couple of companies that had some uh that werent the uh desktech model and they were just cheap and people said that they couldnt see anything and my eyes arent the best. But it was really very clear in here. It really was so, but if you do have a prescription, i dont know how that would work. I think they actually go over the top of these glasses pretty easily. So my guess is: if you did have a prescription, you probably could leave those glasses on, and that would help even get make it more clear for you for the price. If you do like kind of virtual things or want to see more of a 3d look while youre flying this is a pretty fun thing. The phone just snaps in here in the front its a its very simple it just pops right in the front here, sits in there real nice it fit real.

Well, i had no problems with it popped in so thats. What that little vr button does on the drone apps that we all see, and nobody really talks about its for these fellows right here and destech. Thank you very much for sending me these. I think its an awesome product. You guys have done a nice job. One thing i would love to see – and i know its probably a big ask but id love to be able to touch the app uh with the remote or something to where you could move around and touch record or touch the orbit mode. Things like that, while you have the phone and the goggles, because right now you have to kind of put it in the mode and you can fly, but you dont really have any options of changing anything on the phone. Unless you take it out, change it and then put it back in now, could that work sure you could do that and of course recording is always the guy next door. Thats got a starters lawnmower snow on the ground, but hes starting his lawnmower. Okay, all right! Theres always that, guy its always that guy, you guys know what im talking about right, theres, always that guy, when you hit the record button anyway, ill put the links in the description of course, so that you can go ahead and check them out. If you want now, we know exactly what that vr button does in all the drone apps that we always see.

So anybody asked you can say: hey go to alien drones. He told me all about it. He showed us what it was like with that thanks. You guys for stopping by, i really do appreciate it and, of course, as always, if you found anything of interest or anything, you didnt know before click that like button share it, i always appreciate the share wherever it is.