Basically, this means that pilots of fpv drones see what the drone sees the immersive goggles and the fast response of the controller allows the pilot to perform tighter and quicker maneuvers than a traditional drone that were used to the traditional drone. Youre probably used to is something like the dji mavic pro. That drone can also actually be considered fpv because most pilots look at the screen. But what youre seeing is the camera thats attached to a gimbal on the mavic pro, which you can control and move around? So sometimes the camera on the dji mavic pro might be looking somewhere else. While you fly the drone in a different direction. So, in the end, the real main difference between an fpv drone that can fly in acrobatic mode is that its not being controlled by its gps location, the dji mavic pro or the dji mavic series, all the dji drones. They also have a lot of features because of the sensors on the drones that allow them to return to home by themselves when disconnected avoid obstacles it can hover in place. Essentially, the traditional drones were used to now from dji. They can fly by themselves, an fpv drone that can fly in acro mode, doesnt have any of those sensors. Maybe it will have a gps tracker, but its just so you can find where the drone is after its crashed. Also, if it gets disconnected from your goggles and remote controller, its just gon na fall from the sky and crash, and then you have to go, find it and theres no obstacle avoidance sensors on an fpv drone thats flying in acro mode.

So hopefully this explains it.