Let me go higher Laughter, yeah, okay, all right all right! It was only like where, where it was supposed to go, okay im going to put some c5 explosive on this baby detonator. Oh, i see theres a guy in the building, go down, theres a guy in the ladder of the building. You just shipped off im flying a guy right now, okay, ready a few seconds. Three two one go: go theres a guy in the building. Do you see him theres like a sniper on that building? You were just by the j1 building at f1. Oh okay, on the roof hes on the road. I see my team. I see him hold on hold on. Oh, he doesnt know he doesnt know ill. Let you know yeah, he doesnt he just jumped off. He just jumped off yeah yeah. I see him running hes in the field. Oh, i think going uphill catch. Him come on baby, come on baby im. Almost there im almost there. No, no! No! No go go. Go go hold up Laughter. Are you here, im ready, baby youre, looking beautiful in that ghillie suit lets, go all right! Okay, im gon na fly it all right. Let me know when oh theres a lot up here and theres a car. You want me to go for the car. Yes, you put a blower up. The car is a bit fast and somebodys already shooting it, but im gon na tell you: okay, okay, the card just blew up: okay, okay.

I see a guy im gon na. Tell you when im gon na tell you when wait, wait, wait! No! No! No! No! No, no, no! No! You might get a job going on. Oh nice, i think, did you get a okay? Go all right! Im going what well theres a valley theres, an alley above your alpha underwater im flying towards them hold on ready, get broke, ready right when the rocket went off. We got so many, oh, my god, dude thats, so sick, okay, chop her above me chop her bubby. Come back, come back ready, come on come on, come on im coming up im going to write down you im right now, right now, okay, im flying right into im flying right into it. Let me know ready you ready. No, no! No! No nice lets go.