My name is steven the s in tmes productions and happy new years. This is actually the first video that we are filming entirely in 2021. The last video was the wish film gear which took many months to film but we’re back, and it feels good to be back if you haven’t noticed over the past year on this channel, we’ve really gotten into fpv drones and we’re, not the only ones. A ton of other creators have also gotten into fpv drones and it has seen a huge increase in popularity. If you don’t really know what fpv drones are i’m, not really sure why you clicked on this video but i’m glad you’re here, but to boil it down to a single sentence. They are diy, drones, purpose built for speed and tricks. They offer a very unique perspective that consumer drones just cannot match. You may remember. A year ago we made a video about learning to fly, fpv drones and you guys really seem to like it that video is all about my first week and boy. Was it brutal that thing draws some real blood? Uh oh shoot, but i have come a long way since then. So that is why, in this video i’m, going to roll back the clock and go through everything, i’ve learned things that have changed. The experiences i’ve had and how my skills have improved over the last year as an fpv drone pilot. Ever since publishing that original fpv drone video, i was hooked, i literally went out every single day to fly the drone as much as i possibly could this hobby in general.

I found very fulfilling as it covers a huge variety of skills from soldering to building to coding, to flying, to troubleshooting, to researching you do not realize how my googling skills have improved, searching every single, tiny issue and little tiny thing that you don’t even know the Name of yeah, there is a lot to it, and that is why i, like it so much. I like how there is such a perfect mixture of software and hardware and there’s no limit to the amount that you can learn. You spend just as much time behind the computer as you do behind the soldering iron shortly after posting that video. I wanted to show all my friends – and you know that awkward moment when you go out and want to show off, and you overestimate how good you are and you’re trying to impress your friends but things don’t necessarily go according to plan yeah. That is kind of what happened to me: Music. Okay! Is it okay? Oh no she’s a little shattered holy freak, it’s, uh, it’s. Fine! We should be able to fix it. I’M. Gon na be honest. I saw it. He was like power loop and i was like i didn’t know, you’re – that good and you’re, like really close to all the trees and the ground, and then it goes like this goes and then just smashes right into the floor and it’s like obliterates. I thought that, like i thought, one of the legs fell off as you can tell i wasn’t ready for a power loop, but that crash was one of many over the coming years.

Music. It is at this moment i’d like to play a game called. Where is the drone for those of you watching who i guessed in a tree? That would be correct. When i first started out, i tried to build the drone for as cheap as i possibly could, but that could only get me so far. I was looking to upgrade my drone parts, and it just so happened that the guys over at fly533 saw the video and were gracious enough to send us a drone. That was a lot better than what i had this meant. I was able to get smoother footage and overall have a much better experience at the end of february, just before covet hit and the world ground to a halt. We managed to squeeze in one last trip to the pacific northwest, and this just so happened to be the first trip we were able to bring the fpv drone. It was only a week long, but my skills improved dramatically: Music Music. I had been flying fpv drones for four months and before this moment, every single time i took it out was just for practice. This trip was a great opportunity to finally get some cinematic footage. I was actually happy with using in one of our videos. If you see over there, the engines don’t have any like anything in them, so i want to take the cine loop and then fly it through the little hoop and then along the wing and then down Music below stephen is literally down the hill he’s.

Only seeing what he’s, seeing through the goggles and he’s doing through an engine like what is going on, oh here, comes on, are you kidding me we’re having a little bit of trouble timing it with steven’s flying so we’re gon na try it for, like the sixth Time – and hopefully this time is the one Music – i learned a lot in that week and it really pushed me outside of my comfort zone. We shot some pretty sketchy stuff on that trip from flying it through a house through the engine bay of an airplane, as well as down a waterfall after this cove hit and everything kind of ground to a halt. But while in lockdown, the only thing i could really do was tinker with the drone when lockdown finally let up. I was about six months into my fpv journey and i just landed my first paid gig filming the brand new 2020 land rover evoque. Now this shoot wasn’t specifically for my fpv droning abilities, but we did use it to get some supplementary footage of the car racing along the lakeside. Shortly after that, we landed a job with mahmood and i got some of the most cinematic fpv drone footage. I’D. Ever gotten to date, the location we shot at was a beautiful waterfall in the middle of the woods. Now at this point it had been around eight or nine months, and you could say i was getting a little bit restless.

I understood exactly how these drones worked and i wanted to do something that was a little bit outside of the box and turning a cardboard box into an fpv drone. I know it sounds pretty crazy, but it worked Music no way after i did this. I thought why not a book so that’s what we did and that brings us to today. I thought it would be fitting to end off this year of fpv by taking it back to where it all started. If you guys remember back to the original fpv drone video, i ended off my first week of fpv by doing a ridge dive. I thought it would be fun to go back to the same location and do the same ridge dive. I did in that video. However. Instead of it being after one week of flying an fpv drone, it would be after one year of flying an fpv drone to see how much better i’ve got we have arrived at the same location. I did my ridge dive last year, where i did my first real flight. Now this isn’t the exact same location i’m standing like 10 meters, away from where i launched last year, there’s just too much snow, so this will have to do, but we have the exact same cliff face. So it should be the same thing. It does look a lot smaller than i remember. It’S been a while since i’ve been back here, but i should still be a spectacular shot.

Also, aidan is here to help us film, so everyone say hi, hello and other than that. I don’t think there’s much else to talk about, but i think it’s just time to get the drone in the air. The drone is ready to go. We are ready to fly now. You guys may notice that i am still using these guys. These are the goggles i’ve had all year and they have been my trusty steed now. A lot of you guys are complaining that i should be getting fat sharks or, like some other types of goggles, and i actually did get some of the low profile type. The ones that aren’t such big bulky boxes on your eyes but i’ve just had nothing but issues with them. I just didn’t really like them. The field of view is really narrow and i don’t feel that good flying it and for doing something like this and flying this ridge. I don’t feel confident enough using those goggles at the moment so i’m just gon na stick with these guys. My my trusty box goggles now i am going to move to the dji digital unit very soon, so it’s not the end of the world. I will be getting an upgrade to these things so well, uh that’ll end that flight. I got the shot, though oh my god, this is so deep. Do you see it oh it’s buried in there found it? Oh my god, hey guys, how’s it going a little dip in the snow there there you go.

I am soaked like up to my waist. That was a spectacular end to this year of fpv. I know i did crash and i swear. I have gotten better over this last year i was just getting a little bit more reckless and trying to push this thing and see what kind of cool shots i could get before i crashed. I know i got one really good ridge dive, so i’m excited to check it out and see what it looks like, and i hope you guys enjoyed this video if you guys are on the fence of trying fpv or getting into fpv droning, i highly recommend it. It is a fantastic hobby and the shots you can get are absolutely insane. If you guys are new here, go down comment like subscribe. It really helps us out also go follow us on instagram at tms productions underscore and i’ll see you guys in the next video and i’m excited for the next year of fpv. You look like uh like a snowman there mitchell that’s, not my intention at all.