We looked into it and we were completely shocked. Why? Because turns out, this was but one of the numerous cases where people tried to escape poverty by risking their lives. Here is what happens if you hide in the landing gear of an airplane, lets dive right into it. Shall we what happens on the plane? The first time we heard of a stowaway, we thought it was something you hide in the cupboard, so your kids cant get to it, but it turns out. The term refers to those people that get on buses, trains, boats and even planes illegally. In this, video were going to be talking about airplane stowaways, i.e the people that have tried to escape to other countries by sneaking inside the landing gear of an aircraft just before takeoff in the usa alone, the federal aviation administration or faa has documented 113 attempts. Some of them alone, others in pairs, but all of them in the search for one thing, a better life. Looking at the records we found that all of them were male and they were generally under 30., but why anyone would do this is beyond us. They think that its the only way out of their dire situation, but they completely forget that theyre risking hypothermia, hypoxia tinnitus deafness, frostbite, acidosis and falling from the wheel. Well, when the airplane takes off. Speaking of the first one, hypothermia remember as the plane climbs to the skies the temperature drops at about 33 000 feet.

The temperature drops to about negative 81 degrees fahrenheit, which immediately causes severe hypothermia. Remember this is not a pressurized cabin. There is no heat. There are no vents, except that giant hole where the landing gear extends, and we also forgot to mention that the oxygen level and the atmospheric pressure drop so much that any normal person would need an artificial pump to operate their lungs. Your body needs time to adapt to a low level of oxygen in the air thats. Why people who attempt to climb mount everest takes such a long time they give their bodies time to adapt when youre on a plane, theres simply not enough time to do so. In eight or ten hours from eighteen thousand feet, youll feel hypoxia, which will cause you lightheadedness, as you climb upward that will turn into weakness and vision impairment at 22 000 feet. You barely have enough oxygen for your body to function properly, so youll likely go unconscious and at around 33 000 feet is when you have hypoxia mixed with hypothermia, and this is where most people lose their lives. However, there are some cases where people didnt even make it to the closing of the wheel, well, doors the landing gear crushes them as it retracts and later they find a dead body in the landing gear. Theres one reason not to choose a job as an airport security guard, but thats not where most of the stowaways tragically pass away.

That happens upon landing. You see when the airplane starts descending, the wheel, well, doors open and because the stowaways are unconscious, they cant hold on to the side of the plane and they fall through. Imagine seeing a frozen human body fall from the skies in your backyard and this is not an uncommon sight believe us, but what are the chances of survival and consequences before we get into this? Remember to please hit that like button, so you can keep getting videos like these for free, while experts claim that most of the people trying to travel as stowaways in the wheel well of a plane are in dire need of help. They would never even think of suggesting such a daring stunt. Why? Because of those 113 people, 86 of them died thats a fatality rate of 76, usually every three out of four people die, trying to flee their country as a wheel. Well, stowaway, and god only knows how many of these cases have never even made it to the public eye, to put it lightly. The odds are not in your favor besides, even if you do manage to land which is as close as to impossible, as you can get, do you think that the usa or the uk or any other country you get to, will accept you, as a legal citizen, Give you a job and pat you on the back and say good job mate you pulled through. No, they will either slap you with a huge fine, imprison you or just deport you back to your country of origin thats, because embarking on an aircraft as a stowaway is illegal in the majority of countries.

Thats, why you have that sign on the airport fence saying authorized personnel only. Those are restricted areas. Youre behind should not even think about stepping a foot on plus since the 911 attacks in the u.s wheel. Well, stowaway missions are made that much harder, theres, more airport security and nothing escapes the security cameras catching. You is just a matter of time, but have there been any cases of people pulling through? Yes, there have been, but dont get any ideas again. Remember that three out of every four stowaways end fatally. That being said, there was one case recently that made it into the uk and into the newspapers of the world its the story of one south african man by the name of themba quebeca quebeco was born in johannesburg, south africa, who was abandoned at birth, and he Was later adopted, however, when he was 15, his adopted mother passed away and quebec found himself homeless. He was on the streets fighting to survive every day. He struggled with food, shelter and clothing. He was on the streets and had to fend for himself, but, as time went on, he managed to find a friend. His name was carlito and they became inseparable. One day, quebec found a story in the flight magazines. He used as blankets about people flying away to the uk inside the landing gear of an airplane thats. All it took for him to call carlito tell him the story, and the next thing you know they burn all of their belongings.

What little they had and decided to stow away inside the landing gear of an airplane? The mission was a success, at least at the beginning. They both snuck past the security and got inside, but soon they met the same fate as everyone else. Both quebeca and carlito fell unconscious carlito, never made it out alive, while cabeca managed to survive the fall immediately after he was taken to a hospital, and he was in a coma for six months because his blood had frozen due to the low temperature. When he finally woke up, he realized he couldnt move, but was glad to be alive immediately after they gave him carlitos passport and asked him if they knew the guy in the photo. Quebec told them that carlito was a friend, but they informed him that he unfortunately didnt make it. Quebeca is now friends with gabriel a guy from britain who found him after hearing about his story on the news. He helped him with groceries and some clothes, but quebec needed a roof over his head after a fundraiser, gabriel managed to get the funds needed to get cabeca into a home, but this is one case out of hundreds, the others end in tragedy. Hey yeah, you dont forget to smash that subscribe button and hit the notifications bell the tragic cases, one of the most gruesome wheel. Well, stowaway fatalities happened when a kenya airways plane was headed to heathrow airport in the uk as the plane descended over south london.

The landing gear deployed and the body of a kenyan stowaway fell in the backyard of a man who was sunbathing in his home. He was horrified by the sight. The fall was so deadly that the kenyan man broke the concrete path in the sunbathers backyard, the homeowner refused to speak to the media, but one of the neighbors said he heard his friend saw the remains of the body yeah the remains in the landing gear compartment. The police found the mans food water and a bag. This happened primarily because the security checks at african airports are not as strict as those in the uk. However, after 9 11 everything got tighter. However, this person did manage to climb on, but didnt manage to hold on. Actually not all of these gruesome stowaway accidents come from third world countries. This 14 year old boy lived in sydney, australia, but he wanted to see how the rest of the world lives. The photograph was taken back in 1970 and its been buried by other stowaway incidents, but its still a classic the boy climbed in the landing gear of a jumbo jet plane headed to japan. The same fate followed him. He fell unconscious due to the lack of oxygen and as the landing gear doors open. The boy fell from the sky, plummeting nearly 200 feet, and you want to hear the crazy part about this picture. The amateur photographer that was taking the pictures didnt even realize he shot a 14 year old boy falling from a plane.

He was just taking photos of planes taking off, but when he went to develop the photos he was in shock in one of the photos he caught a boy falling from the sky and the picture made worldwide headlines.