I bet a lot of you guys thought that i had actually gotten rid of this beautiful machine, but indeed I have not. This is hydro dipped and painted by pit dog. Hydro I've had this body from proline for a very, very long time and in fact, I've had this Traxxas summit for a very long time. These are 40 series: mud, slingers from RC four wheel, drive on the poison spider, aluminum rims. These are leading edge machine that's. The companies call that's the company's name. These axle drive shafts, they actually don't. I don't believe they're in business anymore. This thing has seen better days: I'll tell you what it hasn't entertained: millions and millions upon tens of millions of people on this channel, and I tell ya, I think, it's time, since it is minus 35 degrees Celsius outside at the time of this filming. Yes, I'm. Very happy for you: it's warm where you live, but the rest of us are freezing our butts off and there's no way we can go outside and RC right now, it's a great opportunity to go ahead and to see how we can bring things back from the Dead, the rat rod Reaper back from the dead, so let's have a look at this the last time here, the last time I use this. I blew one of them brushed motors on this side and listen to this it sounds horrible crunchy. So I think that that pinion is just slipping on this spur gear right here and for those in the Hobby world that are out there that know the Traxxas summit.

This is supposed to be a 110 scale machine, but I would say it's closer to a 18 scale size, but it's really hard to say, because who knows maybe the the model that they were modeling? This, after was enormous, but that's always been. The joke with the tracks of summit is that it is far larger than a 110 scale. Now this does have an ESC on it. You can see put an external B EC on here to handle all the extra power when it needed when the servos were calling for more power. Because of these bigger tires, the B EC is able to reroute from the battery and give it the proper amount of current. Now this runs normally on a two battery system. It runs on four s lipo on this side, on the other I know so beautiful, but yet it looks like it wasn't taken care of at all, but indeed it has just been sitting on the shelf for a very, very long time, yeah that's what she said. So today, sad for me is that I went down to look for Kershaw designs from Dan Fisher that used to run Kershaw designs and the Kershaw design site was gone and it's been gone for years. I guess Dan used to make these dual motor mount plates, which I love, I think they're fantastic and I went to go and buy the motors off of them, but he passed away several years ago from cancer, so that is a loss to the RC community.

Even though I'm just finding out, I feel a little bit like a boob about that, but I bet there's many other people out there that didn't know that either he did some great work well, instead of putting in dual motors on here – and I was thinking like – I would replace this get rid of like the the stock ESC on here. Maybe I was going to do dual brushless and I thought well then: I'd have to get like dual brushless esc s and if you look on the inside, there is not a lot of room, but i have had a monster Tekin motor for years sitting. Just waiting to be used and look at this look at the kv rating on this it's, not on that side. Yes, it is 2250 right there, 2250 kv. This can size is enormous way larger than the other one that's in there, and if I only use one that way, I can fit a new ESC down on that spot and get rid of this old fella, replace it out with a new ESC and start bringing This back from the dead now, the last time I used this years ago was in a mud, video and I ended up cooking one of the motors and it was quite a smoke show and that is going to need to be cut out. But a secret with this is, if you just kind of start, moving that around it'll start loosening up that screw and then you'll be able to back it off easier.

If I can get us some bite in there, ah there we go beautiful as long as you can move the motor kind of cracks open that pinch that it has on the screw there. You know try to move it back and forth and then, of course, that just goes to show it was that pinion on the spur gear actually for my last video being a mud video with this it's, actually in pretty darn good shape. In fact, you guys are probably wondering right now: where did you get the white arms? These are rpm arms. They were made, I don't know if they still make them anymore. I have had this truck for so long. These are basically undyed arms. You could dye them. The color you wanted an RPM, of course, being a leading name in the plastics, when you would have indestructible unless you went into the freezing cold indestructible plastic. Basically, who remembers me doing the Traxxas summit, the floating Traxxas summit, video, where we had the tires that were floating this whole truck, was on top of the water, had some great tunes with it. I think that was back in 2012. This was the very first crossover mainstream vehicle to hit the RC market. I remember when Traxxas dropped this bomb on everybody and – and it seems so regular now and usual, all these years later, eight years to be specific, to have a two stage transmission in a monster truck.

This not only was being sold as a crawler. You could crawl over things, which was unusual. You wouldn't get truck this size. That would go slow, but it would also go at a fairly decent clip that you could bash. So it was a bash, slash, crawler, hybrid truck and you know still pretty darn popular, not as popular as they used to be, but I still have mine because I love it. So first thing I got to do is remove this receiver box off of here, but even though I said that's, the first thing I'll do let's actually make it. The second let's take this off and have a look years of gunk and what you're seeing is old. Grease in there, because you'd always put a blob of grease around the edge to keep that transmitter from getting any water on the end, I don't have to clean out this entire gross box. Look at this, whatever congealed substance that is let's get this out of here. Yeah, I would always dab big globs of marine grease in there get it in focus here, for you guys, so I wasn't getting any leaks from the water. You can see it works, but years later, you're gon na pay the penalty it's not too bad. It just looks like a bunch of baby snow it all hardened up so for beginners that are afraid of doing this kind of thing all I'm doing is following the wire to where the channel is you can see.

This is the first channel here so I'm. Just going to remove that, noting that the signal wire, which is the bright wire, is towards the antenna when it's upside down so it's not a big deal. Yeah. Look at this. I completely cooked the end of this in the last video that is the ground wire that is melted right out of the the sheathing right there. I'M. So glad I decided to change this out now. I got ta clean all that gunk out, but upon further inspection I can see that my b ec looks relatively unscathed so I'm, actually going to recover the B EC. I don't think I'm gon na need the B EC in here I very well might, but instead of putting in like an 18 scale, rx system in here I'm going to use the RX 4, which is instead of the RX 8. But I want to see how this does, because this doesn't have any motor limit on the brush. Brushless pardon me and it's got a pretty decent ESC or B EC in there already so with a giant motor like that. Even though it's for 8th scale racing, I think it will perform well, even with the RX 4. I could be proved wrong, but we'll see all right now, after about an hour of being off, camera, I've actually gone ahead and done quite a bit of the soldering solder in suturing, whatever you want to call it wherever you're from in the world and done some Electronics works already I'm going to be running the batteries in series, which basically means I'm going to be doubling up the battery power, so I've got 2's lipo and a 2s lipo for a 4s lipo.

I made this little connector, so can kind of see how it goes. This one of course going to the battery this one going to the battery, and this one would be going to the ESC. Now here is the speed control and I decided to change my mind and actually just throw the B EC on there. Even though it's got a high voltage B C, because it'll be easier for me to do it now, then, to muck about with it later. When I need it now, I've left my leads entirely too long. I actually don't need them to be that long at all, but I usually like to place my speed, control and then kind of eyeball it. You know I can mount up the motor and you can see. I only need a few inches there of wire so I'm going to take that back and heat up the sold soldering iron again, you guys have always found me up on that because you're all from all over the world, so you all say it differently kind of Like Tamiya Tamiya Tamiya, Wow dang it now I've got to be really careful with this motor right, because this motor mount isn't actually the proper mount for this setup. But as you can see, I've added a screw which kind of wedges this motor into place and I've got an excellent small small, maybe one millimeter gap in between the opinion and that spur so running it back and forth.

Beautiful no weird sounds at all, and this shouldn't move whatsoever now to prevent this motor from cogging, which is kind of like a jittering movement. When the comm is trying to find its position inside for rotation, this sensor wire will actually sense it and tell the motor where to start so. I won't get any kind of hopping at a slow speed. We get that with a brushless motor when it's sensorless. This being censored will avoid it now, although this Tekin motor is not waterproof, so I won't be taking this through any melting snow but, as you know, there is no melting snow at the moment, I still want to add some grease to the open ports. This is the censored cable port, as well as the fan port up on this side here, because if you don't do that, you can have water seep past and give you problems inside the ESC. You it's supposed to be element proof, but there are these little areas that can cause a problem, so they include the grease now, in order for me to stick this ESC down, I'm gon na have to have a nice clean surface. The double sided tape has an opportunity to stick just place that on there, stick it down nice and firm well after lots of effort in time today, even though the video has gone by fairly quick, I have actually salvaged the summit and I am ready to plug It in for the first time you can see I've got the connector for series for both of my batteries hooked up a very tidy wiring job here I'd, like to mention to anybody.

That'S running a be ICI that remember when you power the B EC directly or the the receiver directly from the B EC that's plugged in that's, coming straight from the battery, remove the red wire from your ESC, because the red wire from this plug right here normally Power is the receiver, but because I'm running a B EC it's going to automatically power it. Now I did take the red wire out of this, which means I'm gon na still be able to use my on and off switch. If you guys ever run something like this and realize that your onoff switch isn't working that's because you're double powering it so let's. Actually get this all plugged in make sure my old radio is on green lights, oh here's, where everything could go up in smoke if I'm, not careful, three, two one, no smoking! I like that. I should have put up a no smoking sign here. So my sensor cable is plugged in and ready I'm going to turn on my ESC, which I still need to calibrate yeah. Do I have power to my servos? Oh, they just need to be reversed, and then I don't even know what motor type I have it set on here. Does it go forward back from the yes? Now we finally get to give it a little bit of a test to speed transmission, remote locking differentials? Oh yeah welcome back such a beautiful body too, and crashed it and bashed it and mangled it.

But I'll tell you what it's been one of the coolest looking bodies I've ever had in the studio that's for sure. Well, I cannot believe we breathed life back into it. My friends, I need a bigger space to open it up, of course, but to stage transmission they're gon na. Allow me to do the crawling and the snow bashing. I probably need to replace the slipper clutch on this, just because it is so well loved. I should say haha well thanks a lot guys.