My only goal today is to get that drone from the roof back so lets start the journey Music. Okay, guys im back to the crime scene to try to rescue the drone. I just asked one other shop nearby and the lady. The owner was super kind and she actually went upstairs because her unit has three floor and she checked – and she told me no. I dont see your drone, but i told her like okay, so if you went up there can i also go and then just walk on the roof, but she was a bit like hesitant to to bring me up theres, like oh, its, like my house, so i Dont, but the good news is that you can actually go up there on the roof. I have to find someone that allows me to upstairs. Maybe i scare them you know or my attitude just you know they dont want to have a stranger in the house or on the roof. Maybe they fall down but yeah, i think its its a good news. So let me let me ask a little bit more. As you can see, those units are all like abandoned Music, all right guys. The drama continues. Yesterday i drove from the national park all the way to chiang rai because my girlfriend called this company and they say that they can go and rescue the drone for 1500 baht by using one of those things. So i just rushed to chiang rai last night this morning i was excited to finally get it like 1 500, but its not that bad.

The value is 12 000 baht, so it makes sense. So i came here i asked now and now they just told me. I cannot rent it for one hour. I need to rent it at least half day and that would be like 4, 000 baht, so im so disappointed because 4 000 baht would not be worth it. So i came all the way here for for nothing, basically so mission failed. I have to find another solution. The alternative to buy new one is getting closer and closer. I really dont want to buy a new one, because this one is pretty new, but im kind of losing hope with this. One lets see Music, so this is officially my last chance. I came here to the firefighters and told them like. I can give you 1000 baht. If you can just try to climb it up its not so hard its, not so high. You should be able to do it. I give you 1000 baht and thats it if they accept it. I hope i can rescue it. If not, i might probably have to buy a new one. So last chance, okay, guys the firefighters say yes, theyre coming to rescue my drone Music Music, all right guys, so not even the firefighters were able to help. They went there to speak with this shop here and ask if they can at least access the first floor and they refuse it. You know they own the whole building the whole three floors.

They dont allow even the firefighters to go up. I dont know if theyre hiding some bodies, some arms, some some drugs. I dont really know whats going on, but they refuse it. So the firefighter told me you, you should go to the police and ask them to allow you inside the building or at least allow us inside the building and uh. So we can go up because from if we, if they dont, allow us to go at least on the first floor, we cannot really go up. Thats, crazy man, honestly, i think thats enough for me enough headache. I dont want to go to the police and make additional drama i might just have to buy a new drone Music. Okay, guys the drama continues. So the firefighters told me you should call police and tell them about this, lady that doesnt want you to get into the into the building. So i called the tourist police, and actually they just came to pick me up here at central festival, were going together to the lady, so so yeah come along with me. Its gon na be a fun adventure. Lets see whats gon na happen. Oh man, they even have the lights on. Let me show it to you about flying yeah yeah, because we have a low yeah, yeah thats. Why? Because airport in cheray very near the center yeah, not in here, maybe thats right. So i received the signal and then i cannot control anymore and it just land automatic wherever it was now, we will go to the uh terminal right now in uh, initial right, bus time, Music, Music, Music, vienna, Music, Music, okay, guys reporting you directly from the police Car the mission to rescue the drone is officially over.

I cannot save it, even the police. They were able to convince the owner to. Let us go up to the rooftop, even the firefighter they say they can go if they want so the police kind of help. But the problem now is that the roof is extremely old, maybe like 20 or 30 years old, and if you step on it it will most probably just crush and break everything. So its extremely dangerous and the police say you cannot really go up there. So yeah. I think there is not much that i can do at this point. Probably the the only solution. Probably the only solution i have is to is to buy a new one, but what an adventurer crazy! If you come to chiang rai and somehow you are able to get on the roof, the drone is for you, its a dji dji mini 2 and its just two months old. So if you find, if you get it, then i will even send you the controller and you can you can fly it as much as you want its even insured for one full year, so youre all set, you just have to go up there and get it And so here we are at the end of this video and the story is not over yet the drama is not over yet. Actually, there is a happy ending to this video because my girlfriend was able to find another company in cherai that they have this kind of crane, so they can go up to a building and rescue whatever you need to rescue.

So we contact them. We ask the price, they say: okay, we can help you, we can do it, we can actually go up for you and then we can rescue the drone and ship it. Wherever you are via post office. The price will be 3500 baht, but during the new year holiday they were closed. So we had to wait the third of january and then they went there on the third of january, but they couldnt rescue because there was too much traffic. The drone is stuck on a roof near the bus station, so there are a bunch of bus coming and going all the time. So they came back the day after the try again. But then then they had some other issue. Then they come back another day on the fifth of january and finally, they were able to rescue the drone and then they ship it to us. By that time we were in kanchanaburi. The drone is here and then we finally went to pick it up, and this is the end of the video okay guys. Finally, hopefully the drone has arrived here in kanchanaburi. The company shipped from chiang rai here we waited for two days, hopefully should be here. Im excited, oh show me show me. Finally, after two weeks, my drone is back alright guys. Thank you so much for watching this video im so happy that the rescue at the end was successful. The drone is back right on time on the way to south york.

National park because were gon na be in a nice hotel on the river, and i really wanted to get some nice shot in the national park. And here we are carry experts. Just call us. If you want, you can come to the to the main center and pick it up. So we just rush here – and here we are my little baby. I hope its still fine. I still have to try to fly it of course charge it first and then try to fly. I hope, is okay and not too damaged so stay tuned. For that, thank you for watching.