Are you excited? Yes, guys were home Music, you miss home ryan, yeah Music, oh my god, family Music aloha! Well, not yet the kids are asleep, were packing to go back to hawaii. How are you doing there this morning im doing the last minute packing here, Music, barely fitting right now im trying to push it in, so i can close my suitcase too much right now. Yeah, good luck with that, all right ryan! You ready to go to hawaii! All right were at the airport, hi kay youre, on the wrong Music side. Good morning, Music, okay, guys im gon na go back to hawaii. Music is Music. Music can gon na go straight to her dollhouse collection of people? Oh hey, my pinko! Are you gon na get another looking girl? Okay, this is the living room and we have what is new here. Oh so you guys havent seen we got a piano. Oh, this rug is new. It just came in a swivel chair all right. This is this. Is ryans new loft bed, its not complete its incomplete, but it still looks really cool? Is it really cool? Oh its kind of spacious? So, like you can put a desk here gaming laptop here, and this is ryans figurine that we brought from hawaii. They took it out so were like we dont need that that is funny. Yeah. All right guys lets check up ryans bed here, hi emma, oh whoa. This is crazy Music! Oh, i didnt expect this to be here.

Yeah right. This is really cool and you ever see it before you expect like a wooden floor, yeah hi. This is cozy little cozy spot yeah. That is the roof and see this curtain wow. What a great view and kate, Music, good job, kate, Music youre doing great. It says our place is always white, so we thought we add some colors to our life. You know some color heres, a swivel chair, you can sit and then i guess you swivel. Okay, are you ready for the ride of your life? Yes, all right. One. Two! Three swimming im too slow. Okay swimming such a big difference yeah, but we we were sleeping before we left. We were only sleeping on the mattress, so it finally came. What do you think i can see youre feeling a little bit closer too. This is my point of view guys. This is what i see now, oh its so bright, all right guys. So in our backyard we have avocado tree right there and right now, theres a perfect season too, for the avocado right here. Look thats huge! It just fell off from a tree. Look how big it is. Wow. My favorite avocado my face. Yes, thats, our avocado tree. Oh yeah, you guys see all the avocados up there where, where right here, i dont see. Oh there it is theres another avocado, wow theres, more avocados. Look on the floor. Oh no! What a waste! I know, what a waste of avocados Music well were.

Gon na make a lot of guacamole thats for sure huh, daddy, hi, mommy hi. What you guys doing! I havent gotten to see daddy. First, i have to put on now theyre theyre, just playing in the pool go kate kates on a mission. I dont know what ryans doing over there, what you doing pouring water in your head, no im getting water! Okay find a mission. Yes, i saw that you better watch out Music, oh Music, how theyre gon na paint? What do you guys have in mind im gon na plant, a sheep Music, oh youre, painting a rainbow thats cute, remember and the sheep ashley cute. First im. Gon na some little red okay, i love it and a little more ones. Music lets do this, one youre doing red two great ideas: i love it. I need a little more red for this. I think it happens than i thought nice, its doing the next layer orange love, it orange red, orange red yeah. Alright, let them continue have fun thanks: okay, so heres emma so far, Music, good job, kate. I love the details. Theyre playing lava Music, okay, okay, emma got to spin the wheel, and then you have to go on red red, daddy, run green. The floor is lava five, four, three, two one its red again: oh no wow, Music, Music, wow, okay, yay, whoa; okay, all right guys! This is a big kick. You ready, oh and left to the rescue and daddy over here, Music, fresh avocados, yeah guys we have so many avocados right now.

Look at this Music, its a lot of avocados. We made so many things already right, like smoothie guacamole. I know avocado toast yeah chop off the avocado and then just put soy sauce and mayonnaise thats good food yeah, so right now daddys packing to give to some of his friends, because we have too many yeah. I think im drawing on the uh were very fortunate. That we have giant avocados, i have to start plucking the avocado. Because look you see you see these two holes. It must be a bird just picking out it. Thats right so were about to go to bed theyre hugging each other good night, because emma wants to stay with ryan today, so i hold have a good night with ryan love. You thank you. Mommy yeah! All right guys have a good night good night, good night. Good night hi guys were about to sleep, and today kates gon na stay with me. Emma wants to be with ryans thats thats. Why kates gon na sleep with me today, all right guys, thank you for watching our video. Thank you for watching.