Where does a little bit of light theres a lot of construction noise. This is really irritating me anyway. This channel, we cover all kinds of remote controlled stuff. It is called our DS drone reviews, so we obviously focus on drones, but we all do also will review cars boats, maybe even some planes, eventually anything from something small like this little brush tube. This is a the s: 105 thats, a little bitty brushed Lube. You know, like 12, cheap little loop, a lot of fun. You can move on up to something like just brushless. This is a warlock pro 85. This is a bind and fly loop. You know with brushless motors a lot more power, so cover stuff, like that course. We cover a lot of toy grade stuff like this. This is the jjrc. I think this is at the age of 33. I will cover. Most of the reviews will be focused more on the toy grade. People can afford those, and you know theres still a lot of fun but well also be reviewing stuff like this GPS quadcopter. This is the cheerson CX 23. This is a nice little beginners, GPS, quadcopter that people really like this drone and stuff like youre, not gon na all, tell x star premium. The 4k me drone, which ive got on my channel. I reviewed back in May thats a higher end. A really nice video drone will also review cars. I dont have any here out with me on this table, but you know at 4 wheel, Drive, brushless trucks to toy grade, more brushed cars and boats.

Ive got several videos on the channel with votes like the FEI lune ft, 0 1 1, which is a really cool, brushless boat, so its all kinds of stuff. So I hope that noise, in the background is driving me nuts. I hope thats not gon na ruin. The video, but anyway I just appreciate everyone for subscribing this channel wouldnt be where it is now without you guys, I think Id ever get to a thousand subscribers, so lets make it 2000. Subscribers keep reviewing stuff Ive, always going to be honest, Im not going to tell you somethings, you know if somethings junk, Im gon na tell you its junk its good Ill. Take my word, its good Im, not gon na tell you somethings, good and chill for a product whenever its actually a piece of junk. You know Im not doing this. You know to make a bunch of money in sales, so Im out here for the love of a hobby and for you guys so Im gon na always be honest with this soap, thanks for checking out my channel if youre new to the channel, please click on The subscribe button, so you can stay updated every time.