This is a toy drone, its currently on flash sale for 50 for the one battery version. So, for those of you early birds that watch my videos um when they first come out, youll enjoy the lower price for the next couple days. This is a pretty simple toy drone. I normally dont review these. I i i usually pick these up. Only if theyre kind of interesting and this one is a little bit different, so you can see here its got this sort of uh, i dont know squished crop configuration with a prop on the bottom and one on the top, like that. So its a little bit of a different design, i mainly wanted to see how this would fly and also, apparently it has a ground configuration mode where it has these wheels and you can actually run it on the ground um. I have not been too successful in getting that to work, but well give it a try again. The controls here are pretty simple. Very tiny controller has altitude hold, so the throttle is centered. You have your takeoff landing button here. Also, emergency stop button on the left power button here on the right trim button here on top so press that and hold that, and you can use the right stick to trim and then on the right. Shoulder here is the flip button. So you can short press and then cause it to flip in a different like a flip or roll with the right stick or a long person will go into headless mode.

Well, give all these things a try. Okay, so i havent brought everything out with me here. Obviously get the manual you get a little usb charger um and some spare props, my box came damaged in shipment and one of the props broke, so i already replaced one of these, but these do look like theyre not going to survive crashes. All that well also be aware that uh, you probably want to fly in an open area like this and try and avoid crashes. You can see here. There is a phone holder, i will put a phone in here and we can record some video from the built in camera thats on here. Its kind of pointing downwards so im not sure how easy its going to be flying around but um ill. Show that to you a little bit later that obviously the image quality isnt uh – that great now i have tried flying this a couple times before, but it was far windier its not as windy today, but still a little bit of a breeze and so well see How this does so first im going to turn on the controller theres an on off switch on the bottom here turn that on put this level on the ground and then to bind you uh throttle up and down, and that should be connected now, theres, some lights Under here – but you cant see this too bright out right now, so youre supposed to calibrate the headless mode by down and to the left and then wait a few seconds then calibrate the gyro down into the right and then should be able to take off with The take off and landing button, you can also start and stop the props by down and out on the sticks and also ill start.

It also stop. It well use the take off button here. It goes so see its already drifting a little bit its a little bit of a breeze behind me Music. So it has pretty fast right. So the button here on the right, if you, if you press it the throttle, stick, it will go into faster speed mode. This is kind of slow here this. It was basically love speed. One got it two beeps speed, two, the lies. Okay, the yaw is uh, as you see when it shines. It loses altitude, see that so you have to kind of watch your altitude a little bit here and theyre supposed to maintain it, for you, Music just loses there on some but thats kind of normal. This is a you know, budget item Music, but okay, now the wind is kind of slowing down here. Okay, this is totally hands off. We see the wind is pushing it that way and its kind of coming back its not really doing anything. Its just kind of theres, no uh sensor on the bottom to hold it in place so that as long as youre not doing anything with it, itll maintain its altitude just that itll drift around with the wind, because theres not theres, no uh position sensor on the Bottom and that wind is pushing it again, so i think that battery has already expired. So i got a second battery im gon na swap that in so i got a second battery here, its supposed to last seven minutes, but um.

These havent been through a lot of cycles, so all right so turn on the controller turn on the drone im going to try the ground. Okay first bind im going to try the ground mode, so, basically long press the right stick. This should be in ground mode. So lets see what happens if i do the takeoff button here that doesnt seem to do anything? Okay, so if you give a little throttle Music, oh i see okay, yep yeah, this doesnt doesnt work so great. So i tried this before yeah. Even on a smooth surface, doesnt really roll that well so this ground mode, isnt so useful. All right! So im gon na do one more uh flight test here and then well, uh do the uh phone screen its good uh lets. Take it off with the stick. So we can do this start. The motors take it off, so i didnt do a gyro calibration that time. I dont think you have to do it every time, but you can see that all this wind is turning around here. Lets put it into speed two im gon na land – it here Music, i probably should have done a gyro calibration. He did not want to come back to me and the wind was just pushing it away. So im gon na fly so with this screen turn on the wi fi were connected and record the screen here and start up the app. You should be able to see the video here but theres a lot of latency.

So this is not really useful for flying. Im just uh im gon na show you the recording of the screen for demonstration purposes, yeah so im just gon na put the screen here and were gon na calibrate the gyro all right take off Music. All right, yeah recommend calibrating the gyro. This is not really good for the wind wind is pushing it away from me again yeah that wind is uh its not really that bad. So this doesnt have any power to fight the wind at all. Lets try calibrating the gyro going the opposite direction: Music, Music, yeah – it doesnt have power, then, when it, when it detects that its crashed it shuts. The motors off lets. Try this one more time, calibrate the gyro again, Music, Music. All right seems to be flying a little better. Now. I think that does seem to lose power. When you make yaws, it loses altitude a little bit Music, and now the winds calmed down it im able to control a little better Music, oh its all, losing power. Very strange i mean it seems very stable and then also it just starts losing power. It just drops like it wants to land, but i dont think its a battery problem. I think its a problem with the barometer on this model there. It goes again all right. Stop emergency stop and at that time it crashed, but it didnt want to uh stop the motors lets.

Try this one more time. I think its got plenty of power just i think the barometer is not working very well all right: okay, Music, Music, whoa, oh thats, interesting. What happened there wow so this isnt. This is what i was talking about with the propellers one of the props blades just flew off, probably from one of the crashes i dont know. Maybe it was damaged in shipping, but yeah were done today. I dont think id recommend this model. Its got too many issues, but its its an interesting design. You know i mean i like the fact that it has like this sort of uh props together like that, would be interesting to see something like this in uh, like a real fpv model. At some point. In the future, but uh for this uh in terms of just uh using it as a toy yeah, i wouldnt recommend getting it anyway.