Of course, since drones were invented, people have come up with all kinds of ways to have fun with them, and some of them are completely crazy. There is more and more drones with cameras flying up to the sky every day, and sometimes it gets a bit more interesting than just filming beautiful, sceneries thats. Exactly what youre going to see right now, some of the weirdest drone footage ever every cop should get a drone. Just look at this. The guy is trying to get away from the police, but theres a drone following him and sending his location back to the officers. You got nowhere to run when youre being followed by a drone. This kangaroo just crushes the annoying drone with her paw. When the footage was put up online. It immediately got viral. The clip was shot in a park in new south wales, australia. The drone was flying above a group of animals and got a little too low, so one of the kangaroos jumped up and hit it. She was probably trying to protect her baby. The drones owner managed to save the footage, but the drone itself was damaged beyond repair and here, a giant 2 meter long white shark is chasing a surfer. The guys name is matt wilkinson. He was one of the contestants of the world surfing championship. He was lying on his surfboard, not so far from the shore. When a two meter long white shark emerged behind his back the surfer, didnt notice it but heard a splash from behind the rescue team operating.

The drone warned wilkinson about the danger through the speakers. They convinced him to return to the beach when wilkinson saw the footage from the drone his jaw dropped. The same happened on robert beach in plattenburg bay, south africa, the fourteen year old zach berman was flying his drone and filming the ocean. He had seen sharks before, but never so close to the surfers. The animal is at least 12 feet long. According to the author of the clip, the shark was too deep underwater for the surfers to see it. They were shocked when they saw the footage. This drone got struck down by a ball, but it managed to catch the fatal strike on camera while practicing on a field in atlanta. The guy kicked the ball so high that it hit the drone after which the drone crashed these days, surveillance is everywhere. Everyone wants to have some privacy, at least in their own backyard, but drones can get everywhere, and sometimes it gets really annoying. This guy got fed up with it and decided to deal with the problem with the help of his gun. This drone is following a group of kids running on the roof, theyre, probably skipping classes or something, and they dont even suspect that the drone is watching their every step. The pilot really knows how to fly this thing. Just look at this precision. The drone is too high in the sky for the kids to hear it, but they soon realize theyre being followed.

Maybe they were trying to sneak into the principals office because when they see the drone they get really nervous in the end, they go down and run across the baseball field to the woods if they were trying not to make too much noise, they failed the 40 Year old brit, thomas anderson was filming a panorama of the berkeley castle in gloucestershire, using his drone when he was looking through the footage he got shot in one of the clips. He saw a white figure that resembled a horseman. If you look closely, you can really see a horseman riding through the castle. According to the man, he almost lost control of the drone when it was filming. The mysterious figure hunting burmese pythons in florida is not an easy task. Their natural camouflage works so well. Its almost impossible to spot them in a swampy location. However, nothing is impossible for a drone with an infrared heat detection camera, if not for the drone. The 75 year old british pensioner, peter pugh, who had gone missing, might have not been found at all in the swampy lands of brancaster england. The drone quickly explored the search area and spotted the man who had gotten stuck in a swamp. The police saved the man and returned him home. I bet you never thought a place like that existed. What at first might look like a field full of colorful plants is actually a dump of lost or broken bicycles in china.

A few years ago. Dozens of bike sharing operators flooded the streets of chinese cities with millions of bikes in an attempt to reduce traffic congestion. Their rapid growth, however, was outpacing the demand and only strained the already dysfunctional infrastructure. The citizens would just leave the bikes in the streets eventually clogging up and blocking the roads. Just imagine how much space this giant pile of bikes would take in a city, and this guy had been constantly teasing his dog with a drone one day. He lost control of the drone and it crashed into a tree. The dog took advantage of the situation and decided to steal the annoying toy and give it what it had deserved and heres how over freight looks like you load too much cargo. You lose a ship thats. The lesson the florida transport operator needs to learn from this. The way the abyss swallows the ship is absolutely stunning, though i hope the crew got rescued and no one got hurt Music, and here is a 12 day and 60 mile or a hundred kilometer long traffic jam that spans across a 50 lane highway. This is the largest traffic jam ever registered to this day it wasnt caused by an accident, nor a cataclysm. It was just that a lot of beginners were moving out of the city for the weekend, which coincided with the passage of a group of heavy trucks that occupied several lanes. Ironically, the trucks were delivering construction materials for widening this exact road.

This 12 day traffic jam is often rated the heaviest ever not only in china, but also the entire world. It turns out that wild birds often take down drones. Maybe they see it as their prey or their rivals anyway, heres an eagle attacking a drone. I hope it still can be repaired. This drone was filming a wind turbine and at the very top of it there was a guy sunbathing. The man whipped his hand at the drone and went on chilling out in the sun. Music drones are pretty fragile and they love crashing into objects or people. This motorcyclist was going too fast to see the drone and dug down so the drone crashed into him. I hope that both of them survived the collision and heres a footage of turtles nesting in the north of australia. The volunteers are using the drone to count the population and see if their protective measures have been effective enough. According to the footage, there are approximately 64 000 green sea turtles nesting in their rookeries and laying eggs. Something weird is happening in this clip. First, the drone attacks a man lying on the lawn. The guy looks pretty scared, then the drone rockets up but suddenly breaks down and starts falling. The guy jumps up and runs away just before the drone crashes down onto the ground. A film crew was shooting a documentary about crocodiles somewhere in australia when one of the reptiles decided to treat itself to a tasty little drone, the animal just jumped out of the water and snapped at the drone.

Maybe it looked too much like a bird.