Today i have a super small box from flywh and also look how cool it looks with all the cartoons and whoa lets fly on the top and inside here there is a six motor drone and its a very, very small drone. Youre gon na see it in a moment, but before i open the box, please remember to like subscribe and comment on this video help me please the algorithm. Thank you. So much also, if you have to buy anything check out the links in the description you get a coupon and you help my channel grow a lot and, as usual, i already opened this drone. Of course, i was super curious about it and i picked already into it and something fell. Of course we have the paperwork. Super super cute little drone that comes wrapped in plastic, wrap, which is very nice, touch extra hardware and zip ties right here, metallic stickers and also one of the worst looking battery straps i ever seen. I hope this is not for the battery actually and lastly, we get eight 40 millimeter propellers from hq props and the drone needs six. So you have only two spurts lets unwrap the package and see what we get. So, oh, my god, oh okay! This is not very hard and now lets. Look at the specs of this bug. Looking drone. So first of all, we have robomotors 1202.5. This is super, weird 5500 kv motors and we have six of them and they are powered by a six in one all in one escs and its 13 amps.

Then we have a f4 flight controller on the separate stack. We have 450 maximum milliwatt vtx. This is the analog version. I guess they have also the digital but its different, its a different drone, as you can see, not much fits in here. Also, i have the r9 module, and this is only one of the only drones that comes with the r9 already installed very nice atom, antenna, cadets and camera down here, and also here you can see the very weird battery straps battery strap i was talking about. This is not one of the best, but i guess they are trying to keep it lightweight super small. It takes 4s batteries, i guess maximum 450 milliamps and then, if you look at this wire coming off the top, this is for the small 4k camera, its. Not the best choice, in my opinion, you should go with the gopro. I mean im, probably gon na put the insta360 go to on this drone because feels better with the vibe, its just smaller im gon na. Try it later and now lets try this drone. Without anything, on top and just look at it with the propeller zone, its still a very, very small drone, smaller than a two inch, probably and of course, its one inch. But six motors, and also this battery strap you just select how tight you want it and then you slide the battery in dont. Try to tighten it with the battery on.

You will never succeed, and this is a 450 milliamps for s. Battery lets try flying with this and see how it goes. I have my analog receiver on the goggles lets: go put it in aggro, Music, okay, analog, first, not the best feeling in the world. Man, if fly is surprisingly nice for being such a small drone and also you cannot hear it almost so silent im sure, oh my god, im surprised by this drone. I mean i was thinking it was useless, but its fun Music. The cool thing about it is, of course, its up to 150 grams by a long shot and its super super silent, but it still drains your battery quite fast and also you can see the temperature in the top right corner, but its cut off. I dont know why, my god, this camera doesnt, have any contrast at all its all washed out. I cannot see the branches, its crazy, of course, coming from hd yeah its not its, not behaving bad though i have it at 450 milliamps as you can see. E4, maximum im curious to try with the instago 2 on top, because maybe its a good idea. After all its very its very precise i mean i thought one inches were super super in for indoors. This thing can go. There is not much wind, just a light. Breeze its going – oh, oh god, maybe i can recover activated wow. I can recover. Alright, we have the camera all dirted out, Music yeah, its tuned kind of good.

I mean i, i dont have any experience with six propellers drone, but you can push it. It doesnt prop wash that much and also it seems kind of resistant to impact as well so lightweight. The propellers dont have a big radius for swinging, so it recovers – and this is my first flight very mind. So what im doing for free first flight is not bad. What is that a cat yeah its a cat? Oh my god, we are 14.4 volts yeah, probably need to land. I mean 3.6 yeah. We can maybe go a little bit more 14.4 yeah yeah. Okay. We can go still flight time. 3. 30., not bad so far. Of course, im also flying very hard, so it seems to be even a little bit efficient. Oh, my god, yeah dont crash it youre, never gon na find it its so small Applause, its cool, its a good acro trainer for sure. If you need something small to practice in the park – and you have analog, of course, this is not a bad choice at all. Let me land because its going very, very low im impressed also four minutes 26 and we flew like we flew not bad and yeah. With this flight we cut a little bit of grass, but, as you saw, it can recover very easily. The motor are fine, they are not even warm im impressed with this thing. It flies very, very good actually, and it has a decent amount of power.

I would never have expected a one inch to fly this good, actually, its crazy, now, im gon na take the insta360 goto and put it on top like this gon na make a mount and if it does work good its a shame. This is analog and i dont see any way of converting it to hd, but its the beauty of analog. You have super lightweight setups and just look at this monster. I made this. Camera is still quite big for this little drone and i adapted the mount from the smart 35, its not super bad, and maybe it dampens a bit of vibration, im curious to see if it flies good still, because if you have analog, maybe this is a good Choice lets see lets record with the cute little remote, radiator and boom lets go activated, yeah its kind of heavy with this camera on top, but still manages to fly surprisingly well im just yeah the goggles are getting low on the battery, but i mean for being A one inch fly is amazing, so yeah now we fliwsmo with luzlo lets, try doing something. Wow i mean its its crazy. If you think about it, Music, it doesnt care, i mean yeah. Of course, it feels way heavier than before, but it doesnt care that much about that camera. On top yeah last famous words, and we are back, i had to have dinner because grandma doesnt wait when its ready and also im surprised, because every day night comes quicker and i have less and less time to make these videos – and i know i flew around One minute with the installation go to before crashing, but in my opinion, is enough to prove the point.

I watched the video and there is no jello at all. This is not a bad combo. Remember it was dusk, so the shutter speed is lower and there is more motion blur that covers the jello, but i didnt see any so its not bad. Wrapping up this review about the hex nano from flywheel im. Very surprised because i thought this drone was just a gimmick just to be weird and it wouldnt make sense or fly good, but actually after trying its silent light compact and its also kind of powerful, and it flies good. So its not bad at all actually, and it even works good with insta360 go to, or maybe even with, the gopro naked gopro, and probably you can also use it for work, which is crazy to me. You can use something this weird for work. Flywh also sells it with an optional bumper pack, so you can use it like a sino, basically not bad. There is only one main kind of issue with this drone and its only for analog users, in my opinion, because if youre, an old pilot, no problem for you, youre gon na be able to carry an hd cam with not too much problem, you saw it flies Kind of good its, not an acrobase, it doesnt pull up very fast, its a lot of weight for such a small package. But if you do um xenops style flying youre, gon na probably carry a naked, gopro or insta for three four minutes.

No problem, which is good and also you can add, an optional bumper. They sell on uh on their website, so even better, but if you want to get this in digital, in my opinion, its not the best, because this thing is 57 grams, the digital one is 74 grams, which is we started to get to them too much weight Zone, you know what im telling you and there are much better alternatives that fly better than this and im not try the digital of course, but in my opinion, its gon na fly good. If you go really slow and steady, but the battery is not gon na last that long. So if you have analog, i will recommend this. Drone is a cool drone to add to your collection, it looks cool funky and you can even do some work with it, which is crazy and it works good. If you have digital, i will wait till they make a little bigger, prop version, but its gon na lose the appeal of having such a small drone thats my opinion and thats all for this review, as always remember to like subscribe and comment on this video. If you have any questions about what you just saw and remember to check the description and if you have to buy something, please click on the links.