Well, it seems like it doesn't anyway, spring is in the air. Things are happening around here and i'm. Getting out and reviewing stuff got stuff has arrived, i've just finished a review of the radio king and it looks like a jumper and it looks like a radio master but it's, not it's a radio king and i pulled it down, had a look inside that review. Probably coming up a little later today, so keep your eyes peeled for that got some other stuff which is coming from various places. Shipping is an issue at the moment. Um it's still taking dhl, is pretty good about a week. If you send stuff to me by dhl, takes about a week to get here, which is great and fat shark, contacted me um last month second week last month and said, would you like to review the new? But what is it shark bite? And i said yes, please, because i've been saying it's great, that we've got some competition in the digital market and, to be honest, i don't care if the fat shark, offering is a piece of crap i'm pleased to see it because it means this competition. That means everybody has to lift their game, but from what i've? Seen from what i've seen mark and australia's done a few videos and it's looking pretty good and it's it's interesting, because it is a different tech. It is, i won't say: it's better or worse than dji it's different to dji, so it's very keen to get my hands on and have a look and perhaps see the benefits, the strengths, the weaknesses.

And so they said. Would you like us to send you a set? I said yes, please and i said but be careful because at the moment dhl is the only carrier and perhaps told fedex. You know the major carriers have their own planes coming and going they're, the only ones that can deliver into new zealand because their borders are closed. So, if you're going to send it by any other carrier that doesn't have its own transport network it'll take forever. So please send dhl: okay, i'd even pay the difference in shipping. If, though, you know, if i think of sending it some other way, i'd pay more to have. It come dhl because, as we all know, the people who get their reviews to the market or to the to the youtubes first get the most views, because people want to know what's happening. So i thought great, so i sent them the email and they i got a thing back saying yes, it's been sent here's your tracking number and guess how they sent it swiss post. No, i cannot believe. I cannot believe that they sent it swiss, based, even in the best of times, swiss post is the worst carrier in the world bar none and it's, also a lottery as to whether you even get your product. Remember the old hobby king days, swiss post would take like months for stuff to come, and if you saw that something had been shipped by swiss post, you just threw your hands up.

Well, that was when there wasn't a pandemic, and now there is a pandemic. Swiss post doesn't have its own freight network. It just uses normal other networks which at the moment are just not operating because of the pandemic. So i watch the tracking information. Now i see other people who have already got their fat shark by systems they've got it putting videos up, and so anything i put up becomes less and less relevant by the day. But i watched the tracking information and sure enough. It'S been over two weeks and it's still in america, hasn't left in fact, it's only moved from one freight depot to another freight depot within the usa. It took an entire week to move from one side of one of those freight depots to the other side. Of that freight depot swiss post is the pits, do not ever send me anything via swiss posts. What are they called now? They'Ve got another name, i'll put it down here. I can't remember what it is. I think they rebranded, because everyone knew there was such crap, that no one was using them, so they changed their name ascendia or something so yeah. But so i don't expect to see my fat shark system this side of the new year. If the end it may be well into next year before i get to see that, by which time everyone will have made their purchase decisions and it'll be totally irrelevant. So what a waste fat, shark, it's it's, not an indictment on the product, it's, not a! No! I mean the product, as i said, it looks really really promising and really different from the dji system.

But why send me something, if i'm not going to get it until everyone's already made their purchase decisions? It makes no sense they don't listen. I did specifically outlined in the email: please send it by dhl or a major carrier. They sent us we're supposed anyway, so that's one day, i'll be looking at the fat shark system, which is a shame but it'll it'll get here eventually, i hope otherwise. It'Ll just disappear to the big black hole that is swiss post um and one other thing. If you've been watching. My extra channel you'll know that i'm about to have a summer of fun and to do that i'm going to be going out flying in all sorts of weird and wonderful places, um and i'd like to fly sub 250 gram craft, if at all possible for safety Reasons you know i got a little bit of a problem with regulators at the moment. So if i keep it sub 250, i can claim this is very low risk and then they're more likely to leave me alone. So if you're a distributed, retailer manufacturer or whatever and you've got some small craft, you know around this 250, maybe a bit over but i'm. Looking for things with long endurance, i want to use some quads with good endurance, because i want to be able to fly. You know reasonable sort of distances and stay out for enough time to get some good video. So if you've got a quad or or a fixed wing that you think would be applicable i'd like to review it and i'd like more than that i'd like to review it on this channel and then use it on my xjit channel, so that every time i Go and make a video people see what i'm, using the more likely to buy it if i'm, using it i'm finding it to be a really good product, people will probably be more likely to buy it.

Look what happened with the ax in all those years ago when, when i was flying the ax in and they just blew up so yes, please um. Please look at that and if you want to see me a product review, i will get straight on to that. More than just review it i will use it on my other channel. Of course, xg gets lots of views gets so lots of people watch it it's got nearly as many subscribers as this channel and what else the other thing i wanted to talk about too. Yes, while i'm here is the new long range low, latency 2.4 gigahertz module systems that are coming in now, we've got the fetcher ghost we've got the tracer from tbs. We'Ve got the fly sky whatever it is it's a number of some kind, and these are all laura whether they appear to be tell themselves as long range 2.4 gig systems and and it's really interesting, it's interesting where we're going there. I think the market has kind of stagnated. A bit there's there's not been a lot of movement, not a lot of happening, not a lot of new stuff happening in the market for some time. So manufacturers have seen an opportunity to create a product that they think will open a new door and invite people to come and buy more product, and i have to say that at 2.4 gigs long range it seems attractive or low latency.

If you're racing, i can't tell the difference to be totally honest between um s, bus and crossfire and anything else. You know just regular free sky and crossfire i'm, not i'm, too old and slow i'm, too old and slow. It takes me now to eat my breakfast in the morning, so these things are not the sort of thing that are going to affect my life, but a lot of people are really keen on buying them, and i know pavel spachowski, i can't say his name: he's He'S, polish, i think, is it foreign foreign yeah um, but he's done some good work reviewing or looking at the ghost system which he seems to like, but it's got some bugs he's also looked at the fly sky system, which is really not ready for the big Time and i think he's going to look at the tracer system now, no one sent me any of that gear which that's fine um i'm. Probably not something i'd buy myself because, as i say, there's, not a lot of benefit for me. If i want to go long range, i've got crossfire, i've got crossfire, i've got the tango, 2 and crossfire receivers, and that would give me and i've got a crossfire module. If i want to do long range, which of course, i'd be against the rule. So i would never do that, but if i wanted to do that, i've got the technology to do that and i'm not going to know the difference between.

You know eight milliseconds and three milliseconds in terms of latency it's, really it's i'm too old. For that. So it would be nice to look from a technical perspective. What they've done, because some of the new chipsets are pretty damn good and they do offer the ability to have high bandwidth at at short ranges and much lower bandwidth. But much longer ranges if you need it: the lora system, where you you basically you're saying um. I want range rather than speed. So as a trade off you can switch modes and i think crossfire. Does that switches between it's it's, low latency mode and it's low, depending on how far away you are, what the link signal is like and most people probably don't, even notice when that transition occurs? Certainly, if you're flying fixed wing and you're just doing cruising you'll, never know the difference. But it's going to be interesting to see how this newly created market it is newly created. No one was asking for it, but people have got it. How that's going to change the hobby if it changes it at all, because one of the problems with things like the 900 meg systems is there's, not a lot of bandwidth for 900 megs and in theory, if you get enough people and it doesn't have to be A hell of a lot of people, just a small number of people using 900 megahertz. You can end up with a little bit of latency introduced by simply collision of signals.

So if you had a really busy, you know race situation or something there is the potential i'm not saying it happens, but there's a potential for that 2.4 gigs you've got over 80 megahertz of bandwidth to use, so you can cram a lot in there, especially if You'Re running at very low bit rates over a long distance it's going to work really well. The downside, of course, is that 2.4 gigahertz is more affected by topography by trees by buildings by all that sort of stuff, it's absorbed more by the environment, even moisture. In the atmosphere will absorb the 2.4 gig signal more. There is a greater path loss at 2.4 gigs than it 900 megahertz. So, although you will get more range in theory, the the lower frequency will give you even greater range, but seriously, i think most people these days are not really looking for maximum range. They just want a good, solid, reliable link and for me, freesky has delivered that the fresco protocols delivered that up to now. Well, they you know. Sometimes you get fail safes and, if you're flying in it behind objects and things, especially if you're, using the dji digital system or whatever, where you've got a really solid video, you want an rf link that goes along with that, so these 2.4 gig systems have some Merit i may look at them further. If you want me to to buy them and review them all, then let me know and i'll do it i'll.

I shall go out there and throw money at it and we'll come up and see what we can come up with, but it's all early days. At the moment, anyone buying a product now be aware that there are bugs there are limitations. They are not finely honed, but thanks to the fact you can upgrade firmware that will disappear in no time so that's it bit of a ramp a bit of a rave bit of what's happening and, as i say, if you've got a product, you want showcased or Reviewed here and showcased on x, jet suitable for my flying around in weird and crazy places, then drop me a line and we'll hook up and we'll get your product there in front of the eyes of dozens of people who watch my channel here. You go right. So it's it's a crappy day today, i'm back to the edit table in a moment when i've left the studio so keep your eyes out. Videos coming up on this channel pretty quickly over the next few days, thanks for watching guys, bye for now or thanks.