I'Ve got a bunch of stuff in full review so I'm, not so weekly, weekly news for another year. The guys at Hobby Porter have sent me more smart charger. They'Re nailing it with these little charges, brilliant the fantastic. This little charge is so capable such a small package. Brilliant I'll be reviewing that very shortly. A kind gentleman um norm sent me this and then here is a glow plug it's, a glow plug that's, not an ordinary glow, plug it's, a glow plug that enables you to convert a nitro motor to gasoline or if you live outside America to petrol, because we Don'T have gasoline outside America we have bit roll I'm really interested to try that, because I've got a a internal combustion engine model on the building board and I'd really rather run it on gasoline and an oil then use expensive, nitro fuel. So I've got a number of engines are going to try a couple out, see how it goes stay tuned for that. If you got old, nitro engines laying around and you have had enough of buying expensive nitro fuel, this could be a game changer these plugs. I know people have used them before and they seem to work quite well, but I'll tell you how I get on, but the thing you're all wanting to know about is this too much exposure, my camera, you probably can't, read it because it's too bright anyway, it Is the radio master TX, 16s and it's in this box? It arrived.

I got mine late because of the lockdown things everything's slow here. The couriers are inordinately slow. It took over a week to get to me after it landed in New Zealand deal that took a couple of days to come from Hong Kong, and here is brilliant yeah, actually to be totally honest, this container is one of the best bits. Obviously I used my QX 7 a lot because my cubic 7s came in a lovely carry case and I can throw it in a pack. I don't worry about it getting broken because the carry case protects it. As I wander around, throw my back around that's. Why? I use my QX 7 a hit of a lot of other radios at the moment because it's just protected in that little case, but this comes in its own little. If I can open. Oh, I do it. I'Ve lost here we go. It comes in its own kind of it's, not polystyrene, it's, some kind of foam box and it's brilliant, because I can throw it provides full protection. I can throw this in my pack, and that means this becomes another radio, along with the tango and a few other things, so that's a small thing, but it's really important things. So I met here today because I'm gon na do a deep dive. A deep dive. Take it apart, have a look and see how well it's made I'm gon na, compare it to the obviously to the jumper t16 and me side by side comparison, because you all want to know what's the difference.

What should I buy? Should I sell my jumper and buy one of these, your? What everyone's gon na know that you want to know that so I'm gon na do that and I have coming the jumper t18, the successor to this radio it's gon na be a busy week if the t18 arrives and it's gon na be a busy. Next few weeks here at dicing model reviews got a lot of stuff, and people want to know this, because I first of all I thought: well, no people, probably aren't gon na, be buying you radios our life. Why would you buy a new radio? Because most people have got a radio that works just fine, but then I thought hey most people, you know we've got Tyrannis feet, then what is it? The x9 D I've got one I've got a couple of them and my original is actually getting a bit old and tired it's getting worn out, the gimbals are worn and the switches are getting a bit rattly and do you think maybe it is time to upgrade? Maybe there are a lot of people who've bought to Rhenish radios in their thinking. I really need to buy a new radio before this. One leads me down and also with the current situation, with with free sky, where they're trying to lock everybody out of everything. I do this is almost a principle involved for you: wouldn't want to buy a free bike, free sky radio, so a lot of people are gon na be looking.

Do I buy the jump tx 1618, or do I buy the radio master tech? 1618? Well, I know people are gon na want to know that so I'm gon na do a side by side line up three testing: three radios, the the night, the nine xdu effort, the Tyrannis, the radio master and the jumper and the new jumper side by side. You tell you what the pros and cons of all of them are we'll look inside find, which is the best made radio and all the different quirks and foibles of these radios. You hopefully, would be in a much better position to make your mind up as to which one will suit your needs. You go so yeah. What do you think also coming up very shortly, which will not interest many of you but I'm reviewing the camera. The 4k camera that I've been using recently on my xt channel, not reviewing I'm gon na, give you some first thoughts, the things I don't like about this camera. You know if this is not a review. This is a. Why would you not buy this camera and I'm gon na point out all the things and I've got a long list of them and I've lost the list, but I've got a list of things that I was not totally happy with with this camera. So, yes, a different kind of perspective. Why would you not buy this camera so if you're interested in cameras, if you want to buy camera yourself, you're – probably not looking at spending 1500 us on a camera, but if you were, you might want to watch that.

I expect it to be slightly different audience to my usual viewership, so if you don't want to watch it, ignore it yeah, you miss nothing. If you don't watch it don't worry about it. Now, if you'd be much my ex dick channel there's some very interesting things going on in America, people flying drones in the wrong places. All sorts of rubbish like that it's it's, it's, true it's, really annoying and I've started a new Facebook page. I don't like Facebook but it's the simplest way to do it called, which is a starting point for the International model. Aviation Safety League, which is going to be a body, set up to represent all model Flyers drone Flyers, anyone that flies remotely controlled vehicles in the air and because there is no global body to represent everybody and to use the weight of numbers I it's fallen on Me to do it, I was hoping I've been waiting and hoping for someone to do it, but no one's going to do it so I'll have to do it himself. So I'll give you more information on there. Stay tuned to my extra channel, I'll be putting most their stuff on there because that's, where I think it did. It belongs, and if you want to join the Facebook page I'll put a link in this description. You can go to and you can sign up there if you want to not much happening yet but I'm going to do a couple of videos in the next week or so just outlining what I think we should be doing.

Where should be going and what the whole purpose of this group is for now, the things I've seen out there in the marketplace, the bite, frost or the the new white shark or well. I know what they call it, what the they cook the competitor to the DJI digital system. It seems to be gaining a bit of momentum. Now they've brought out a new version and it's gon na fit on your goggles, and it all looks good. It looks good, so I doubt they'll see me one I'm, not asking them to see me well, I don't expect them to see me one, but if I can get my hands on one in some way shape or form, I will endeavor to do a comparison side By side a review of the product, but it is still an early beta, but it is looking much better than it did look before so hey, who knows hopefully, we'll see some real competition in the digital fpv marketplace. I'D. Be a starter for that something else. I noticed was that Hotel won a lawsuit, or so they won a lawsuit, but they won. A almost an injunction against DJ is not an injunction yet, but the the a trade body in the USA ruled that auto had enforceable patents over some silly things like folding arms on drones, which they requested Auto requested that DJI be stopped from importing products like the Medic and the Medicare and the medic many had the similar kind of arrangement that's covered by their patron, they that they stopped importing them and that they were forced to cease selling any stock.

The head in America at the moment, we'll see where that goes. We see where that goes cause remember. Patents are only a right to sue and I don't know I haven't followed it too closely, but a lot of people have emailed me a look at this. Dji could be kicked out of America. I don't think they will be, but it will be interesting to find out as for this whole thing about folding arms in there. Well, I think I've got prior art. I'Ve got quads here that I flew ten years ago and their arms folded on impact. Sorry, I don't know zip prior out, or is it just bed flying who knows so it's it for another, not so weekly weekly news, I'm, here I'm finishing off my whiteboard video. What puts over there I'm sitting here? Why was the whiteboard video on transistors and died because I know you're gon na love that one everyone's gon na get all excited and I've got a couple of follow ups, that I'm planning at the moment, so we'll get right into that because of lips of winter Flying opportunities a little more limited here in the southern hemisphere, so when it's raining when it's cold, when it's wet I'm on the white board, there you go so in the meantime. Thank you for watching thinking about patreon supporters for helping me keep this whole thing going and if you've got a product that you think the world should know about, you can send it to me or send me an email.