Um. We were this a few days ago and ive been waiting for it to come in. Let me get some scissors, so dji mini 2 drone with the fly mower kit, so we got extra batteries a little carrying case all that stuff im going a drone for forever years. Now i think ive been talking about it, but just never actually bought one, but we went ahead and got one im excited to test that out. Im excited to use it for different things, so, im gon na open it up see what all is inside and then were gon na. Take it for a test fly not good with boxes, terrible at opening things all right here we go so with the fly more kit. It comes in this cool little carrying case. I dont know how much ill use the carrying case, but its nice to have, especially for adventures. We go out hiking or anything like that at least its pretty well protected. This thing is stuffs full of stuff. First off you have the drone body its taped up at the moment. I, like the mini two because of the size i was kind of going for something a little smaller, that i could easily carry easily travel with stuff, like that. I also like that it is uh 249 grams, which is right under the limit where you have to have um like some sort of license or something like that to fly it thats, 250 grams or above underground.

So this is. This is right under that limit. Also inside lets see what is this. This is the controller i had accidentally powered it on, but uh. So the controller for the drone kind of looks like youre playing a video game or something pretty cool uh its got three different modes: cinematic normal and sport. I dont know if i can get in on that or not, but hopefully you can see that a lot of different buttons and then youve got the accessories in this box. This is the battery charger, so the fly more kit comes with three batteries and this charger that you can charge all three batteries at once with which is super. Nice um super convenient to have three chargers: three batteries, so that you can, you know, keep going. I think one battery is supposed to last around, like 30 to 31 minutes, something like that in that range uh per flight, so having three batteries. You know you had an hour and a half of drone footage that you could take before you have to charge, which is you know, pretty good. We got a charger cables that you need Music and then some of this little pouch theres a bunch of spare parts. A couple of spare blades different things like that in case something breaks with the drone. You can replace it super nice now the bag is really cool its like the camera bag inside, where its got different compartments that you can uh, keep it safe with and everything.

So im excited ive been wanting a drone, like i said for quite some time, so im really excited to take it out and uh get a little test flight and were trying to go to the park and fly around for a little bit so were out here At the park uh, we kind of found a nice open, quiet space, so we can try to test this out uh away from peoples scouts not happy about it, but uh. So the remote control. You look your phone up to it, its a little plug that comes with it. You can plug it in there. Its got two little uh things on the bottom, that are the joysticks just pop them out, and you screw them in here. Thats gon na be your joysticks see if we can get this thing going. She slobbered all over my back because shes angry that were out here: Music, Music, um, Music Applause, Music, so were back out the next day. Our battery died yesterday on the drone, because we just kind of got it right out of the box and brought it out here with live test. It out, so were back. The next day were gon na. Do a couple more tests on it. Just try out some of the quick shots things like that to see how they work theyre supposed to be really cool. Just getting a little bit more test run. We charged up all three batteries last night, so we should be able to fly it for a little bit before the sun goes down and see what kind of cool shots we can get just to run it through its paces.

A little bit more okay were going to do a couple. Quick shots. Well, weve got five options. Uh the first one were going to do. Is the droning quick shot where its going to be focusing on how its here and its gon na kind of zoom out uh into the distance to get like a wide shot of whats uh surrounding it lets? Do it Music, so Music? Okay, the next one were gon na do is the rocket were just gon na go straight up with the camera focus on me. I got it set to go 45 meters up, so its just gon na go straight up in the air, its good for getting like a uh an overview i guess of where youre at lets go. Music. All right next were doing the helix really dont know what this does lets miss at the height, so were going to set it at 35 meters and uh well find out what happens im honestly, not sure Music, all right so lets. Do the helix see what happens ready, Music, so Applause, Music, so Music? Now the next one were gon na. Do is a circle so um you can kind of pick which direction you wanted to go. Um its gon na go to my right here and its going to do a big 360 circle around us just to get some video, i dont know how high its gon na go were gon na move it up just a little bit just in case.

I really dont know what i was gon na do right here, so were gon na hit. It lets see what happens all right this last one is the boomerang um and set up to go to the left of allison and well see what happens. Im, not exactly sure what all its gon na do, but well see: Music, Music Applause. So, okay, its been a couple weeks since we tested the drone and have been flying a little bit and uh we really like it. I just wanted to get my thoughts on it, real, quick, just to uh kind of give it a little mini review. Since we we just got it our first impressions, but i really really like it its very light: easy to carry its beginner friendly, its very easy to get up and flying you dont even have to take off or land it does it for you, and so i I really enjoy that. I think its not hard its um super easy to to control kind of figure out where youre going. The only thing that scares me is when once youre up in the air, you kind of have to be careful around trees and power lines, and things like that. I just try to avoid those so that i dont hit them or anything. But i really like it. I think its a really good, i think its a an awesome thing that we can use a lot in our future.