What do you think i, like it yeah its smaller than i thought it would be? How does it fly like its theres? I dont see any props theres, nothing like that at all mind, control, wow, love that go ahead and lay it down. Thats technology yep see impressive. Oh, i stopped thinking for a second Applause now so youve read all the instructions, youve memorized the manual. You know exactly what youre doing here to make sure that we have a safe flight and everything is absolutely 100 guaranteed done correctly. No all right, so there it is kelly. What do you think? Can i hold it? Yeah, oh, its got some weight to it. Thats the battery, i like the looks yeah the battery now youre supposed to get. They were bragging about 50 minute flight times and everything that might be because of this brick, oh wow, now feel it. Oh, do you think we legit get 50 minutes of flight time today? No, no im sure that was in controlled conditions, yeah, so lets unfold it and its very important to hold these little buttons in when you do it hold the buttons and there you go. I can tell you this kelly. This is one of the most simple drones to set up. I created an account. It updated bibbity, bop, boppidy bip ready to go. It looks like theres some kind of evil magic in play here. To make this go uh, i just it boggles my mind, but its also supposed to be quiet like half as quiet since its half the props.

I, like the looks of it man. I got a good feeling about this yeah. It does look pretty badass to me. Its kind of got a batman feel to it yeah. I know what i was saying about this before and now that its in my hands. It really does feel a lot more substantial because in order for it to pitch its going to have to use these motors, like this wow theres a lot going on here, so whats the advantage when v copter or zero zero robotics designed this and they thought. Okay, were gon na, go with two props instead of four. What was their thinking advantage? Gimmick straight up, total 100 yeah um, maybe efficiency, maybe battery life – i mean they say it could get 50 minutes yeah. So maybe that, but it i dont, see this as being the future. I just i lets fly that in lets. Wait till we fly it before we pass judgment, yeah, heres, the controller and heres something neato. You put your phone in there like that, and then the antennas come up from the back like that, not sure if the antennas go up like this or down like that, but ill just well do both. Let me imagine the comments, so this will be my first time turning it on and when you do youre supposed to make sure that these motors are up and then pull the blades out like that. You dont do a one and then hold you just hold it down and turn it on and im.

Turning on the controller, do i do the uh? Stick: controls or no ill do the take off now. Oh up, you go. Oh, it is quiet. Wow man thats pretty impressive. It really is theres a stiff breeze out here and its doing all right, rock steady. All right here we go im gon na do a back and away Music gimble down a little bit. Okay, it flies just like any other drone want to go, get a shot of the man. Meat lets cook it lets go, get some man meat for the ladies, hey, ladies, you think theyll mind. Oh, they dont know whats about to happen to them. Theyre like are. We being exploited for a youtube channel for the ladies on kens channel yeah, you are yeah hi, hello, yeah, give us a flex. I used to look like that back in the 80s. Oh thats right, you knew me cant lie to you Laughter. Oh, go a little further, its like a its like a pendulum, hello. How are you it looks a little wobbly doesnt it i mean its a pretty good breeze, going its got to do a lot of stuff for the breeze. What happens if i say go over there now go over there ah well go over there, then stomp it go up. Bully Laughter! Go that! Oh, oh, oh, okay, come back down, control im, making it go down, so ive got obstacle. Avoidance turned off because i like living on the edge, but it does have downward sensors.

Okay, oh look at that whoa! Oh, my goodness, wow dude! Maybe i shouldnt do that at jugular level, because i mean the the props remain vertical because of the horizontal motors its like. No, no, no, no, no, no, no thats, like thats like a big wind, its fighting, and then it goes right back. This is really impressive. Does it have a sport mode, sport mode? Oh, it does, should we slap it in sport mode, send it lets do it, so i figure ill. Just uh hurl it right at us right at us yeah. What do you think a little off the top? Oh thats? Not bad hey, ladies: this is cyrus and he was just out here. You know working on the fitness. Yeah do all that stuff. You know how you know how else jocks do yeah and he was interested in the drone here. Youve never flown one. Before never would you like to fly this drone? Yes, its really easy. Okay, this is a gps drone, which means it locks into space, and you can let go of the control and itll just stay where you put it: okay, cool! Okay. Do you know what each one of the sticks does um? No, they both go sideways, yeah, okay, all right lunch! Now, all right there you go! Oh man, they operate your own corvette, yeah, okay, yeah! So there you go. So if i let go itll just stay. Yeah, let go the controls: okay, im, not touching it youre good.

You can bring it down all right and then you go forward. Yeah a little spin spin action and these millennials pick things up so quickly. That is so cool. Can it be like backflips? No okay, dont do that. I mean it can once, but you dont want to try it its not made for that. I think i need to get one. I think you do. I think, theres a link in the description of my video. Oh there you go all right, yeah all right, so it should land in my hand. Oh, it should its, not thats, not good, bring it back over here without cutting my head up. Uh yeah lets see oh yeah. Here we go. Okay, all right go ahead, hold that stick down just all the way down Music. Oh, it keeps wanting to go up. I know Music, oh thats, probably the thing of harry potter. I guess they havent developed land in hand technology; no, they havent not yet all right. Its one of the bugs youre still working on awesome thanks man appreciate it buddy all right. Well, there you go. I am impressed yeah. I get two thumbs up im good with it. Yeah zero, zero robotics. They kind of stalled on the release of this, and there are people that put down money and deposits and didnt get it and canceled, and things like that. But i think it was worth it for them to continue to make sure that this was going to be consumer ready, i think at 4 000.

Its definitely a bargain. Is that what it costs? No? No, no, no heres the price right there. Oh oh yeah! Yeah! This is actually a lot better than i thought it would be all right. So lets talk about the positives and negatives. Yeah. Give me three positives. It looks cool, it is very quiet, it does have amazing flight time. We didnt do the whole battery, but so can you come up with three negatives? I dont have a second battery. It doesnt have a batman logo on it yet and 4k 60. Yes, 4k 60 would be nice. You can ask me about the controller negatives and positives. All right lets talk about it. Okay, give me a couple of negatives. First negative is theres no place to put a neck strap, even though in the box you get a neck strap and i sat there and i couldnt figure out where it went. Maybe it goes on here and then up like that, but i mean, if youre going to hold it like this, its not that heavy, but depending on what kind of phone youre using with it, it could be and theres no way to augment like if you wanted To use an ipad on this youd have to 3d print something so its phone or nothing. Now the fact that you couldnt figure out the neck strap is that on them, or is that on you good point, im going to duct tape, a camera onto the drone? Oh, no, you cant do that no thatll throw off everything it might.

It could lets see how it handles, ah, where to put this here here under over here, i want to show how these are turning, so here, no thats, maybe with that kit. This is probably not advisable, thats good right, thatll get it. You think thatll work should we hand launch this. No did you just tell me to do it because its not your drone Laughter, all right, oh god, Music got it well Music. How about that color me impressed all right lets. Do some maneuvers im trying to crash it? It wont. Let me you see the the stick movements im doing im like im, trying im trying well kelly. This is one impressive little drone. Now we add more weight. Lets put a brick on okay. Are you going on the table yeah all right, im, pretty confident with this straight down: wow good job, zero, zero robotics! We have zero zero problems. Well, there you go thats the v copter from zero zero robotics its awesome. It really is great okay, thanks for watching so here we go man before we get to the outro nows your chance folks to win the video; no, no, no! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No, you got ta, do it? Oh yeah pick me up: no, no, no! No dont, dont, even dont! Listen to him! I love kelly green in the comments and were not doing that right now.

Right now ill tell you what we will do, yeah you can win a kia soul yeah there you go just comment below you: can win kellys kia, soul, yeah, im good with that? Okay, oh kelly, look out theres a alligator hello, im, an alligator theres, something stuck in mouth, oh its, my well. The case is cool, but the copter is even cooler. I think i, like the case better, oh and bye, sort of squeeze that a little bit yeah. I got 99 drones and a zero zero problem. Dont ever do that again. Hey give me give me give me one: the camera really adds 10 pounds. I think that i can beat you at arm wrestling. Okay, lets, get it okay, yeah lets. Do it. Okay was: is there anything wagered in this bet? If i, if i win, i get the k the drone right. No, but if i win, i get your muscles all right, fair enough, all right, ready, ready and you let me down you. Let me win you.