I smacked it on there. This might actually work. Hey guys, welcome to road ride bobby. Do you know what we're doing today? I literally have no idea what we're doing we've been scheming. We'Ve got something pretty fun sean built to something special sean. What do you got for us? What the heck is that? What is that? What is this magnets it's, a drill? You got it right away, wow magnet drone. How are we gon na get this somewhere in the air, so we can stick it so that's why we came here to a parking garage. We came here so that we could string this up like we tagged the building to the wall, and i found some sheet metal from lowe's and we're gon na try to stick this drone to the wall Music. I got these electromagnets off of amazon they're 24 volts, which will run perfect on 6s. According to the specs, they have the ability to lift 15 kilograms of weight. Each and i'm gon na be running four on this quad one on each arm, it's over a hundred pounds of lifting power that these electromagnets are supposed to be able to lift. I figured if i were to place them on the arms. Then it would give me a little bit more flatness on the surface and hopefully that would help with the grip. I have a turnigy receiver on off switch that is wired into the led pad as a servo on the board.

I'Ll be able to activate the magnets with a switch with this. I have a metal pair of tweezers underneath the quad and i'm going to enable the magnet right now and it picks it up, and then i can release the magnet and it drops it so far. So good, the next question is: is this going to be enough magnetic power to actually hold the drone against an object, that's pretty cool it's, not quite 100 pounds but we're, also not at 6s and check this out, and i flip the switch off it's working uh? Oh, so it didn't really stick that time other than that time all right. Well, we figured out that every time we throw it up there, it doesn't always grab. Sometimes it does it. Sometimes it doesn't so it's going to take a lot of finesse and skill to be able to lightly place it on the object. So i have to go like this and then flip the switch and yeah it has to be timed pretty. Well, then! Well, you don't! You can flip the switch on all the time it can stay on all the time. That'S, not a problem, but it's going to take a lot of talent to be able to get this to softly place up against the wall, to where it's not smacking. It so hard that it bounces back off. Okay, i don't know how durable these magnets are going to be. You really don't want to crack the magnet and also such a heavy impact could upset the flight controller.

So really you want to like as gently as possible, get it to make contact and then stick so how good are you at wall box? I mean i've, never really tried them. Okay, so you got to learn how to wall box. I haven't tried it either. So yeah i have to do a little bit of practicing before you go for this yeah Music, Music, Music, oh Music, Music. This is a lot harder than i thought i feel less competent. Now. What are you struggling with? Actually hitting the wall like i'll? Get like a stall and then i'm throttling away just naturally there we go that's pretty good. That was perfect. I think that would be really good when you're stuck to it. You'Re gon na need to flip a switch to disable the magnet and then you got ta. Add throttle to pull away from the wall just add, throttle and then release the switch that worked too right, because you could add, throttle and be trying to thrust away from while we'd be stuck to it and then, as soon as you release, the switch let's go. Yeah, i think once you're stuck to it. You should be able to go full throttle because full throttle generates what maybe one two kilograms of thrust, which is a lot of thrust. But if these magnets together can do 100 pounds right so it's 25 pounds each. I really don't want to go first because i don't want to break it before you get to do it when you put in all the work but that's how it goes.

Sean builds all the cool stuff we get to wreck it. Sean may or may not get a chance to actually fly himself all right, rock paper scissors rock paper scissors shoot. I didn't even pick a right that wasn't even a thing. I think it was supposed to be scissors. We both didn't point them go again. Rock paper scissors shoot. Okay, i win Music. This is the first time i've actually flown this thing like fpv all right, you guys ready yep. Here i go nope almost try again come on more time. I don't want to smack it so hard yeah. I won't know it's better to be a little more cautious than i am into it. Oh, what are you doing? Don'T do that the wind is blowing it around. Oh, when i, when i throttle yeah i'm gon na, do it again, the wind is blowing it around. Oh boy, oh boy! Okay, all right here we go see if you can take it i'm. Armed i'm gon na give it some throttle detach the magnets. Stick. I hit it too hard. I think you weren't too hard man that's sensitive, yeah, i'm flying so shaky i'm. So excited about this Music. Okay, this that looks really fun. Oh my god. Does it look heck yeah you guys gon na try this yeah so much fun! Oh cool Music! We should go to the other spot. Oh yeah, that's. Another spot might work and might not.

I'M, not 100 sure it's metal but i'm, pretty sure it's Music, this metal sticking. I think this will probably stick better than what we were doing before, because we had really thin sheet metal, and this is like 76. that's right. So we've come out to a water tower and we're going to see if we can get the magnetron to stick to it, nice and high up. If we can get stuck to it, it would be epic, unfortunately down below water death despair, a little nervous about going for it, but it'd be simple. I don't think it's gon na work because it's so round. I think that the magnet surface area is very important. That it sticks to a flat piece of metal. I think the diameter is big enough, that, like yeah, you know the one. You know how some people think the earth is flat because they don't understand that it's really large diameter objects, yeah that's, a small drone up there, it's, basically flat flat water tower Music confirmed. Are you fools ready? I'M just waiting here? Am i good that's just pilot error? What do you think well you're doing really good you're doing great bubby just do it better? Do it better? Oh, i felt some pull down. I did feel some time. Okay, let that's so cool that was awesome. Bubby! Oh, my god, pacquiao, that was the coolest. I feel like i've accomplished like a big thing in life after that no i'm, not joking good job, good job bubby.

Thank you, john for building the quad yeah. You built it yeah there's a drone here's. What a time to be alive that we could be in the middle of doing an outro for a drone channel and another drone it's, just like oh i'm. Here it has power, considering how heavy it is. It'S got a lot of power because there's blaster motors, the blaster motors, have all the power and all in all it didn't actually fly that bad. No, it didn't play that at all. I could only do like tricks whenever i felt like i wanted to yeah bubbe. You killed it. Thank you awesome. It was so cool when i saw he's actually like stuck to the water tower like all the way up there props off just epic, oh my gosh, so it was a little scary too. I mean i don't usually fly that that's really pretty. I never fly and then being stuck up there, not armed yeah, with all this wind so wide guys. If you enjoyed this video, make sure to hit the like button to. Let us know you had a good time subscribe if you're not already subscribed. We make videos like this. Every monday yeah, you can get this exact drone hd one on the rotor ride store without the mac. Without the magnets, yeah i'm ladrib let's play rc love.