Tell you that watching this made me want to go rip, netflix put them on amazon, its, like im, stoked that i finally got to see and everything im really glad you guys. I cant wait for more people to see it. Whats up. You guys, im here in atlanta for the flow state showing thats right. We rented a whole theater 140 seats, so we could watch the flow state movie on a big screen like it should be. Dont worry youre going to get your chance too, but before we uh watch a movie, we got ta Music, Music Applause, Music Applause, what Music hardest maneuver in all of fpv landing, gracefully! Yes, no freestyle pilot can pull this maneuver off. How did you do it ripping balls wait? Is that a sleeper? Is that a sleeper? What are you doing a minute thats, not a Music mavic. You helped me get through so many issues. You recognize my name but im im smooth. How are you doing im pretty good ive messaged you multiple times and you youre a big help and its free, oh yeah, hi youre, doing the fbp community im glad youre here, whats your name richard gonzalez, from miami hey, wow miami? Yes, you drive or fly uh. I drove here hello, you look familiar. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. It felt a little try hard, but i was like why not i thought youre just some random youtuber there im im the random youtuber.

How do you get these vips coming in the building? So i made it im here now: everybody else: Music, whats up you guys, Music, you all ready yeah instantly, said all right. Whoever died. This thing is the king of gods, Music. As soon as i made it out of that thing, i dont even remember what i think i started dancing. It was just. I was just on cloud nine after that Applause, Music Applause whatd, you think of the film uh, its amazing, so good, thats, a really cool. Two hour cut of it too different than the three parts, an executive producer credit for this right. I didnt i didnt realize how involved you were yeah thats awesome wrote a lot of checks thats what it takes to be an executive producer. I just dont understand how you got that many minutes of footage of bot grinder without him saying one eye appreciate: oh hey, whats up there buddy. How did james get that many minutes of footage of you without you saying once he threatened me a lot. He was really mean about it: james yeah, how many times did bob grinders say during the i know you are just as excited to get to see flow state. The fpv drone documentary this love letter to fpv that has been created by all these amazing people. I know youre just excited to see it as we are to show it to you right now. The situation is that the film has been submitted to several film fest about eight or ten different film festivals, and the hope is that it can be accepted to the film festivals, thats step.

One win: an award at the film festival, thats step two and then hopefully, from there get picked up by a streaming service, netflix hulu, amazon, some kind of distribution uh that can get it out into the world. Our goal with this film is not just to entertain the fpv community, although that is obviously one of our goals, but also to spread awareness about how amazing fp fpv is and how much we love it and why the rest of the world should love it too, And if all we do is put it out there like on my youtube channel, then thats not going to get accomplished its got to be there for your freaking grandma to see on netflix as shes scrolling around or something like that, thats our goal ill. Keep you updated as that goal sort of manifests and if it looks like its not going to manifest weve got some plan bs to get it out there, but our goal is to have worldwide distribution. So, as many people want to see it, as can um and the sooner that happens, the better thats going to do it for now, though, thank you to everybody who came out to this private showing uh. Thank you for your feedback. Thank you for both positive and uh lets say critical. Um were always trying to make this film better glad to hear that most people loved it and i cant wait for you to see it too.

You know before i sign off a personal. Thank you to james christensen. James is as as you may have seen in this little video. I have an executive producer credit and that mostly means i just put up money to help make the film happen. James has done really so much of the leg work for this film. It would not exist without him. He traveled all over doing all of the interviews. All of the interviews. You see he personally shot and conducted those interviews, and he did basically all of the editing.