Can you see anything? The visibility is really good. Okay, but i cant see the drone yet: okay, Music, okay, our adventures continue Music, okie, dokie adventures and boat life, its never easy. What happened? Honey? We were doing a shooting, a boat tour of this really nice uh yacht around here, sun reef and uh, and i was about to do some drone shots and the drone decided to go into system era as soon as it took off, and it just went completely Sideways hit something and i went overboard and uh so thats, so much for the the um drone shots right, but we have the exact location so were taking the diving equipment and its in 15 meters of water, so its not too bad its, not too deep uh. Hopefully, if we get the, if we pinpoint the location we just might be able to find it and then, if dji owners their uh refresh warranty insurance, then we should be able to get a new drone or get that one repaired. Although i highly doubt you can, the biggest story is that oh yeah, the the the backdrop of this story is that recently there was a there was a shark attack around here in saint martin, so im taking my diving knife just in case and uh. This is it and the spear guy yeah im not going to spear anybody, but im going to be able to poke the nose of a possible shark just in case.

Apparently they dont really like they hate when somebody touches their nose and they just go away. So so, okay, so we got that well see if thats the urban level – and we got three miles uh two years to get there and its flat water, so todays the day. Okay, so lets go, lets go keep fingers crossed. I dont know for uh us being safe or stupid, or taking out a drone from the bottom of the sea, its some sort of a challenge, its a challenge. Isnt, it im not a panicked person, but i cannot even imagine sitting in the dinghy and waiting for bartek when down there hes gon na dive Music ready Music. This is quite an expedition. Lets go Music Music. Finding a location is not easy. We needed to choose an option to go to buy car. Our dinghy is kind of car isnt it okay, so we find the place we okay. So this is, it were here, Music, Music and we need to anchor. We need to anchor upwind from there and its reasonably deep here, so we have to find okay, now were being really super accurate, like we are on top of it now. Oh yeah, okay, so were gon na anchor lets get ready, so anya is setting the anchor right now its uh. It has to be super uh, precise. Otherwise my search area is going to become unmanageably large. We can see the bottom even from the dinghy, so we first we want to use just the free dive, so bartek is ready so, where uh? Where is the position of the drone? How do you feel its showing about less than 10 meters? This way? Okay? So maybe here with this visibility, i should be able to see at the anchors uh we tried the anchor and and given the uh circumstances, okay, honey! Please, oh no! Please be careful and take a look around all the time.

Please. This is really bad. This is like a really uh: okay, okay, honey, good luck, honey! This is uh huh, okay, okay, so probably he can see everything from the from the surface and then plan b is just to uh start our diving set, but hes, really a good free, diver. So 50 meters, so it means like a 50 feet. Uh should be okay for bartek when he just locate uh drone Music sharks. All the sharks please go away. Can you see anything? The visibility is really good. Okay, but i cant see the drone yet okay. So now were gon na fire, our compressor, its an airline thing, its called the airline, which really is a line with air hose with an air and at the end, is a regular, regular regulator, just as if you were diving with a tank, so its very uh Kind of a quick and easy way of diving about a jacket and the only downside is obviously youre teetered to uh to your boat because you cant swim with a compressor. Although to a point you can because it has an inflatable donut and you can put it on a giant donut and itll actually float behind you, but youre still, you know limited by the length of the hose so but its a cool system. The noise is the best part okay, so we have a location here: Music, so Music, Music, Music, honey, come baby. Oh, oh looks bad wait, wait any sharks, no sharks, any uh, just footprints or like uh, no sharks off.

I was just feeling like you know. I was just feeling imagine all these sharks movies when you are, you know in the middle of the sea, and suddenly the big sharks just appear what happened after, if you think you just exploded or what it may have looked at the ah look at it. It feels like a burnt its burnt. Something happened. Okay, i think salt water is, is not good for you. Apparently, the insurance may be more more ready to just cover it recover our loss, nice, honey, good job. Thank you, Laughter, okay, good job, honey. Navigating navigating did you afraid of sharks, did you were thinking of it? A little bit i was kind of like you know, looking around making sure nothings coming. Okay, so well, you know, i know i ive never tried it in reality, but apparently, if you go towards them, they are really confused at some points and probably the bubbles, the bubbles from the holes from their hoses Music. Okay time go home and celebrate and now its a bad part, because we need to wait uh till like a few months until were gon na get a new one. Probably so it was at uh what 17 meters 70 meters. Okay, how many differences more than 50 feet? 55 meters, almost 60 55 yeah, give it a f guessing that were so incredibly lucky, because we are just between uh two islands, and then we are in uh between saint martin and angela, just in the middle, and here i dont know why.

But we are so lucky. This is only 50 more than 60 feet of of depth, so its uh, its incredibly rare that uh in kind of location, theres, uh still shallow water yeah. So it was like and thats why we just decided okay lets! Do it because i dont know if you remember, but i think i said it somewhere, but the minute we lost it on the uh out of uh, the sun reef uh. I looked immediately on the on the depth on the on the echo center and it was showing 15 meters, so i was like okay, so that was like the first idea that is actually conceivable to try to find it all right lets go home because im getting Sickness yeah so full success now anya, no no anya is pulling the anchor and were coming back home. Is it stark? Am i gon na have to dive for it? Hey were free success, yak, oh expedition Laughter, so we got it so check it out. Just a day in salt, water and its like a total ruin, oh were trying were trying to save the the memory card. Well see what happens. Hi lets wash it with uh. I washed the whole thing with uh with fresh water. Okay, so well see. Okay lets see Music join us next week to see more about saint martin and some our adventurer Music, if you are new here, remember to subscribe and click the notification bell to be notified about our new releases.

Thank you.