These are the j concept fling kings. These are super mud tires uh changed out some of the suspension as well. Why not it's a hobby that's? Why i'm in it check it out nice uh suspension on the back flipping my shocks upside down, keeping a lot of the weight uh towards the bottom? You know compensating for this top tire here: uh lots of power got a 4s lipo on the inside, switched out my steering servo to a reefs rc triple 7 tons of torque in there 4s lipo battery gon na have tons of fun lots of wheel speed. Today, these are unlocked differentials but really made for a show Music, this Music, Music, Music Applause, Music, Music, uh, Music, oh man. This is perfect all right. Anybody that has ever filmed any rc knows that you can never get the steepness of a hill on camera. Look at this, it basically goes straight up tons of roots at the top lots of opportunity for me to flip and roll, and very challenging for me to film on my own, but we're, going to attempt it. One handed here we go. All this wants to do. Is go fast? Good! Luck! Three! Two! One: Music! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh, oh, my god! The lossy laser nut almost no issue at all there on these fling kings, oh rego! Oh, can i say that? Oh yes, oh, that was a valid attempt and it's still ripping look at this.

If you guys are interested in one of these i'm going to leave a link in the video description box, which is below the video player here, we go. Oh one handed driving one handed filming: you get the quality of both, which is about 50 percent, then oh, yes, oh, he makes it to the top yeah Music me: Music, Applause, Music, Music, so Music, so Music. This truck has been absolutely incredible today, even with the open diffs the larger tires, and i uh made the suspension a little stiffer in the front as well as replace those back shocks, not that it needed it, but just something to make my uh low c laser Nut my own, what a great day to get out and play dude that's 4s on three quarters of a throttle. I have not break and broken apart on this truck since i've had it, which is shocking for the amount of abuse i've made. Oh, oh, oh! What did i say right there? Hey, you never tempt the rc gods when you say i haven't broken apart, because you know you're going to break down in the deepest location possible or the farthest point away.