I just crashed my drone and ratty and me we’re gon na try to recover it now so bad, i hope it’s not broken. I hope i can get it back at all. It’S something the trees really far up oh rotty and me we are going through the bushes searching for my drone we’re already looking for it for like 20 minutes, but we have to climb higher up in the mountain it’s. Not even that easy, but i hope we make it to the location of the drone can’t. You show me that here you can see the route that we have to follow. I hope i can find that drone. Otherwise, i’m screwed – i don’t, have any other drone with me and it’s really hard to get one in jamaica. Oh no! So much bush here. I hope we can find it i’m a little bit worried and i even had the obstacle avoidance turned on, but it didn’t work, ah typically we’re, closing in on the drone guys it’s, just 160 meters left for the last recorded location. Marathi is exhausting right, barbed wire, careful ratty, only 50 meters. The drone must be somewhere down here. Karate. We found the drone it’s right here. You see it. Oh and i fell wow there. It is. We finally found the drone half an hour later wow. It crashed bad. We have the drone back crazy guys, you can’t, imagine how happy i am that i found this drone again roti.

Thank you for your help. We actually went a long way up into the hills to get this bad boy back, but it was totally worth it. I’M super exhausted. The first thing ratty and me are gon na. Do when we’re back at the yard is fly the drone seven road. What not up here because i’m not coming in this scary woods! I was actually thinking about jumping into the pool, because i’m super sweaty after this action now should we go for a swim rod. So we’ve made it back to the yard now and now we’re gon na try the drone and see if it’s there work nice three two one: okay, this works, let’s see if the gimbal work oh looks like everything is working. Let’S put it up, yeah let’s fly it and see if it still goes up one two: three yeah is it still working righty, yeah, okay, apply it a little bit and see if it Music works Music, so guys i can’t even put it in words. How much this means to me that the drone is still working because without a drone, the videos are not nice at all and i’m still here for quite some time in jamaica. So i need my drone and now ratti and me we’re gon na jump into the cool cool river water right right here right here, a stone, climber, yep it’s, all the way up to the road already we’re, going to the shop right now to buy some diet.

Coke and go down at the river down there, so fun simon, is coming too by the way. What did you get at the shop? I got some splash cranberry splash and i got the same thing yeah. By the way this is chucky’s favorite drink. What here in jamaica, yes, that’s the prank, no it’s, not a prank, you can ask chucky it’s chucky’s favorite, drink cranberry, splash it’s, really delicious. I really like it and now ratty and me we’re, going back down to the river. Yes simon, you might see some turtle. Okay, so we’re going for a swim now, basically yeah so rotty and me we made it back from the shop and now we’re gon na do handstand in the water yeah. Oh let’s start this thing on: okay show them your hands down nice guys, simon don’t, want to go in the water with me, because no sun is here see this cloud is blocking the sun all the way up there, but simon don’t want to go in the Water there is you just try to pretend wow we wait for the sun and then we go i’m getting really cold. Simon let’s go in oh i’m, just gon na shove. You in stop we’re waiting for the sun to come back right now. Really i got no time for that. You got no time for that. No, i need to go in right now. Yeah come on. Okay, let’s go go on, let’s, go go! No! No! You go go.

Keep going. I am very full of in the newer go. What are you going when it got that rock i’ll come because i’m gon na die down, see i’m gon na? Take my life, you follow me. So roti was saying earlier that there are actually turtles in here right, yes and it’s, scary, scary, yeah, but okay let’s go for a swim. Three two two one! Nice swim! Yes, i’m, going underwater with the camera two one Music back at the yard, from our beautiful swim today has been a good day for me. I didn’t lose my drone and yeah i’m very happy about all of that moka and me we’re gon na hit the road because we’re doing what we’ll kill that car today put in dark glasses, put something over the glass nice yeah yeah you like it come on. I don’t have i’m happy for you.