Right were just trying on it uh he buys sensor. So he buys this at a good price and he sells it afterwards. Music, Music is so different. It totally gets stable if youre going up pitch up ato in this industry, you have to bring it down. Unlike young minito, you bring it up its very different, the battery, so nearly 300 Music Music. Some some people attach on gopro dito. Let me attach gopro, because you set the cameras to access. No, it wont make any sense nimsa speed. No, no because of the way it moves. Oh yes, uh, apart from dying from three access to indeed stable time to access Music, Music um, i Music flight press return to home to make aircraft breaking hover, okay, take off permitted and your map, nothing indeed just gon na fly lets see in your home. Yeah, are you ready all right? Another format, man, yeah, okay, im gon na lets, see im gon na go up ill, go forward ill say give me you go. I have about uh 75 percent about terrifying. Can you see me, can you see me Music, thats fast? So, Music, so so so, Music go back a bit. Go back! No back! Music! Music! Can you see me Music down Music, Music, Music flying Music? I think it depends on what experience you want to have or what you need isnt it this ones. The best thing for beginners – no, yes, you want to take anywhere, especially if youre uh you, my country, in the restrictions of it bestow 250 grams, now less than four to fifteen, very difficult to control hindi for beginners too fast.

I think it flew nearly fifty fifty miles per hour. You know speeding, honey. No, no! I was going like 60 70. 60. 70 thats, not the fastest. Oh, i dont know in terms of the battery Music.