. The reason why we got the smaller one is because of the 249 gram. So, according to canadian law of airflight, if you have any drone thats lighter than 250 gram, you dont have to register your drone to the aviation organization and you dont actually need to have a license. So this would be perfect for someone like me, who is just a beginner to play around and not have to invest or get a license to just do basic plates Music. The box is really nice all right, so lets see whats inside oh theres, a bag, wow thats good, thats, nice yeah thats right did you did you order this separately? I have no idea, i didnt know it comes to the back, but im not complaining, thats, nice. Okay, so obviously this is the drone yeah. This is cool this guy here these are the batteries and the charger. Oh sorry, this is a controller cool thats, the batteries this one yeah. This is the battery so theres another box with all the accessories, which obviously is the battery, and you have the phone connectors so, depending on what phone you have okay and spares. I guess because i see usb c three pieces. Maybe one is done right. Cool put this here: we have the charger for this hdmi charger and the cable so thats pretty much it cant wait to get this off the ground. What whats this! I think this is just a manual okay im not really going to open this.

So lets open. This one thats the battery right thats the battery pack, so it comes with the battery and the charger. It is two batteries, so im going to assume theres one more inside here already, okay, so open all of this one, two three looks like its nicely done: it doesnt look like some ugh good thing. I didnt break anything. I think this move here. So it comes with a 4k camera and the sensors here thats pretty much. It lets check the battery just to make sure the battery is there yep. The third battery is here all right cool. So this is the camera and lets do the controller. So it looks like the control is heavier compared to the actual uh drone itself, so the controllers are supposed to be here, the joystick that is and thats the power button and whats this uh thats the home button. So if you press this, the device would fly back to the base yeah, so, according to the home button, its like thats, the takeoff area. So if youve like, suddenly you shouldnt move right, lost control or you like need it to come back to where it needs to be, then you just press the home button and it will automatically come back to where to go from interesting. So the cables go here. What this one goes to the phone, so the idea is that you plug your phone here and then it syncs um.

I will possibly do another check later on to confirm that theres supposed to be like controllers, so this is the snap shot button. This is supposed to be like the up and down, and this is supposed to be the left and right yeah, and this is toggle between camera and picture on button, and this is to show what mode of light youre on you have some cinematic, normal or sports Cinematic is supposed to be like slow movement, okay, normally its normal movement. Sponge is a bit fast, thats, pretty much it. I think its heavy because of the better better yeah. So you want to show show this one. Okay, this is the propeller guard. Yes, its going to protect it yeah, so unfortunately, we would not be using this thing, because the whole um drone itself is 249 grams. Okay, if we add this device onto that, then its going to come more than 250, which means then we need a license. So it came with this drone right, yeah its its meant for beginners, so that you dont damage the propellers its like keeping it nice. So if you – maybe, if you do it indoors, then i think this will be handy. But if you are doing that um outside at public location, then i dont think ill be hooking this guy up, because that just adds the lead and then it comes like a requirement for me to register to prove this is really there you go.