Take a look at the new drone that we bought so weve just bought a drone, never really been into drones before um. It was one of those purchases that i was like. You know what we just started: youtube and weve seen some great footage uh using the drones. So i was like you know what lets buy one and katies like no lets wait till we get to a thousand subscribers and i was like: oh, we got to 500. I was like i can at least buy a cheap one, so she uh she. Let me buy a cheap one, so ive been on the market for a drone. Ive had a look. I found this so this is what weve just bought the drone, so its the dji mini se um ive gone to the pleasure of unpacking everything so that we can see. So what im going to do is im going to take a little overview of of what weve bought. So here we have the dji mini drone, so im just going to show you the drone, so youre going to flip these open and then flip these ones under you cant do those ones. First, you have to do those, so the drone is a dji mini se. This is 269 pounds, as you can see underneath here it has protection for the gimbal, its got a gimbal okay, so that is three axis gimbal which shoots at 2.7 k so for us uh on the youtube channel, thats brilliant, because it takes so much time to Upload in 4k, its our camera filming on right now, its 4k, but we dont film in 4k because it just takes so long to upload so back to the drone.

So this drone – i have flown it already. I wont lie to you. I have given it up, giving it a go uh, but im going to show you after this in a little bit the after our first flight. Well, call it our first flight but its, not our first flight. I i have had a little go, but this is going to be uh yeah im just going to show you thats flying the drone, basically okay, so the drone has a 30 minute flight time. I havent even gone over the price. The price on this is 269 pounds so, like i said, kt um, we were talking about get a drone and i could have spent thousands. But i went with cheap, so 269 pounds its a beginners drone. They call it and theres another one, the dji mini 2, which is probably better quality and has way more features. However, its double the price its in the 400 range. So i went with this to start, so this is what weve got in the box. This is what it come with, so it come with a remote controller. Uh here just opens up like so, and you can see in on the box here. You use your phone. Okay, so use your phone to fly it so youve got to download an app. Its called dji fly app and it flies it. So what comes with this? So weve got some wires to to charge up both the drone and the remote control, so it doesnt come with one of these.

So you need to make sure you have one of these usb plugs, so you can give them a charge. Then what i will say is, as you can see in this box, its quite a small box. There was no case, so it doesnt come with a case to protect this. There is an option for you to buy this theres a bigger combo, so it comes with three extra batteries and a hard case. However, i didnt choose that option. I chose to go out to buy a bag myself, so this bag 35 pounds quite a nice slick bag. The drone goes in here, you can kind of see through i went with a black and yellow you, cant get an all black one, so that is whats inside the box of the drone. Now, im going to take, you out were going to go out to cardiff bay and were just going to show you uh the first, our first flight. I have flown it before and pretty simple and for a beginners drone. It is very easy, i might say if you watch a couple, youtube videos on it. I think you find how easy it is. So, if youre looking for a beginner drone, i think this is the drone for you, uh at a great price as well so come along with us now to cardiff bay and see us by the drone lets go fly this shall we um Music lets go forward.

Music, how scary watching it go off yeah im over water here as well: yeah were over water, so here we go were gon na fly across the bay. As you can see, uh we could probably edit a bit of the shutter speed and everything to make it look a bit better, but were just gon na fly. The drone a little bit have a little bit of fun today, um so yeah. Here we go were gon na, go up in the air and were gon na head towards the barrage, the barrage, the barrage. Sorry, if i sound a bit posh um, you never sound. Posh apologies for my uh, my terrible flying skills. My look at my camera skills. Its not the best, i think well uh. I think well get a bit better with it. Can you adjust the lighting and stuff on the screen? You can yes uh, however, im not gon na do that. Right now were just gon na have a little flight just to see how it flies. Um, yeah move the gimbal around and were just gon na head over over. This way were currently flying at about 20 meters, so its not very high. It goes up to 120 meters. I think thats, the legal limit that you can go to on this drone, so were going to test a bit of the range okay so well head over to these sails thats sort of poking out on the on the end of the bay.

Are you on sport mode whats, this yeah? No, this is spot mode, its so slow. It does look slow, but, oh, i dont were getting a bit interference here. So yeah were catching interference already were not even that far out water looks beautiful, though not a bad camera clip sort of of the bay here. Is it its not like the quality is pretty decent isnt. It yeah, i dont, even think ive put it on 2.7 k either. As you can see, the interference is not great. Here. Yeah were getting its sticking quite a bit. Is it because, its far too far away, yeah but its not even that far away were only were not even about a kilometer away here, so its not too bad? Oh yeah, we go were getting some movement again, heres the water. You see a few people running walking across the barrage theres the um whats that the water part is that the water park yeah its like a waterpark all right – were getting quite a bit of bit of interference here, im just going to drop down, see if that Helps were going to head backwards. I think its a little bit too much interference. Maybe im going to spin this around, i think and sort of head back yeah. So i could click the return to home button here and just fly back towards us, but were just going to test it out a little bit super bright.

It is bright. You can see the overexposure uh. There is a button on here where i can click and it shows you the over when anything is overexposed so next time i fly this or any drone footage it will have in our future youtube videos. We wont have all of this over exposure. Oh yeah, you can see us now. You can just see the van. What happens if a seagull flies into it. Um i mean who knows well see you can see our van a few birds looking a little frisky around there yeah. Oh, we got a little bit of interference, but well make our way back towards the van now were almost finished, really high. It is high isnt it here. It is, were only about 30 meters now so well, head down towards us and well just sort of land. It i could go a bit further, but just a short video today, for you guys just to see the drone and how it works a little bit. Okay. So here we are: oh theres, a seagull Music, oh its gon na crash here we are so lets just find the drone. So, as you can see, some great footage uh going over card bay over the barrage coming down to see us in the van, which is quite cool, i thought were going to get some great footage for our youtube channel going forward with the drone paddle boarding skateboarding. The van surfing everything, so i think well get some great footage with this drone really stoked to use it its great fun, and i i cant stop using it now its going to be so much fun puts a smile on my face, so just want to say Thank you for watching like and comment also dont forget to subscribe, just want to say a massive thank you to you guys for all the support and all the previous videos.

Weve got a lot of likes recently and comments, and it just keeps us going to be honest, its nice to interact with some of you fans as well. So thank you very much.