Today we are going to be talking about an upgrade for our channel. If you watched last week’s episode where i went out to help my buddy ryan install his wabasto heater, he had a drone and it’s something that me and katie have talked about wanting for quite a while uh. We really love seeing drone footage and a lot of the the videos that are out there. So for 2021 we decided what a better way to upgrade uh our footage and all that on our channel than investing in one. So on amazon i went ahead and purchased Music a drone. I guess there was no surprise there sweet. So i got the dji mavic mini 2. It is a pretty small, little drone and, of course, an sd uh micro sd card to get part of that. Get that out of here this box is tiny and there’s a lot of things that come in it so let’s get it open and check it out. Music, all of it’s contained in this one little carrying case sweet all right. Well, here’s. The drone look at how tiny this thing is holy cow. I cannot believe that uh, it has a blade cover that goes up and around it uh. It has a gimbal uh protector out front uh let’s see what kind of accessories so here’s the controller uh. One of the things if you saw in that last video with ryan, he had the the first edition of the mini there’s, the mini one.

I guess it was just the mavic mini uh and the controller was a lot smaller. They actually the mavic air controller, is something that they upgraded uh this one too, but that’s crazy. How much bigger the controller is than the actual drone? It i mean even probably double the weight um, so this connects to your smartphone as you’ll see later in the video. The main reason we got this small drone is for bike packing backpacking, all that stuff um to be able to do up or outdoor activities and have something that’s small. So a controller. This size is kind of uh, big and bulky, but it’ll do uh. So it looks like an instruction manual there and uh accessory wise. I actually got the fly more combo pack. I purchased that off amazon, like i said, i’ll have links in the description for everything you can also buy the drone by itself. The nice thing about the flymore pack is: it comes with three batteries: uh, usually the battery life on these is about 30 minutes um. You know sometimes less, depending on how you’re flying the wind conditions, all that. So this came with three batteries, so uh on a backpacking trip we can have. You know that much more time um and for how much these batteries are singly uh, it felt like it was definitely worth it to upgrade. Otherwise, in the box there is a charging cable that goes with that. It looks like a wall charger with that as well, which why do they go with white when everything else is gray or black uh that’s? Weird to me, but and then some cables uh.

It has the usbc to hook up to my phone, which is an android there’s, a micro, usb and that’s that currently, the controller has pre installed a connector for an apple phone. There is a both a connection piece and a little slot for the different controller phone mounts to go, so it should be able to cover pretty much any smartphone on the market. Um so i’ll put those to the side and, of course, install the one that uh works for my phone on the connectors uh. It does show the one that goes to the controller and then the one that goes to your phone. So, as you can see, if you can see behind there, there are slots for where that cable can go in we’ll, go ahead and just plug in the one for the controller, and then this one goes to my phone and then the phone just sits in underneath Here as well on the controller, there are spots on the bottom to house the joystick pieces um just so that it can pack down flatter. I would guess it’s kind of a nice feature. They can stick right down in the bottom there moving on to the drone. So this just has a push button and that basically keeps the propellers in place and from there you just flip them out and look at that. So i have the galaxy note: it’s a bigger smartphone, and this uh drone is even smaller than my phone um and actually seems to weigh less as well.

So that is absolutely crazy. To me here is the camera, which is in this little plastic housing. So this is that little cover that goes over your camera uh, so it basically just clips on and clips into place and uh just a protector so that it’s not banging around while you’re, you know moving with it so in the back here is a little battery Compartment that you can flip up, it has a little clip on the bottom, so you can push that out and pull out the battery. You can either charge it in here there’s the usbc connector to be able to charge a battery while it’s in here. Otherwise we have that um battery charger uh that has three spots so i’m, just gon na throw this in there and get them charged up but yeah. That is absolutely amazing. I cannot believe how lightweight it is. Like i said, my cell phone is more uh ways. More than this um ultralight, 249 grams is the stated weight for faa regulations. Anything over 250 grams needs to uh. You need to get your license and all that to be able to fly them. So this is one of those drones that you can fly without having to worry about going through all those hoops but uh sweet not much to it manual, i’ll, probably page through this before uh, getting it up in the air, but uh that’ll be the next plan Of attack so let’s get out there and do it just pulled up at the park got the drone Laughter met my buddy jason here.

He also has a drone. He has the mavic air too uh so excited to have him show me the ropes, because i’ve never flown one of these things before crashing drones, all right guys. Here we go first flight, Music, okay, Music! Well, that was pretty awesome. Getting the drone up for the first time learning the controls. I am walking back to the van because i parked it at the other side of this uh school that we’re at and uh we’re gon na get some of that van b: roll Music Applause, Music Applause, Music Applause, Music. Thank you so much for watching this episode. I hope you enjoyed it if you did hit that like button and subscribe to the channel.