Did you switch your skin to kickbot? Yes, i did you thats what im going to do? Oh, my god, i knew it now theyre a little more experienced. I think we need to have a one on one duel before we go and do some more sweet clone drawing challenges lets bring it on vote down in the comments whos gon na win me chris or sandra day. Oconnor. Let me guess: youre gon na try and kick me youre guys, arent kidding me im. Not i am not come here. Come out here and fight me. Turd burglar cant touch me chris. They kicked me. I didnt see that coming yeah, oh beat your foot. Oh, i forgot you can run. I have a giant fiery hammer of death, you cant touch this good job, being hey no bows and kicks get out here, so i can fight you. I dont think i can go in there. Can i no? I cant okay cool dang it. I thought i had an advantage if i cant. If i cant cheat, i dont care hammer to the face. Oh, i got something special for you. Buddy im. I was gon na get armor, but then i realized im, not a weenie. So i shut up easy die. I am robbing chris, i robbed from the rich and then sandra bullock. I dont know what you robbed her yeah. Why not? I robbed this from the sandra bullock and give to the poor yeah.

Oh no. I almost pulled it chris. That would have been awkward, oh, that was that was the plan. The whole time was it rematch. Well, do one more! Then we got ta go to some challenges, all right: im, not screwing around anymore chris. This ones for all the noodles see that pile of noodles over there with the flies and the green smell lines. I want it yeah, well, its mine, no got some fancy footwork there pal. It is pretty fancy enough to keep you from down my foot. What i just fell apart, jumping jumping because i stabbed you – i cut you in half boy its part of my plan. Chris, you always go to pieces over these things comedy here comes the plan. Are you ready, chris, that that spout of fire said that your snickerdoodle cookies are often under baked what Music i cut your arm off, so you dropped your bow through my little dinosaur feet. You got to explain to me insomnia boy. What okay, when i call when a clone, daddy and clone mommy love each other very much they go to the clone, oh and then that cologne dies by the hand of c top in his rory thats. All i needed to know is that hows that approach working for you huh yeah, oh dude, i whipped it good. Oh, i want a rematch. We have to do the challenges chris, i dont care about the video. I want to win im trying to spear im gon na.

Try kicking your butt. There is no try theres only dont. I dont, like the spirit. Its hard to use got a long swing, but i got ta get back here come here. Chris come get me. This is cruel Laughter, the ninjas famous weapon, a giant hammer im, a one legged ninja punk, im gon na keep it going with the spear. I got, ta kill him with the spear. I cut his leg off thats something youre, not gon na. Do crap im gon na hit him with a hammer on the head right here come down here. I wan na talk to you. I dont wan na come here a second but all right, hey pyramid. I dont wan na im trying to poke you in the crotch. Its like toddlers fighting in school here boom it just freaking eviscerated you, you just killed a toddler. I did a one legged dog, Music Applause. I was spearing into that thing: yeah thats, a cool fire hammer chris Music. No, why didnt? He? Oh oh youre, right where i want you now: punk. Oh shes scared, roll boom world of freedom, roll to freedom. Oh i just did a sweet roll in the air. Sweet kick need like some calming tea or something i hate the spear, the smear sucks. All right. You won, you won one game out of three all right. Next match Music. We got laser challenge. Random, upgrade challenge, raptor uh insanity challenge that sounds good huh were gon na fight some raptors.

We can be like my favorite scene in jurassic park, three, when hes hes on the plane he looks over and the red velociraptor says alan allen. What hows the thinking on here? Why do i suddenly have feathers? Why cant it say i dont know. If i can speak or if i can just say the word allen, i can only say alan in this explanation. Laughter youre kidding right mess up some raptors. Look at you. Look you look like youre wearing sweatpants. I am wearing sweatpants cute little pants lets go chris. Lets send those raptors back to extinction. I dont know im john wayne. I punched those raptors in the face pilgrim me as well. I forgot we dont. Have any upgrades ive got sweatpants on get on the elevator chris. Would you do it for a chris snack? Please? Okay, come with me im the star you listen to me. I trusted you. Oh chris is the flash raptor. I didnt see that coming. Oh, no, all right go for the legs, oh ill, just stab him in the head and hell die that works too wheres. The guy the jock hes pissed, i got him yeah wow. You look like honestly. A dude with your eyes closed, just swinging a sword get down here, so we can look great. Did you? Have a nice fall Music im dead inside? I want to hammer a velociraptor in the head thats my goal in life. You fool.

I turned friendly fire off, so you cant kick me. I dont like this life isnt worth it. I dont like this game anymore. Oh theres, three. Oh my gosh thats. A lot of philosophy, i got tail flipped like im, starting to think of hammers, not the best plan. I knocked two pixels off of him. Oh hes, just tailored his friends, i missed the giant rafter. Oh, i just want to get fired. Why are they only going after me? Just remember theyre gon na tail with ow. You could have foreseen this. Oh, i stepped his tail off. I get the hammer guy hes on the ground, camera guys on the ground. Okay, hes dead, go figure out that hammer guys. I killed something good job buddy i should get kicked hi chris excuse me were working. Where am i going to get the one youre going to be beautiful? Oh just keeps putting me up over there. Thinking a bow would be useful. They are rather big targets. They are rather big targets. I dont, like your butt. You take that back whats that a comedy award, oh thats, so unexpected. Oh, i shot him in the throat and he just died of me. Chris, the dinosaurs dead stop beating up a corpse. I cant help it Music. I slice mark twain too. Where are these guys? The single legged bow guy being a little goo over here, yeah youre welcome youre, ready chris theres kirby dinosaurs in the walls uh in the trees.

Okay, pilgrim! Look at this pilgrim! Oh no! You died, the spikes dont go that way, get off them. Thats. What you died, you didnt die. No, i said you died. Chris, i cant die, you cant kill an idea and i am an idea and that idea is youre, not an idea. Uh barbecue sauce and milk youre a bad idea. Oh, who needs for cereal, just use barbecue sauce instead cheerios and barbecue, just like the settlers im going back to the elevator, you can handle him, my god ill handle him. I literally just did you see me just assassins, creed him. I was awesome. I used to be awesome. I still am, but i used to too fire arrows. You dont fire them. They have a family. I get the comedy worn down. Oh check this out. Watch this killed him hes dead. Oh my leg: oh my god. I got the llama that dance. We see chased in the lava and died, thats terrifying. Oh, he died, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, z, top bullying two archers that dont have swords at all, as chris descends from the treadmill hey. Why dont i get points if i died, i helped. If i helped, you mean immediately, got tailed with my dinosaur and fell in lava Music jealousy sweatpants. They look so cozy theyre, like dr coxs ugly pants. You cant say that word on youtube doctor. Yes, we havent bought extra lives by the way.

Oh should probably do that at some point: huh dude arrows just work super well in these stupid dinos. Look at this just kill, oh ill, be on the elevator. No, we still have green guys. Oh, we almost got me. Look at chris and im going down. I dont sound like that, its not exactly like that. Can we buy oh, we need three points for a team, revive that. So you need two two points. Two big dumb dumb, who told you im a dumb dumb me reliable source. Well done! Oh, this seems dangerous. Chris look out and watch this arrow shoot him dodged it. Oh hes, i shot his leg off now: hes hes up hes, slowly, hes uh, hes hopped on this round. Look at all of them with one arrow. I killed. No just okay, oh my god. What the heck, what hit me? This is the story of a sea tuff. He fell in love with the raptor and got lit on fire. Then he shot him. You know im not saying that was a disgrace im in the elevator now well done chris. Thank you. Whats going on im trying to snipe them, you keep you keep those dinosaurs busy. Yeah have them. Do your taxes, you dance around with your corpse like the fat. Oh my thoughts, not long enough, mr top, they keep hitting me. God they just love beating you. I need more energy. I got ta deal with that stupid, spider truck kissing me right off.

Oh whoa. This is ow, no, its a spider shooting bombs at us up there. He lit me on fire and i died. Yeah thatll happen. Oh gee! Oh my god. Its more oh get up idiot youre gon na die, hey everybody! Look at these zombies kill the dinosaur. Look at me. Im an asteroid shoot the stupid spider tron. Okay, hopefully thatll kill him. I got fire arrows howd that do it did not. It blew most of them up one eye now, one eye, one: five: more people, eater people: oh my arms, no youre dead, bro. What an idiot! No im! Sorry chris! I really let you down you did i spotted tron is dead well now, youre talking about. If you lost faith chris, my fire arrows they take time they have to burn, are in the heart of that guy whos. This chump, he aint pretty no more! Oh whos, this guy, oh golly! I love shooting their heads off this fire spreads more into energy capacity. More arrows, more fire, more death, well, ask them blast them all dude! You see all those arrows i shot and they didnt hit one of them. I did im very proud of you. Were we here at the department of wasting arrows. We have a commitment to wasting arrows. I like wasted arrows im glad to see youre upholding our true core values – Music. I love when i just pop them on the head of the sword: im not going to try it this time, but you know a little bit of that.

The ultimate raptor challenge rear crisp 10 out of 10. weve got one respawn. What should i do? Energy recharge rates, im doing energy recharge rate yeah, the arrows are so good. Yeah shes, like welcome to my domain ive, got so many arrows. It hurts so much why? Why would you do this? I was giving you a welcome basket. It has some nature fruit. Oh whoa, welcome to my house. Would you, like some cake, say house yeah? This is his house? Look at the doctor. Oh this is his house. He lives here. Oh, i got two of them in one shot and i yeah look at this guys dead bodies just upside down it. Chris im at my standing desk and i went to raise my hands of victory and i hit the ceiling. Oh lego lets clone drone stage zone. He wants to see more challenges or last but standing. Let me know by leaving like leaving a comment, leaving a big old, see you next time, bye, love, you bye, Music.