What hello dad? What do you guys think weird going on in here like some sort of creature? Are you trying to mess with me im, not even there? How would i do anything? Did you leave some of the cabin thats playing games? What yes theres an elf theres, an elf running around the house? Do you have anything to do with it? No, what am i supposed to do? I dont know theres blasters. In my room, good luck! What thats it wait, wait! Wait! You can try the instant bunker, the instant, what its an instant bunker theyre little balls in a bowl. What do they do? What does that mean? I dont even understand dont matter now. Good luck! What Music, uh huh instant bunker huh – oh cool thats, convenient ill, be taking some of these all right buddy. Where are you okay, clear all right? Buddy, you got a big old gun right here. Just make it easy just come on out: whoa yeah! I know youre here: where are you thats? It thats it well see. Whos smarter got ta come out sometime whats going on over here. Oh, i see you, hello. Whered, everybody go Music, okay. I know you like sweets. I know you cant resist them. So all i got ta do is wait. Lets see how you, like your cute little stuffed body full of holes. I got all day: Music, Music, oh Music, Music, hey, Music, hmm, Music Applause, Music, hey get away from that is sorry.

Cole, wasnt, here kind of on my occasion, just hanging out chilling in the snow series been a little different. We didnt make as many nerf videos. Next year, thats all changing this year, we were kind of experimenting with gaming on extreme toys, and it did really really well, but were gon na keep extreme toys to mostly nerf content from here on out, like the gaming stuff, though, were putting it all on syntax Squad so were still doing it. Anyways hope you guys have an awesome christmas and ill catch. You later Applause im.