Take any old rock pile and add a drone shot of it, and it makes it look so much better now go ahead and get a high speed vehicle chase, traversing across the landscape, and it brings up a further notch. But how cool would it be if you could have your drone track, you in your side by side down the trail? Now we actually did this and we were really happy with how the mavic air can lock onto a vehicle and know that it’s a vehicle. It knows the difference between a human and a vehicle which is pretty wild, so there are some limitations. You can yaw and slide her around to one side. You can get a different view of the vehicle, it will do collision avoidance, but there are some limitations and one being overexposure. You can actually lose the target, but overall we were happy with what we were seeing so far. So we took her to dark water and we picked the low lying areas where there weren’t too many trees and we put her at altitude and we just followed the trail around now: i’m driving but we’re, not controlling the drone. You can control the altitude and, as i had said, you can slide her around to a different angle and she’ll stay locked on the vehicle and at a certain altitude you probably would lose visual and she only has so much distance. She can lock on until the item is, you know too small in the viewfinder for the sensors, but she does have forward sensors.

She does not have side sensors and unfortunately, we learned this the hard way. So, as we went up the hill we made this turn and the shot was looking really awesome. It was great and we thought we had enough altitude to clear the trees along the main road as we kept flying. You know it looked even better and better until suddenly we realized that last tree we were gon na go right into it, so, thankfully she didn’t fall out of the sky. She just got bumped around a little bit by a small branch on that tree, but we have to remember no more side flight and we will disable it in the settings. So we brought her down for some damage assessment and thankfully it was only a cracked prop and she was on her way. Flying again, we were able to track her down around the crane on the main road and it was very smooth – and we were very happy with how this video came out. We’Re going to do more work on obstacle avoidance and collision avoidance, because, obviously we need to work on that, but she will have limitations we’re, going to continue a series on doing this tracking in the weeks ahead. So over at burma, we’re going to track paul with his can am and we’re going to give it a shot on this windy day, a little bit of snow she’s able to lock on to the vehicle.

She knows it’s a vehicle – and i told paul – just drive around slowly and then make a turn, because we have this in cinematic mode she’s, not in sport mode we’re, going to learn that you know really for tracking side by sides. We’Re going to have to be in sport mode if you notice the attitude indicator here, she is all over the place when it comes to the wind, but the camera shot is stable and the angle is great and you don’t see much much shaking around at all. So she got out there and, as we uh were able to get closer, we saw that you know paul’s going to make the turn and she’s still keeping the target focused, but unfortunately not fast enough in cinematic mode and when he drives underneath she loses lock. On the target we’re going to give it another shot, we lock on the target again and it’s, going to be active track and parallel, and this is going to keep the target to the side or the drone to the side of the target and in this case Uh she will be in front of the target. It’Ll give us a slightly different angle. This is the same location, obviously, but a different view and she’s doing a good job again notice. The attitude indicator she’s flying hard to keep that vehicle in her sights. Paul goes down below and, as he goes off in the distance, he she will eventually lose lock if we just keep going, but we thought it was an excellent test and she’s able to lock onto the vehicle and follow at a pretty decent speed, here’s nathan, on His new 300 we’re gon na do an episode on his bike as well, and all the riding we decided to do some tracking with him.

It’S, a smaller vehicle looks a little different, but she did a great job as well, and here we’re over at the incline and he’s going to go up over up the hill and we’re going to see how far we can track him. As he approaches there are some trees, we only set a low altitude, so we’re gon na see how it goes. And, unfortunately you know she she almost hits a tree and then she stops because the obstacle is the next tree and the hill. So we know that we’re gon na have to work on that, but flying at a higher altitude we can get visual and some pretty awesome shots. We just have to work on the lock on and it’s a smaller vehicle. We’Ll do more testing on this, but we had fun doing some preliminary riding mark helped us out as well just to see if maybe a different color jacket or clothing on the same vehicle would make a difference and it didn’t. She followed him around in circles and jumps and wheelies and everywhere. So we were happy with this. The drone footage really gives a different scale to anything that you’re shooting now to be able to follow your drone or lead. The drone and get this shot is really going to make a a there’s a world of difference when it comes to the quality and the level of your filming. So we’re going to do some more testing on this, and she is up for the challenge.

We’Re going to try to do some lower level closer following on trails and see how she does. Unfortunately, a lot of trails here at dark water do have branches on the side, but we’re going to work on that. So thanks again for watching, please be sure to subscribe to our channel like share it on uh, instagram and tick tock and facebook and we’re on twitter as well, and we hope to see you out there on the trail.