Welcome back to our show. Today we are closing another season of jetboar testing tour and we have another special episode for you. The guys from wave shark are going to introduce the new jet board and efoil welcome to the show guys. Thank you. Thank you. Welcome, please richard introduce your team hi hello, guys uh! My name is richard im, the general manager for wave shark europe. We are very glad to come here today to join jetboil team to have a dedicated experience day for our wave shark products guys. Thank you so much for coming to salsa grande um its been a long trip. We really appreciate it. You guys have bought an electric jet board and electric foil and we just cant wait to test them. They look amazing so far. So lets start with the basic starting with the jet board. From the first look, it looks like a traditional size board, but right now i saw it closer its nothing like the same its wider. I guess it has more buoyancy the most important, always the basic parameters, the speed, the weight. The riding time tell us yeah the overall. The weight of this board without the battery its around 20 kilos with the battery in total, is 55 kilos, but that battery is much bigger than the average board battery. You get a lot more ride time, so its heavy but youre getting a lot of right time. A lot of value for money there, absolutely the cruising time, can reach up to 50 minutes with the full speed and the highest speed of this jetboard is 60 kilometers per hour, yeah, its very good for electric bolts, thats, really good and its very much plug and Play theres no wires, you drop the battery in absolutely you lock the latches and its good to go.

Yeah yeah, yeah and the boosting time is just three seconds. You reach the maximum yeah yeah. The boosting time is three seconds yeah, very impressive. How long does it take the battery to charge its around two hours? Okay, yeah, Music yeah. So the board is an interesting shape, like mark said its extremely wide. The tail is very wide. The nose is round round and wide. I mean it its going to be very buoyant and i imagine easy for big guys to ride um. How does it perform well find out once we get in the water, but is it really nimble and does it turn well and its very uh, hard to say maneuverable maneuverable, yes, maneuverable and the design is really made of uh, very hydrodynamic and yeah? I need to point point out. One thing is this product is designed by one of our designer who was the ex audi designer okay, so weve got also the red door design award of this year. Yeah. Okay, very good, so lets talk about the remote control. Is it attached to the board? Can we show it uh yeah? Normally this yeah theres a rope in the head of the board, so the remote control is wireless, but you can decide whether you want to have it attached or have it loose yeah exactly the remote has a throttle as a throttle. You can speed up speed up by this and theres. Also, several miners and plus you can control the levels and theres a level one level, two level three and different level.

Uh stands for different range of speed, yeah yeah, okay, thats good, and do we need to charge it separately? Oh, yes, yes, theres, a usb type, c port. You can charge it quickly and – and this is also ip68 great – waterproof. Yes, for this remote yeah, its really robust, yeah, very solid and the boards are ready for production now, right, youre, ready to start selling, and how long have you had the board in the water? How long have you been testing and working on it before actually coming to production? Well, we have tested around uh one year already: okay in china and weve done a lot of tests and the factory is starting to produce the first board. Our german customer already were going to deliver to him in coming two weeks: yeah across jail, thats, not a board thats just come off production and youre, ready to sell youve, been riding testing and working on it for over a year, yeah yeah. We ready for our customers around the world, yeah, okay, excellent and its very important to mention that its not a brand new company, the power region, its quite a big company and tell us a little bit more about your history in the underwater drones and all the Other related products, okay, so um actually were coming from power vision, group um and under the group we have two different brands. One is power fission which started a bit earlier than wave shark and then, as you just mentioned, we have already developed.

We have a long history in the drone solution. We have both the air room, drones and also the above water and water, drones and thats. Also, the reason why we came here with the jabwars and if oils, because we have accumulated so many technologies for the underworld and the water robotics yeah, so uh yeah thats. Why were here here today? So the company has a big experience you can see. We have tested the power egg drone recently its the first waterproof drone, its quite very interesting. If you missed our video review check it out, we put it through different tests and it survived all our tests, its really amazing products. So this is the company thats, not first time in the business, yeah thats very important to mention and another thing like uh, the products are produced in china, but theyre setting now the new headquarters in the netherlands. Tell me more about that. Absolutely we have established our headquarters of europe in the netherlands, and we have also built up our warehouse, our service center there to support service, our customers around the europe. So in case of something breaks down, we dont need to ship it to china. You can absolutely we can uh, provide the spare parts and provide a repair service in europe locally yeah. I mean thats extremely important because we all know it doesnt work when youre shipping and dealing with china. So if youve got a proper service sensor and youre able to maintain and look off the boards for the customers, thats a big one – yes, yes, we always care about our customers.

Our partners yeah to give them a well set up a solution for them, and when you recruit dealers, will they become service, centers and repair centers? Or will you still do it all at your head office? We would like to also do it more flexibly, depending on the distance yeah. Sometimes we will also provide some spare parts because the products are fully uh, designed based on the module, yeah yeah design, so its very easy, very flexible to change the spare parts to intend it yeah yeah lets see under the board and the fins. Can you put it vertically for us? So basically, this is the whole modular system, anything that needs to be repaired, its all in here its all in here, and you can just change this part and the the wind there are three wind. Its also uh can be changeable. How long would it take to open this up and and change your parts roughly just an idea? Oh its a few minutes, some yeah yeah so inside the body that theres really not much everythings in here, yeah, okay, thats, amazing, fully made of carbon fiber yeah, its very robust we are using, were adopting also the car level test yeah to protect the strongest. Tell us more about the fins so its uh, its not fcs fins right its. You have to screw them up. Oh yeah, this this spins, you can uh, take it out, disassemble it and you can put on it easily with these fewer screws.

Yes, all right, very good: Music Applause, Music, Music Applause, Music, Music, Music. How was your first guy? It was insane. This board is so powerful. I cant even believe it. It is really really fast and actually it handles super. Well, so theres a lot of things that that i love about the board like the attached handle the foot pads that are crossed, and it just allows you to handle the board in a way that you know is special, and this board is fast. Its really really really fast um. In fact, i dont think ive ever put a petrol board so fast as this electric board, which is great news for the electric jetport industry and what speed settings did you use? I used the maximum, so i was on the fastest speed setting theres three um, but it was so worth it and ive still got a lot of battery left, considering i rode quite a bit and at very high speed. So super happy with the overall prestation of this board. Did you manage to turn uh yeah yeah? How was it turning? It was. Cool yeah looks like youre falling and what did it feel like when youre on the board its fast its bad? What else i like, when it was jumping on the little waves it looks like youre, actually jumping moving on to ifoil its very interesting guys that youre introducing not just one but two products and its always about jetboils and e4 and few years ago we didnt believe, But now looks like e4s are taking over the world.

What do you think wayne? I mean im a huge fan of e foils for many years. I was a huge fan of jetboard, but for me for sure the e foil is the future mark, and i had this discussion probably two or three years ago. You know, would ethos really take off and a hundred percent are back them and they have, and i love it and our clients love it. Jetboarding is amazing, no one can take that away, but its a complete, different experience foiling its its like a meditation. You know what i mean its so special and so magical, so yeah im, a fan of the electric falls, i love them and this one is beautiful. I love the design and look i want one for myself, just based on looks lets see how it performs, but everything youve done here is so unique and so different. We test and review so many boards which, to put it bluntly, are just copies of of other boards and we can see it from a mile away. Everyone can see it. This is everything is different, theres, so much detail here. You guys havent missed a thing everywhere. You look, you see your own unique designs and thats what we love to see. You know you guys have started from scratch and you theres a method to the madness. Youve done all of this for a reason, and we cant wait to see why but theres. So many beautiful little features and and just design features that just make this look like a piece of art its beautiful.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, and one of the reasons why hippos actually taking over is the riding time its jet boards, its still very short, riding time, even with the best batteries like you mentioned, its 40 50 minutes at best and most other electric boards are happy to have half An hour and for your e4, you have one of the longest riding times in the industry. Tell me more about that. Yes, uh for our e foil, with the big fin big win. It can last around 180 minutes its nearly three hours wow for cruising time. Yes, if you change to the smallest to win its around two and a half hours and the battery itself, its 18.5 kilos, together with the board, is 34.5 kilos in weight and even the big ring i mean its beautiful yeah and everything look. Look at that look at the shape its its not you know everything is just so different. The wings massive, the stabilizers massive but youve, put so much time and thought into the actual design of everything. It looks extremely interesting. Our engineer really really uh made it uh a lot of uh thoughts in in this product yeah. They have a lot of thoughts in this product. Also talk about this uh e foil. The maximum speed can reach up to 45 kilometers per hour yeah. For me personally, the maximum speed doesnt matter too much when im foiling its not about maximum speed, um but yeah its interesting to know, and also i mean its on the other side.

But this is 100 plug and play. The battery goes in theres, not a single wire, which is really nice too. Yes, its very uh, its fully made of carbon fiber as as uh like the jackpot, and its also modular design, yeah and youre. Having two wings. Do you plan to have more wings? Yes, definitely were going to introduce a medium wing between this, and it will be for the this gon na, be for the beginner thats more for the pro and for the for the medium users, and they will have this medium size, yeah and also with the jet Board, you guys said you tested and wrote it for a year before you went into production. What about with the electric foil? How long have you been riding and testing this its also the same time we started to develop these two products almost the same time right its actually, this foil, we even started a little bit earlier. Yeah yeah, and, to be honest, i imagine you found you had lots of little problems and and little issues that you actually sort out so its worth, putting in a year of riding and testing. Absolutely especially talking about this, especially about the safety we care about. A lot about the safety, for example, this battery it looks very easy to to uh, to put it yeah and take it out. But we have a lot of time invested on this battery. It has three levels: uh safety, three safety levels, yeah to make sure the battery is safe and there is a five level five grade, uh bms protection mechanism inside yeah.

How long does it take the battery to recharge its around two and a half hours to charge? This battery and the remote control is different from jetboard lets, see yeah, it looks similar. It also has a fractal to speed up, and there is also a button to turn it on turn it off, and there are also two buttons to change the levels. There are actually four levels in total yeah. Yes, each level stands for different speed limit, of course, and uh. There is a arm and disarm function before you start to use it. You need to disarm it yeah its a little bit more different from the jackpot. Yeah i mean in general. Both the boards look beautiful. The quality looks extremely high, hey mark. If you look at it, the performance we soon will find out about that, but the build quality looks amazing. Well done, and you said: youve been testing on your tour now through europe almost every day riding all this board. I see some battle scratches already and youre. Even planning to cross the gibraltar, yes, we have uh organized a event in amsterdam. For three days, we invited our customers and the lovers of the eve, oiling, yeah and also the media friends, as well as a lot of influencers thick talkers, and they come to enjoy this uh event. All of them are really really uh surprised, yeah and theyre really excited about the performance about the cleaning of course yeah.

They, the world they said, is sensational yeah, yeah yeah. They really love this yeah and we are going to uh, of course, and come here to meet you guys to also uh invite you to have a feeling about our products and uh yeah. In the coming days. In the coming week, we are going to work with uh one big influencer uh. His name is called captain han hey were the big influencers were not worried about you, yeah yeah, exactly yeah and the more the more important thing is hes, going to use our e foil to cross the gibraltar. Okay, yes, very cool all right. We cannot wait to put this board through some tests in the water. Great lets start it all right. Lets start lets. Do it. We are ready to go to the water, and here we have rafa our professional e4 rider. So rafas been our instructor for two years now, hes on the beach all day every day, just doing electric foil lessons one after another. Sometimes he can do up to six a day. So if anyones a good test pilot, this is our man. Thank you guys. Are you ready, rapha, im ready to test this lets, go Music, Music, Music, one of the main advantages of wave shark? As i see it is the plug and play solution. As you know, in most other efforts, there are usually hatches to open, then cables to connect cooling cables, data cables, a lot of stuff here you can see in both ifoil and jetboard.

They have a plug and play solution. This is protection protected from corrosion as well. All you need to do is just put the battery in and then youre ready to go again: Music, so Music, so Music, Music. There you have it guys. I just had a chance to try both wave shark jetboard and ifoil. It was really nice experience to have im very excited to see more brands in the industry because the more boards we have the better for the industry. What can i say the quality seems really well done. The boards are well made its a good carbon high quality. Is everywhere there are, some improvements could be could be made. For example, i would suggest to add the rubber pads to avoid the board being so slippery and hard to learn for beginners. The boards are very big and have huge floatation, which means theyre quite easy to learn if youre, just starting in jetboarding and e foiling the batteries are very big, very heavy, which means youre going to get a lot of riding time. The effort was quite nice and very easy for me to start. There is no noise, its quite noiseless, i hope in future they will introduce more wings. Maybe remove the propeller guard well see all in all its really good to see more boards and the more brands we have the better for the industry. Thank you for watching guys. I hope you enjoyed our quick video here.

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