Youll need to charge all of your modern portable gear. Now i spend a lot of time around new technology and im, always looking for something thats advanced something thats a little bit different than the status quo, and lately ive spent a lot of time around portable power stations, because i also spend a lot of time out In the field – and i bring a lot of technical gear along ive, got cameras and phones and tablets and drones, and you name it if i can plug it in or it runs on a battery, its probably in my bag, and the challenge is the longer i Spend out in the field the more important it is to keep that equipment charged so im, always bringing some type of portable power station along with me. So again, im always on the hunt for something that has advanced functionality tends to be smaller, reasonably priced, but really has every possible connection. I can need out there in the field to charge all those devices and what what fun has done here is built in the right capacity. I think, for a day or so out in the field to be able to charge those devices its small enough to bring along its nine pounds its got plenty of ports on the front of the unit where you can plug in pretty much anything youre going to Bring along for a day of fun, and really i just like the unit – an awful lot based on its portability and its capacity now im going to spend some time doing an overview of this in a second.

But i first wanted to start with an unboxing, because what what fun has done is not only delivered a great portable power station but theyve included all the accessories youll need to charge it and use it out in the field. I think thats pretty incredible, because the product is really reasonably priced and normally when a product is around this price range, you dont get the extras. You dont get extra cables to charge it in the car off of a solar panel, but theyve included everything in the kit. So when you first open up the box, youll find the portable power station and again this is adorable its tiny, its nine pounds. You could bring it anywhere with you. Youll also find a home charging kit, which basically has a brick that youll plug into the wall. This converts the ac from your wall outlet to dc, which plugs into the front of the unit and thats the fastest way to charge the product youll also find a car cord. You can use this in your car, plug it into your car outlet. The other end again has a barrel connection on it, which plugs in the front, and you can charge it from your car fast, a little bit slower and then finally, theres also a solar panel connection kit, which i find incredible, because normally you dont find that, with Most of the kits on the market, but you could use this with a standard.

Solar panel connect this up to your solar panel again a barrel connector plugs in the front thats dc, and you can charge the unit from a solar panel so again fastest a little bit slower and even a little bit slower still, and it depends really on what Type of solar panel youre using how much sunlight its actually catching if its facing the sun most of the day, but conversion wise. I use this an awful lot out in the field because i spent a lot of time, camping and its great to have a portable solar panel with me that i can set up point at the sun and just drink in that sunlight and turn it into energy. To recharge the unit, youll also find a full instruction manual that lists everything you need to know about the product, how to charge it, how to take care of it. All the dials and indicators are in there, so it explains exactly how to use the unit youll. Also find a card from amazon if you want to give them some feedback and then my favorite thing i think of all this is the pouch. They include because these cables are important to bring along because, if youre taking it out in the field, maybe youll want to charge it from your car. Maybe youve got a solar panel or maybe youre at a campsite where you can actually plug in and use the home adapter, and they include a nice little pouch that keeps all these cables really organized and again the challenge is: when you go out.

If youve got the cables in your bag, maybe you forget one at home and then you cant recharge the unit. So i think theyve done a great job of providing everything youre going to need to use this unit all right, so specifications wise. The unit is 298 watt hours, which is right around that 300 watt range itll produce 320 watts of external energy, but it can also surge to 640 watts and thats really important, because a lot of the portable power stations on the market have really hard limits. So its 300 watts and thats it if you exceed that by plugging in a drill or a power saw or a blender or something that draws more current in a surge when it first spins up youre going to pop a breaker or its going to shut off With this, one 320 watts is 640 watts, which means you can use a power drill with it. You can use a power saw with it as long as you stay around that 300 watts as a steady state, current youre going to be fine. I also love the fact that they provide a ton of external connections so on the front, youve got two full sized ac ports right here. These are standard three prong ports, so you can plug pretty much anything you plug into an outlet at home into the front of the unit. Youll also find three usb ports across the front of it and heres, where it gets really clever.

The three usb ports on there are two ports that are usb a which is the standard size, larger connector that you use with most usb chargers at home. The big difference, though, is both of these usba ports are quick charger, qc enabled. So if youve got some newer technology, whether you have a game, console a phone, a tablet that can use the qc standard, the minute you plug it into this unit, it immediately starts a handshake with that product. To figure out what kind of current voltage you can send to that product to safely and quickly charge it so itll negotiate that individually for each of those two ports, which means those products will charge a lot faster than a standard usb charger. A lot of other power stations on the market give you a standard 5 volt 2.4 amp outlet, which means youre going to charge it, but its not going to charge really fast, and it certainly wont recognize the qc compatibility. This one not only has one but its got two of those, so anything you can charge at home with a qc charger plug in here youre going to get fast charging compatibility. You can also plug anything else that you would normally charge through a usb connection into either one of those ports and it will charge just fine. The other thing they built in was a usb c connector in the middle now thats. The latest standard for usb charging across the board and the pd charging capabilities that come along with some of the usb ports is really important as well, so that usb c port right.

There is not only usb c but its also pd or power delivery, which is the second form of quick charging. So if youve got a product like a drone controller, some drone batteries, your laptop anything that can take advantage of a pd charging port – you can plug it in there and the same thing happens where that port will negotiate with the product figure out what the battery Level is, and what voltage and current it can send to that product to quickly and safely charge it its a 60 watt port, because the other thing is just having a pd port doesnt mean you can charge big, thirsty devices like a laptop or drone batteries. It has to have a certain amount of current. This one provides 60 watts of output, which means it works pretty well with most laptops, most drone batteries, most large controllers for drones that are really thirsty enough to draw a lot of electrons out of the unit. So youve got a lot of versatility there in the usb ports and then finally theres a dc port over here. So theres, three serpent circuits, you have the ac circuit, the usb circuit and then a dc circuit. With the dc circuit. You have a standard 12 volt outlet, just like in your car that will supply 12 volts at 10 amps. The big thing is its a regulated outlet, a lot of the portable power stations on the market. Dont regulate the 12 volts when you plug something in.

If it draws a lot of current, the voltage might drop a little bit and that can damage some of the chargers. This is a 12 volt regulated output. In addition to that, theyve got two 55 21 ports. Above it, which are those barrel connections – and there are cables available that plug into a 5521 that convert it to a lot of other types of cable, some usbc some will be cables thatll plug directly into a unit to charge it off of the 5521. There are also conversion cables like this. One thatll actually convert the 5521 port to a standard 12 volt outlet, so you can plug it in here and you can actually triple the number of 12 volt dc outputs youve got the big difference. Is this one thats built in is a 10 amp. Both of these are four amps, so you cant draw as much current out of them, but most of the car chargers, youre going to use for your drones and other devices dont draw that much current anyway. The last thing i wanted to mention about the outlets is the ac outlets are a pure sine wave and thats, really important and thats something you want to look for if youre, comparing it to other portable power stations, because a lot of the portable power stations on The market use the inverter circuitry, which is what turns the dc from the batteries into ac that you can use externally. They use a modified sine wave, which is not as clean as a pure sine wave, and a lot of sensitive electronics externally require that pure sine wave.

So, with this unit youre getting all these advanced features, youre getting two qc ports on the front that are full size, usb, a youre, getting a pd port for usb c youre, getting regulated 12 volt dc output, youre, also getting a pure sine wave on the ac And then from the charging side of the house, the options are boundless again. I could charge it at home charge it in my car and charge it off the solar panels if youre charging from solar panels. One consideration you want to have in mind is a circuit called an mppt which is sort of the electronics that regulates the voltage thats being produced by the solar panels as its sent into the charging unit. Now normally that can be done externally, but it requires the solar panels to have that mppt circuit built in with this one, the mppt circuits, built in the unit, so youve got a regulated, uh solar panel charging capability inside the unit. So all those features really separate. This from a lot of other portable power banks that are on the market and i cant believe they built it into a unit this small, especially at this price point. So next id like to take a closer look at the unit and ill point out again all the specifications for the different ports on the front. I also love the fact that theyve got a beautiful little led display up top here. That tells you everything you need to know about the unit when you turn that on youll immediately know how much energy is left in the unit, how much energy youre drawn out of the unit, how much youre sending to the unit when youre charging it theyve got A light in the top that you can turn on with three different levels of light.

I just turned it off lets: try it again, nope one more time ill get it. Yet i promise are we on were not on turn it on rick come on quit fooling around here. Just give me one second, here, okay, its on theres, the display lets put my glasses on well make things so much easier. All right! So here comes the light. Theres, the first theres, the second and theres the third, so you got three levels of light on the front which is great and you might think big deal. I got my phone with me, but if youre camping and you just got ta turn a light on to do something, you got it built into the portable power station. Theyve got ventilation on the side because, when youre charging it through ac its going to get a little warm, so itll cool it down by pulling air through the unit. I also love the fact and again what a name for a company what fun right! Think about that, what fun, what fun youre going to have out in the field, plus youre, delivering watts as energy and its fun so youre having fun but to carry that forward. Its got snowflakes over here for the vent cover. So i mean i love everything about this unit, its adorable and its just incredibly functional, so stay tuned next ill, take a closer look and then ill come back and try and remind you of a couple of things that really separate this one from a lot of Other portable power stations on the market, the wattfun portable power station, provides three different styles of output, ac, usb and dc, and each of these sections can be turned on individually by simply tapping the button.

Above the section once the power has been turned on for the main unit, the ac portion is a pure sine wave output that includes a 2 prong and a three prong grounded outlet, and this can supply 320 watts and surge up to 640 watts to external devices. The usb portion includes two full sized usb, a ports that are both quick charge compatible or qc compatible. So if you plug a device in here that has that qc capability, this port will auto, negotiate the voltage and current to safely and quickly charge that device the center port is a usbc port, thats, also pd or power delivery capable and again thats a quick charging Standard that, if you have a device that charges through pd, you can plug it in here, the port will negotiate the best voltage and current to supply that energy needed to safely charge that device. This port is also a 60 watt port, which means you can plug larger devices in, like drone batteries, controllers laptops game consoles as long as theyre under 60 watts theyll charge just fine through the usbc. The dc portion of it provides one full size dc port. Just like in your car that will supply 12 volts at 10 amps and 2 55 21 ports above it. Each of these are 12 volts at 4 amps. So you can use conversion cables to convert these to another car port or to other cables that would convert them to plug a device indirectly.

The main power button is, in the upper left hand, side to turn the unit on youll hold this down. For a few seconds, the unit will come to life, and then all of these output circuits are now ready to be used and to turn these on just tap the button, and you can see the icons appear below it. Theres also a light across the top that has three different stages: its got low, medium and high and thats really convenient if youre outside need a quick light. Youll also find the input connector right down here and thats, where youll charge the unit through the included ac kit, core kit or solar panel kit and on the right hand, side is a reset button behind this hole. If you need to reset the unit. For any reason, you can push a paper clip in there gently and reset the unit and thats pretty much it for the front unit. The display is really nice its bright. You can see the indicator here of how much energy is left in the unit. It also has a numerical value to tell theres 99 of the charge left in the unit, and there are indicators over here on the right hand, side that tell you exactly how much power is coming out of the unit, how much power is being put into the Unit when youre charging it so all the information you need to understand, whats happening with the portable power station is shown on this display and that display to conserve energy will blink out after 60 seconds to not draw energy from the batteries, if youre not using it.

To turn the unit off youll hold the power button down again for about five seconds. The display will go blank and the unit turns off. On the right hand, side of the unit youll find ventilation slots cut into the outside case and thats to allow air to pass through the unit to keep the electronics inside at a very comfortable temperature. On the left hand, side there are more ventilation slots cut in here and again, i love the snowflake pattern on the bottom. Youll find rubber feet that make it really easy to put it down on a surface, not scratch that surface. It also keeps it right where you put it, so it doesnt slide around when you set it down on a rocky surface or an uneven surface, and finally, in the top of the unit, is a nice handle that allows you to transport it wherever you need it. It folds down nice and flat to give you this flat surface on the top, where you can lay your tablet or your phone, while youre charging them from the unit. I hope that overview is helpful. Now, here are a few key things to keep in mind when youre, comparing this particular wattfun portable power station to others, you may be considering the first thing is: it has to have a really decent charging cycle. With this unit, youve got three different ways to charge. It you can charge it at home through ac. You can charge it through dc in your car or you can charge it from a solar panel and you include all the cables and a pouch to keep the cables organized along with the kit.

So thats a big bonus right there. As far as output goes, its got 120 volts, pure sine wave output here for 300 watts, again its 298 watt hours, but it can deliver 320 watts out of the ac outlets between the two of them and theyre. Three prong grounded and theyre pure sine wave as far as usbs go. You have three usb connections on it, two usb, as that are also fast charging quick charge ports. So if youve got modern equipment that can fast charge plug them in there youre going to get a really rapid charge that device very very safely. In addition to that, youve got a usbc port in the middle, which is a 60 watt pd or power delivery. Port thats really unique on a lot of these portable power stations and if you want to charge a laptop drone batteries, a game controller, anything that drinks a lot of electrons thats, the port to plug into and thats, really a big bonus. In addition to that, youve got a full size: 12 volt port over here, thatll deliver 12 volts dc at 10 amps and its regulated, which is really important to compare when youre looking at other power stations, a lot of other ones, dont regulate the 12 volts and, As i mentioned that voltage drops, you can cause some damage to the charger you plugged in there. In addition to that, 255 21 ports above it thatll allow you to plug in conversion cables like this to convert that port to a standard 12 volt outlet or even plug in cables.

You can charge other devices directly from it, its incredibly portable, its nine pounds, 320 watts of external charging capabilities on the unit, its got a beautiful display on the top, its got a light in the top. You can turn on if youre out there in the woods and need to see something in your tent. Everything you need is pretty much built into the product and they include all the accessories. You need to use it right out of the box so charge it up. Take it out in the field and have a lot of fun with it, because this company is named what fun and what fun youre going to have with this product. I just love that name anyway, thats all i had for today. So hopefully you found this review helpful. I love exploring new technology like this, so if you found this product interesting and you want to look at into it a little bit further ive got a link below where you can go to amazon. You can check out the specifications you can compare and contrast it to other products. If you buy from that link, we get a little credit from amazon, so youll be supporting the channel and thats pretty much all i had today.