Maybe a hundred thousand people subscribe to our channel because of drones, so uh we wan na still continue to provide you guys with drone videos and in todays video. You know me, i love a nice thing that comes in a nice case and generally good things come in nice cases, dont they in this case in nates world. They do thats right were gon na there. You go the bugs 19 and i have to say they really have a nice set of instructions. Theyre theyve been in the game for a long time, mjx bugs series of drones, so theyve learned a thing or two and they know that we like a good set of instructions because they go a long way. But here you have it a nice small compact lightweight. If that matters to you guys, it is under a certain weight that would be uh of importance ready to fly gps, brushless, folding, camera drone. I had my eye on this and i wanted to pick it up personally for the channel and thats what were doing make sure you take the lens cover off of it. Yeah yeah ive, forgotten that in the past, weve got a nice little uh. One axis gimbal. Here youre just laying down: oh my gosh focus camera its literally lame, oh theres, its something look at that theres, another baby deer hope it stood up. Well, maybe with any luck, well get down there and take a closer look and well do that cool little drone.

Uh, you can get a two battery setup for under 200 and i think thats an amazingly awesome price point for something like this. You know us were gon na, be super transparent. If theres, something about this trend, we dont, like youre gon na see it in this video. If we like it, well tell you about that too and uh to those of you that are still waiting on the edge of your seat for a follow up on some other drones. I have been flying one drone like 30 or 40 times now, which is a lot for just like a budget drone for us to do so. An update on that drone will be coming later to the channel, so we still have some drone love planned for you guys lets put this in the air and see how it does theyre. Just checking us out look right down there to the right. Look at that nice looky there guys guys theres four ran away, but that one is right down there, probably like 40 yards away from us. Its really close the first group ran away. I think, because of the beeping of the drone lets see how this one reacts to the take off all right. You ready yep lets, unlock the motors and throttle up lets see if we can go through the tree down here. Oh sorry about it. Oh, there was another one yeah im going line of sight here, just to try it out there they go.

We i dont, think weve ever got to try to chase them out track deer. Here we go here. We go yeah there. They are. I see them here. Give me a second oh yeah: they stopped in the field there. They are its not great there. They are okay, so its getting a little dark. So the camera quality is not going to be as good as it would be if it were in the daytime. Theres. The track there you go, look look at them. There they go there, they go were chasing them. Sorry, little deer, but oh dont, split them up. Yeah, no im just trying to there. Okay ill just hover here and get a shot of them. There. You go thats! Oh right on the edge of the tree line right there theres another one, so we heard it did you hear it yeah its like snorted at us. So last night there were like how many deer down here, like 10 plus uh yeah, there were a ton of deer down here, and so we were super excited to come back with a drone, and then these two guys right here. How close can i get without it freaking out? I think this is about well closest theyre, going to let me get you know we dont tantalize animals ever you know, torment them or anything, but its really cool to get a. I think theyre, like theyre checking theyre checking us out and they realize like okay.

This is not gon na hurt normal, but its not gon na hurt me either yeah, but theyre like you know what its a little bit too long yeah and there goes the other one. Okay ill get a shot of it. So i bet nathan once theyre done down in the creek theyre gon na pop up over that tree line, so you that ones still hanging out right there, yeah thats, why im just hovering hows the signal signals. Good, i mean the video quality could be a little bit better uh, but itll probably look better from the onboard micro sd card whats. You know this drone whats nice about it made in flight boom, took off right under the tree right under the tree, and it all looked pretty good. I want to go to some level that deer is just like. What are you doing? What kind of ufo craziness is this nice? I got closer and its still just checking me out so thats really cool what what a special kind of a treat! Oh yeah! We show up. We get this drone in the air really quickly, because all mjx bugs drones have the same startup process so because were so familiar with it. We just grabbed it. I got it bound. Really fast did the unlock thing that you have to do and then boom took off really fast compass calibration, and that speaks volumes. I think on a good drone. You dont want to get stuck calibrating stuck, like you know, unlocking the motors.

Oh no, this took us less than a minute to get it all in there theres deer, and then we were like boom in the air. Look at that guys and that is really cool, because if abby and i walked down that close to this drone look, you can see the live, feed. Thats awesome. I said to this train to this deer. It would have been gone so weve been able to get a little bit closer to these deer just because of this little tiny baby drone its kind of hard to hear its its a quiet dress. It is very quiet. I cant hear it from here. No, you know it just says perspective there you go, thats got to be at least 100 yards away right, like this tells me 413 meters away, which is means nothing to me very close to yards its very meters and yards. Oh there, he goes lets go back. Some – and we always do like a nice hover test for you guys to see, but we got this thrown in the air so fast to go chase those deer its not like you were high up or anything, not above anything, no trees. The controls feel really nice and um. Oh heres, one nice thing too about this drone the charge cable for it is a usbc and, i think, thats just a step in the right direction. So if, if you know anything about usb micros usb and all that usbc is where its at and this one is usbc, so good job, i think thats a huge step in the right direction.

Im getting eaten alive by mosquitoes, i dont know if this will be a full flight or what but the hover test, as you guys can see, my hands are off the controls and its hovering extremely well. Sorry abby, my phone didnt fit in the phone holder. I forgot about that. Well, theres, a new case im gon na get a new screen. I dont know what youre talking about. I definitely need one now yeah. It was already boston. No, i dont, i dont think so. I think you did all that. Okay lets see if we can adjust the camera angle up and down, we can, and that was really nice and smooth im pretty happy with that, its not a dji. You know thousand dollar drone smooth, but that is a very smooth transition. Some drones are like chop chop, chop chop chop and that is not so im actually pretty happy with that. The the only true stabilization we have on this for the camera smoothness is rubber, grommets and then digital or electronic image stabilization. So it looks good its nice and smooth, but when we start flying the drone, theres no gimbal, so the camera is going to pitch down when you stop the camera is going to pitch up and until you let off the controls, its going to be a little Bit wonky right. Another nice thing about this drone is not only does it have gps to hold it in place, which is why were getting such good solid, smooth shots, but it has a small camera on the bottom, which is a visual position, hold camera.

What this means is, even if you dont, have a good gps lock on a windy day. If the drone starts drifting in the wind, that camera is going to notice that the drone is drifting and its going to compensate for that and hold it rock solid in place. This is also really nice for indoor flight, okay, im dying. I want you to go over the trees and see if you can find the deer okay, i guarantee you theyre all down in the field, so lets just fly up. Have you and i are very familiar with this? Okay – and you know, of course, we have all this awesome. Telemetry back to our radio tells us that we have 16 satellites locked were now 33 meters high, not that high and only 15 meters out. We know when our batterys going to get low right now were doing great on battery life really good. Something else i really like too, is when the radio or the transmitter has a display on it, and this one does and its telling me my distance. What mode im in how many satellites are locked on all that good stuff, so lets angle down, get a smooth shot here were going to angle the camera down some just a hair and see if we can find any deer over there, because i dont think they Could probably hear us, they probably just think were mosquitos now. Is that as far down as it can go? No, i can go straight down.

I just want to look in those fields, so there is the creek, yeah and youre saying you think they might be in the creek well thats, where they went, but no, i was saying they might be in the field. Well, theres the field across from the creek. Oh, is that one at the bottom of the tree, no thats a log turn right. I mean yeah right. This would be the field that they would go out farther okay im going to. I just wanted to see the closer spots first, so this i think you need to get on the other side of the trees and then face the trees. Okay, all right. So this is a back kind of marshy field and i will say, were starting to get a little bit of um. You know digital pixelation installation loss of signal, quality uh, but i think the memory card is probably going to look great. All right. Lets kind of. Oh, there might no thats thats the post, the property line post yeah turn around. Okay now learn the camera right. Where are you? We know youre close to deer? I dont think they went that far. Is that one right there right and basically the center of the screen might be it could be one? Hopefully, the memory card is a little like cleaner than our live view. Another issue, too, is that were pushing past this giant tree, which doesnt help the the video signal very much im, lowering it some just so we can see this its hard to tell with the pixelation it feels like.

Yes, it is yeah, so i zoomed in thats. Definitely a deer at least from what we can see its a brown blob. Oh, oh look, theres a deer right there, thats not how you get teared up. Oh look. I think thats, like the eighth deer weve, seen since weve been out here, nope hes down in the creek or shes down in the creek too late itd be nice. If we could see a big buck, i think weve only seen like one or two bucks this year. Okay, so is that one in the creek already, you said: oh yeah, it already went down. Okay well, so far, im having a lot of fun with this drone. Remember i think the big thing to focus on with this drone is the weight of it to some people into some areas. Weight of drones is a bigger deal than others, and oh that bird was like, i think, thats a bat thats, a bad thats about get that back. Swarming thats really cool thats, really cool hes, trying to figure out what i am that its either a bat or like a little swallow, but i think i think, thats a bad. I think its a bat yeah thats cool its just that time of the day were like deer, active, oh yeah, super cool time of day man. That is awesome. Look at it, hes, really trying to figure out what i am usually my bigger drones. Dont.

They use like sonar yeah, they cant like see. Well, they they can just not very well so yeah, so hes probably super confused there. He went away yeah well. This is a small drone and so youre going to get a little bit of lost. Coming back. Youll get a little loss of quality when you go to a drone of this weight, because if weight isnt an issue, there are some other drones around this price point thatll perform better. So what we can do, if youre watching this video and youre thinking you know what i like this drone, but i dont care about weight um. I want more bang for my buck well, link. Another drone get it yeah yeah well link another drone in the description box below um. That is a really good alternative to this higher performance, better video signal and quality gimbal even and relatively the same price. But if weight is a factor for you, then this is a good option, so lets angle that camera up when we fly forward, i want to go across the creek through these shrubs and get a cool shot of that field. Up up up, i probably broke your line of sight didnt i no! I can still see it okay good, so it gets a little pixely at about 120 meters or so like its still a good signal like its not too choppy. I say that, but now no just okay, i think i lost yeah.

I lost the connection, so im gon na fly up and then come back toward us, looks like it stopped recording on the app too. Maybe so my rc pro cannot connect to the device. Normally. Okay, no problem screen recording is still going so thats good, okay, but theyre just staring at a blank screen. Well, thats, okay, im sure the drone is still recording it actually is because i have a uh. I have an indicator on my screen on the transmitter that tells me so high up there yeah thats. Why im not filming you actually, even though so thats the beauty, if the app crashes and it did something happened, i think i pushed the range too far. I still have a lot of telemetry on my screen, so i know that im 80 meters high im 45 meters out – and i know that just from the screen of the radio, so i want to lower the drone now and bring it back in there. We got it back. I have a little bit of toilet bowling going on at that house. When i open the app back, it acted like it was still recording, which was weird, but i hit stop on and then hit it again. Yeah, okay! Well, no problem! Im! Just lowering the drone, we can turn gps off if we want to, with a throw of a switch and theres a lot of other app functions. We can use but abby – and i like to you, know its like its kind of like lane assist or something on a car right.

I those are nice features, but if the car cant drive well – and you dont like something huge about it – then whats the point and abby. And i, when we first test the drone, we like to test what we call like the meat and potatoes right. The 90 of why you would fly a drone uh, you can do circle me functions and that kind of stuff within the app. But this to us is the meat and potatoes whats. The range look like within reason: we dont really do true range actual tests, because thats pretty dangerous. Also we like to test stability of the drone fly ability. Is it going to toilet bowl? Is it going to lose control randomly suddenly, all these things are what were testing in this maiden and just how awesome is the drone on its own two feet and right now im very impressed with the bugs 19. again, if you need a drone in this price Point and wait, mjx and bugs puts out some really good, high quality stuff and, as were losing daylight, i think im going to land it, but what im probably most impressed by is you guys see on the back of the drone. The battery has those three dots and theres actually, four, when its a full charge. My telemetry is telling me that i still have three fourths of my battery and the drone itself is telling me that i have roughly three fourths of the battery.

I dont know how long this video and flight have been so far, but that is a ridiculously impressive flight time and battery life and for under 200 you can get two batteries. I got yet awesome, uh, probably over 14 minutes now, thats, amazing yeah. So a lot of times drones will boast about these really impossible to hit flight times, but i think this one is doing it and i think a lot of that credit has to go with weight. I think the drone battery is going to outlast my camera. Its just super granted my camera wasnt, charged all the way when it started well. I didnt expect the flight time to go over 12 13 minutes. I dont either for such a small drone, because even the dji mini mavic or mavic mini sometimes doesnt have that long of flight time. So this is a really good flight time. Im very impressed well uh, well probably continue flying this off camera after the video is over, because we dont need this to be a 30 minute video. You try like a return to home or something um a little worried with the trees lets. Do it lets lets. Go out well, do a return to home landing and see how close it gets to the case. Um and then well well end this video, but let me just let that get into like a nice hover. Maybe another deer will come out. Oh wait! Okay! I think they all returned to home gave up on us.

I did a short press on return to home. These are the default settings. You can adjust how high the drone goes before it returns. How high is it right now? Um were at 15 meters into them. Thats fast, i might have to make an adjustment, but it might just do uh return to home and hover over our heads and then let us land some drones do that, but okay, its coming down for about 10 seconds. If i wanted to take over, i could and its coming right down. Wow. Remember it took off from the case. You guys really impressed man whoa. You guys see that took off from the case, maybe two feet away from it, of course its on the hillside. So its going to struggle a little, i throttled down to help it thats pretty impressive. When i hit return to hold, i didnt touch the controls at all, but i didnt touch them well, as it gets dark. These features stand out a bit more, so youve got your status light. This is this was yellow when we were calibrating it, and just so, you guys know its the standard mjx calibration process, the very first time you start up one of these drones. You have to hold the lock button while you power on the radio and then keep it held and then turn your drone on for the first time now. I just do that. Every time you used to have to back in the day i dont know, if you still have to you, just did it, but i just do it.

I just do it every time and it works every time and then, when i do, that it enters automatic compass, calibration mode and youll see a little thing in the corner flashing. It looks like a little drone that needs to be spun and this will go into like a yellow, blinking status. You spin it around two or three times and then it goes green blinking. I put the nose down spun it around two or three times, and it goes green, solid, ready for takeoff absolutely awesome. I love these bright green lights that are telling me how much you choose. I believe that i im not even halfway done. I know me too. 30 minutes at least im impressed thats insane and then also even though abbys phone is off and the app is off all that, goodness is gone. I can still fly this without an app if i want to just fly line of sight, which i love, because there are some drones out there that really restrict you and dont. Let you do anything, some not even take off unless the app is on, and this tells me how many satellites i have what mode im in the telemetry my battery level and my radio, the distance and height signal strength. All of that stuff and its backlit its a backlit screen, so i can fly when its pretty light, even possibly at dark, so those are really cool features. I want to talk about things that are bad, like as i turn it off its a nice little system and then thats just a switch by the way.

This is two double a batteries in here, and i like that. I do i mean those are going to last for a really long time, just like most drones. You know this folds up really nice and small and compact the phone holder back down in it the antennas fold up, and it just feels like you know, your gogo gadget inspector gadget or something when you get a drone out like this, and it transforms into a Bigger controller thats just fun, and it all fits in that cool little case, but abby and i both agree that the things that we feel like are lacking are possibly signal, strength and signal quality at a certain distance. If you are flying this brighter a brighter time of the day that image quality is actually going to look a little bit better, but even from the start of this video, it was getting pretty dark. The sun was already setting behind the hills, and so we didnt have any direct sunlight. So if you werent impressed with the image quality im positive, that would look a lot better during the day. But she – and i both agree that signal quality to the app could have been a little bit better, wed like it to be a little better anyway, because you know we were trying to figure out. Is that a deer or not at about 120 meters away? It was just a brown blob, a brown blur, but the micro sd card is gon na look significantly better.

Having said all that for a drone thats under 200, you can get it with one two or three batteries, but two batteries under a hundred dollars and fly for about an hour in that within 30 minutes each battery 30 minutes each battery. I think thats extremely impressive, and for the lightweight drone that it is very cool to also have the ability to aim the camera up and down very awesome little drone. We give it two thumbs up and its linked in the description box below if you want to buy one using that link, helps support our channel and our family at no extra cost to you. So at least, please consider doing that. A big thanks to god for just giving us a fun experience to share with you guys right today was an awesome day to be alive. Hopefully, it was for you too youre alive youre, watching this video, so it was a good day and it was just a really cool experience to show up and have those deer here and fly our drone and kind of play around and you know follow them from A safe distance and share that experience with you, guys, thats super cool and so massive thanks to the big guy upstairs and a huge thanks to our patreon supporters, because we couldnt do our channel without you guys. We wouldnt be able to be so blunt and transparent, because sometimes companies just dont like to hear those things were actually currently working with a company right now of a very expensive boat.

That didnt like to hear anything negative, even not liking, to put the stickers on. So that was a thats, a unique experience. Thank you patrons well, have another drone video that is well worth your time. Another budget option popping up right about now.