Now this is a 4k drone. Has a full three axis: gimbal um, it is foldable gps. So it has a handful of intelligent flight modes, so this sounds like a pretty good. Beginner drone right well stay tuned Music, so on paper, this drone actually looks pretty darn good right. 4K. Gps. Follow me 25 minute flight time. 3000 meter range. All that is really good stuff it and it is right, dont get me wrong, but then it comes down to the implementation of some of those things. You know, i think the camera is the most important thing. The most important feature on a drone and with this 4k camera shooting at 15 frames a second and a write, speed of 15 megabytes its just you know. If, if you ask me its just not enough right, i think the f11 camera, which isnt very good, is actually slightly better than this f7 camera. Now, what am i talking about? F11 well thats the sdrc f11 or the roku f11. So thats. The thing about this drone, its not made by b wind, its sold by p wine on amazon and lots of companies, will do that. Theyll buy drones from companies like sgrc the manufacturer and then rebrand and resell, and when that happens, youre paying the middleman a premium to do so. So this b wine f7 is 400. So you get the sjrc version here, which is the same drone from banggood for a whole lot, less, actually its close to 230 between 230 and 250, but i dont think really either of those are a good deal if im going to spend 300 on a drone Im buying this, this is the dji mini s e and it is, it is, leaves and bounds better.

It is more stable, it has a better camera has better flight modes, its more reliable has better range. It has longer flight time. This is the drone youre. Looking for okay so lets look at another video coming from this be wine f7. This is shooting at 4k um and you know its okay. You know its not you know, im, not a big fan of the colors uh. The water is, i think, a little green here um, you know its, maybe its a little over saturated um, but you know this drone just wasnt incredibly stable uh in flight, but you know theres that now lets compare that to the dji mini se. Now this is 2.7 only 2.7 k, video um, but this drone, the mini se, is a hundred dollars less than the b wine. It was incredibly stable. It was easy to fly. It has a longer flight time of 30 minutes uh. It does not have follow me, and there are a few. You know other things that you kind of give up. Well, is there no uh? I i think, like i said before, i think, camera quality is the most important thing on a drone, and i think the camera quality here speaks for itself, but theres also something to be said for ease of use within the app and just you know, dji has Has a pretty solid uh base of drones uh, so you know you know what youre getting with a dji product right.

So you know: should you save a hundred dollars ill? Let you make that decision its also less than 250 grams, so you dont have to register with the faa. So, if youre looking for a drone and youre shopping on amazon, actually i buy a lot of my drones on amazon because i love their customer service and the return policies. But you have to keep in mind a lot of the drones are rebranded. So, if youre not buying from a manufacturer youre buying from someone thats buying from someone and then selling to you, which means theyre going to bring the price up a little bit so youre going to have to do a little bit of research. Where would you do that research id suggest check out halfchrome.