We are going to take a close look at this thing. Im also going to take this thing on the shooting range record. Everything with a scope cam, so you can see how the bbs are flying, how the spread of the bbc is and the maximum range as well and in the end im going to make a whole sum up and tell you if it is really worth the price Or not so lets go if you order the norwich ssr4 actually from norwich.com, you will receive it in this box, so the box has the ssr4 actually here on the front, really beautifully displayed all in black. Then we got here on the side, a norwich logo and a norwich logo as well. On the other side here in the top, we got the carrying handle for the box and if you turn it here in the back, we got your small writing which says ssl4 again and designed by passionate airsoft players in vienna and actually made in china. And now i would say: lets open it up and lets see what kind of things we receive if we order this rifle, this thing never gets old. So if you open it up, we got here to use a manual in black. As always as we used to know from the norwich rifles, then if you look it up, we have here a cool picture from christoph. Then we got here some details about the rifle. Some safety instructions from joseph and here on the back, which is really cute, cool and unique.

We got here a qr code which leads us to the norwich academy, where you will learn everything about tips and tricks, unboxing, safety, disassembly maintenance and more and with that, i think they are showing you everything with videos, step by step, which is really cool and unique, Especially if youre new in airsoft moving on, we got here some protection form as always to connect this rifle. Then we got here an allen key which is kinda long. Then we got here a magazine which is made out of polyester or abs. I think this holds between 75 and 100 rounds. Then we got here a cleaning rod to clean and remove the dirt from the inner barrel. And last but not least, we got the ssr for itself and basically thats it. Now. We only got this thing which collects all the water or i dont know what this is from the unboxing. But if you order something, youll receive this, so i dont know what it does. Maybe you guys know it so write it down in the comments below, but it should be helpful and basically thats it. The box is empty and now i would say, lets take a closer look at the ssr 4. now its time to take a closer look at the ssr 4 itself, some technical details first. So there are two versions of this rifle: there is the metal one and the polyester one. The metal one has a weight of 2.

6 kilograms, the polyester one, which is actually this one, has a weight of 2.3 kilograms. Then theres also a german version, which has the log for semi only, and they also have the f marking on the side, which is really important. If you live in germany or travel through germany with your airsoft driver, because we thought that after rifle is illegal – and you may get some problems with the police and lets talk about the energy, there are three jewel options for this rifle theres. The one jewel option. 1.3 tool option and the 1.5 tube option before you guys ask me 1 000 times. This is the 1.5 joule option and the polyester one, as i told you before so size wise. We got here a size of 74 by 24 centimeters and now i would say, lets dive deeper in lets start with the external parts lets see what those materials are made of. First things: first, since this is the polyester version 95 of this rifle especially are made out of polyester, but we will see it later on and later in this video we are going to the internal parts section where we talk more about the better pop up, gearbox And some more specific technical details so actually lets start with the external parts. Here, in the back, we got here a stock which is adjustable. You can pull it out or basically pull it in and also the battery is located here at the back at the tube.

So you can fit in every kind of stick battery. What you want also the double stick battery is fitting perfectly into this tube and you can fit in also 11.1 volt life or batteries. Moving a little bit further and downwards. We got here the pistol grip which is made out of polyester its really an ergonomic one. So you have a really nice grip. It really flews into your hand and with these rubber plates here on the side or with the scripts. It also stays in your hand. So its really nice to hold it, and it really feels really sturdy moving a little bit forwards and down and upwards we have here the receiver, the lower and upper receiver. Both are made out of polyester, but it is a high quality one. So its not actually, it doesnt feel cheap moving a little bit forwards. We have here the qd sling mounts which are for both sides. We got here the big chunk right there, which is the hangout. The hangar has an amlog system which is kind of standard in 2022, and the hangout is also made out of polyester as well, so be careful if you screw in the m lock system to not break the rails actually, but it should hold it. It looks great, it feels great and it seems to be really really sturdy. Then, here on the front, we got the flash hider which is actually made out of metal, so its a cnc made or cnc machined, i think aluminum, and it has this drill.

So norwich was aiming to have the north style barrel because on every other norwich product they have this fluid outer barrel. So in this case they skipped it. But here at the flash header this they wanted to bring it a little bit back. So we got here the norwich style and basically thats it here in the front. We got here the knowledge marking – and there are no other markings on this rifle now its time to dive deep right into the technical details of this video to the internet. Part section where we go through all the features and technical parts which this rifle has in the inside, so lets start actually with the heart of this rifle the gearbox. It has some 16×1 high speed gears which allow us a fire rate of 22 bbs per second Music, which is not a small business anymore. Then we got here an electric trigger unit which has some technology in the inside. So we with this electronic trigger unit. We have the precocking, we have the burst option so its actually programmable and we have the binary option. Short binary means, if you put the trigger the shot breaks. If you let the trigger loose the shot breaks again, so with one trigger pull, you basically take two shots. It goes like tuck, tuck, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, and with this you can fire faster and of course, if you have the international version, we have full auto plus.

We have also a safety feature integrated into the gearbox, which is the battery protection system. So if you plug in your lipo batteries and their energy of the battery, is really low and before the battery is decharged and dies or starts, burning or stuff like that, it automatically shuts down and protects your rifle. Your battery, your life. Actually, then, here on the front, we got here a trigger which is a flat trigger to make it look. Modern and sleeky lets get to the accuracy part section of this rifle here. In the front, we got the inner ball, which is a 6.03 precision in a row, and we have here a rotary style, hop up, which is in this case, made out of abs and with this rotary style, hop up. You have this little wheel and with this you can adjust your hop up just perfectly and basically thats it. Those are the high tech internal parts which are which have some really high quality in the inside, so they really did a great job there. And if you know this channel – or maybe this is the first video now you know, i dont like to speak for hours about parts how they are made of and which material they use and stuff. Like that, i like to see the performance, because for me the most important thing is: is the product performing as they promise it should be, and therefore now were going to take this thing to the chrono test and there we will see if it really has 1.

5 Joules and then we are going to the shooting range where we will shoot multiple targets. You will see it later and there we will test the real performance of this driver Applause. We are now here at the standby shooting range. The ssr4 has an 11.1 volt lipo battery in the inside. The magazine is loaded with 0.28 gram, norwich bbs and here on the top. I have a red dot, because its better for aiming talking about aiming with some proper face protection was never that easy in airsoft, because until now you had those bulky, big mash masks which were just hurting your chief and cheek and nose, and it was really uncomfortable To wear them and playing without a mesh mask or a proper face protection was never an option because i have seen so many broken thieves in airsoft. So i never wish that to anybody out there, but now with our video sponsor, let me introduce you the game. Changer, which is kygosam so kygosams, is a company which produces those scarves in germany and that scarf has some integrated mesh here at the front. So if you just take it put it on it automatically perfectly aligns with your face. As you can hear, i can still speak really clearly, and i also can lay my cheek to the stalk really comfortably and dont have to worry about having the mesh between me and my cheeks plus. If i take my glasses, i have here enough space between my mouth and nose or the mesh so that the air can circulate, and i dont have to worry about fogged up glasses.

So if you are interested in this face protection make sure to check out the second link in the video description here on the front, i have my scope cam to record the shots and show you guys how exactly the bbs are flying, how far theyre flying if Theyre hitting the target and the spread of them, because, if theyre flying in all kind of directions, you guys will see it and yeah basically thats it. The ssr4 is ready, im going to shoot at the target or at four targets actually, which are 20 40, 60 and 80 meters far away. The 80 meter target is the maximum range target. If we could hit it. This would be amazing for actually a rifle out of the box, and now i would say, lets go first. Lets take the glasses on for the haters, because before glasses we get a heart attack and then lets go so so and the 80., as you had seen. We also could hit the 80 not all the time, but there were some shots which landed the 80 meter mark, keep in mind. I had to aim a little bit higher, so i think 70 to 75 meters are the maximum range reusable range actually where you can hit another player, but this range is just incredible for a rifle out of the box. Now, i would say: lets get back to the studio now its actually time for the standby sum up. Is the ssr4 really worth the price? Would i recommend it for new players and why lets start so for the price we will receive a rifle which has some incredible technology in the inside with the programmable trigger unit? We have some great great features like the binary option, precocking system and the burst function.

Then having the battery safety protection is just the point on the eye, which is really great. I really love this feature and then to the other internal parts. We have here some high quality precision parts as well as you had seen on the shooting range. The range is incredible, and also the accuracy is just really great and really on point with the precision barrel and also with the rotary style hop up. I know some guys will now hate about the hop up, because the hop up is made out of abs, but, as you had seen, it still performs great and the abs style hop up just saves some price and also some weight as well, and with this all Together, i think this is just the perfect airsoft driver for a beginner, because you have all these technical features plus you get also the norwich academy. So if youre new to airsoft, you basically just watch some videos and just order your first driver, you have no clue what to do. If something breaks or something goes wrong, and with this academy they are teaching you everything which you need to know, step by step. On this video course actually plus one big feature as well, the customer support team or basically knowledge the company itself – is based in vienna. So you have really fast shipping times through who, through whole europe, and also the support is just they are answering emails like in 24 hours, so they are really really quick and maybe they can solve your problem instantly.

So all these features together. I think yes, the ssr 4 is worth the price, and now this brings us to the end of this video.