There are so many ways to share your perspective today were taking the power and the magic of the snap camera the spontaneity, the joy and the freedom to new heights, a new camera to match the limitless potential of your imagination, meet pixie the worlds friendliest flying camera. Its a pocket sized free flying sidekick for adventures, big and small everything you need to capture the spontaneity and fun of the moment from new perspectives is right in the palm of your hand, with the simple tap of a button, pixie takes flight and joins you on Your journey set flight paths, pixie floats orbits and follows wherever you lead. Pixie is ready to fly at a moments notice. There are no controllers, theres, no complex setup, simply set a flight path and let pixie take it from there floating above you as it captures photos and videos, and it knows when and where to return landing gently in the palm of your hand. Wirelessly transfer your aerial snaps to memories after the flight and take your editing studio on the go, apply, effects like speed, ramps, jump cuts and even 3d bounce to the moments you capture then add sounds and lenses before sharing on stories spotlight or any other platform. Pixi is the perfect new addition to your creative toolbox, helping capture new angles and making every moment fly. Music come fly with me. Lets fly pack up, lets fly away, Music pixie is available for purchase today in the united states and france, while supplies last search for pixie in the snapchat app or head to pixie.

com. To learn more, we cant wait to see what you will create on your next flight were so grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with such amazing partners, developers and creators, and we look forward to continuing this incredible journey together. Thank you so much for joining us today.