Instead, this mechanic has been thrown out of the window in this expansion. You will just see the watchdog’s one style information when scanning people on the streets and yes, aiden walks with his hands in his pockets, and we get to play wrench too. I really think that if you are a fan of any of the watchdogs games, then bloodline is really a must play, and i will tell you why, in this spoiler free review, i will tell you how much content there is and way way more. So if you like the watchx content here on the channel, then don’t leave a like to show your support and let’s go. Aiden gets a call in chicago about a special job in london should be easy grab the device from a facility and get out. But in this first mission of the dlc you immediately run up to wrench who for some reason wants to get the device as well. I won’t go into more details for spoiler reasons, but i think the setup is already interesting. They are fighting each other, not how you would predict a first confrontation between the two would go. You play the first part of the dlc as aiden, who is also keen to see his nephew jackson again and bloodline really feels like a sequel to watchdogs. One in a way like we do not only get to see these characters 15 years later, but also learn more about the impact of the events.

From that first game jackson will, for example, ask questions about the past to aiden their relationship over the course of the dlc will take some interesting turns and just overall love how aiden is way more human in this dlc. It was pretty hard for me to get attached to him in the first watchdogs game, but i really dig him here: he’s older speaks about his mistakes, he’s looking for a way out, but he keeps doing the dirty work, because that is really what he does best And it totally translates well to the gameplay, because he’s a ton of fun to play. He got his baton, of course, for melee, combat and takedowns is custom .357 revolver, which is a lethal powerhouse, and every time you reload the gun and time it right. You get a very noticeable damage, buff, which more easily takes care of enemies, and this for every gun aiding uses by the way sure it’s, nothing. New we’ve seen the mechanic before in games like star wars, battlefronts and gears of war, but it really adds some extra depth to the regular legion gunplay and aiden, of course, has his hacking skills as well and can with one ability, hack everything in the environment which Opens up enemies for takedowns, after which you can do a slow motion to take the other targets out. Aiden really feels like this veteran gunslinger, with, of course, his familiar hacking moves, and i cannot wait to play him in the main legion campaign and the online modes worth.

Noting, though, is that you do need the season pass to be able to play aiden and wrench in the other modes, i wasn’t able to try it out yet so we’ll have a separate video about that up because they should have recorded like the voice lines. With these characters for the main campaign, so i’m really curious how replaying legion with aiden is going to feel, and maybe it’s like the best way to play legion if you haven’t played the single player before so more on that in a future video in this video, I want to focus on the expansion, which is 15, but you do need to own legion in order to play it it’s still a self contained version of the game, though, which you can access from the main menu. You have to rediscover london again as aiden, which of course makes sense, and it also takes place before the main story of legion. They also completely changed the progression system. Now all the upgrades and weapons are side mission rewards, so you actually get something meaningful by completing them. This also means that you can very easily unlock multiple weapons for aiden and ranch, which was very confusing to achieve for your operatives in the main game. The legion twitter accounts put up this infographic showcasing the amount of content in the dlc. It took me five and a half hours to complete the main campaign and again then i’m talking about linear story missions with really well done, writing and cutscenes something we just did not really have in the watchdogs legion main game, because cutscenes were few and far between And your main character would mostly have a robotic voice, there’s one point early on in the bloodline, dlc, where you have to do some side missions before you can continue with the main story.

But these side missions are also improved over the main legion game. Sure it still has you drive vehicles and heck chasing cars or infiltrate restricted areas, but the objectives are a bit different and it’s just fun to tackle them with aiden or wrench. You also have a brand new multi drone tool which can switch from a spider bot to a flying drone with one press of the button it’s. A really nice addition like bloodline, does a great job of making the familiar gameplay feel fresh. Like i mentioned the spiderbots, but don’t expect the puzzles we saw very often in the main legion game. The only downside is that you will be going to a lot of familiar locations. If you like me, play the legion campaign and did a lot of missions in the online modes, then many of the restricted areas will be familiar. Should the new robot enemies change things up, and sometimes they do add some new like elements to these locations, but at the end of the day, it’s still the same camp, it would have been awesome if they added a new part of london to the map. That would have made this expansion even better, like there’s, still some new locations here and there, but they are few and far between the side missions that you play as wrench are by the way on another level. Even if you go to familiar spots, i again won’t share the details, but these really show the strengths of the watchdog series.

They’Re super light hearted funny and once again it confirms that it’s just cool to hack a lot of things in a near future city, and then i really thought that i did not want to switch to ranch. But man was i wrong. You already see his playfulness when controlling aiden, but when playing ranch, it’s an amazing time too, like they did not hold back with the sex jokes and the other snarky comments. Wrench is really ranch. Older and even crazier. It’S really awesome to see this cast again, and it just makes it extra sad that a few years from now we will be looking back at legion, and then we will not have these strong personalities that we remember like the players. Anyone mechanic is great, especially in the online modes, and to be fair playing. This dlc, with both aiden and wrench, is really awesome, but seeing how good this dlc is. It also made me kind of sad because i think it would have been way cooler to get a 20 hour main campaign like this. Instead of what we ended up getting with legion bloodline really shows that ubisoft still knows what the core identity of watchdogs is and what makes this series so special and fun i’m just really curious what this means for the future of the franchise. In short play. This expansion, if you love, watch dogs, even if you only liked one of the games, and even if you did not like legion, this expansion for 15 dollars is more than worth it.

I really hope they release it as like a standalone thing, maybe later, which i can totally see happen, but it will likely be a while for the like seven eight hours that it takes to do everything in this dlc it’s really up to you, if that’s worth Buying the legion gold edition, if you don’t own the game, yet there are a lot of sales going on so just keep an eye out and maybe you can get it cheap again. I will have a video up, showcasing aiden and ranch in the online and the single player modes, because again, if they really redid all the voice lines with aiden and wrench, then the single player from region might actually be way more exciting to play so totally subscribe. For more watchdogs, legion content, if you haven’t already a like on the video, would really help me out and totally check out my other bloodline or legion video by clicking on the screen.