Ah, okay get to safety sounds good enough. Am i getting this? I think we’re good, to see the suspect. Now we’re gone boy, we ain’t, even in that area, no more. Okay job done. I need to make sure real quick. If we go to music. I want to make sure that that is down, because you know i don’t want to get some uh don’t get trouble. You know so let’s go with that. There we go okay, all right, so that’s done. How does this thing work? Uh bagley called jackson, no public listing for jackson, pierce can be found on the bloom network, pull it from my encrypted files, voice print id lina and drop a pin at his address done. Calling him now. Sorry, the blue mobile customer you’ve tried to reach is unavailable and their voicemail box is full. Please try again later looks like i’m doing this in person. It seems like it. Okay, okay, this music’s too loud boy turn this down. Um we’re just going to go zero. Then i guess um that’s kind of suck, or do i just okay, we could literally just toggle music. I don’t know i want some kind of music to make it kind of like ambient. I guess is that the words is that a word i don’t know anyway. Let’S get that up to like there that’s good, okay right, jackson’s apartment, it is let’s, go eden. Oh he knows. Do you mind if i call you that i’m pretty disappointed, i got ta say i thought i could trust you, but you can’t trace this device.

I made sure of that. Yes, i’m aware, you know he’s more concerned with finding the broker bridge. Where is the wrench, like i said i don’t know, but i’ll find him you’ll get your gadget. Even if you did tell me, i couldn’t believe you now looks like i’ll have to pick up your nephew jackson. We can swap you won’t, find him he’s, smart, smarter than me. Uh i’ve, crushed way way smarter people than you bud. Why am i in the worst car in existence boys? I was just thinking about this like what what am i doing in this car. You know where the is this kid jesus he’s far man jeez let’s, get over there. Boys see you in a second. I guess right fellas we’re here, um yeah. I guess we just go in yeah. Is this? Where he’s living yeah let’s just walk on him where’s his hat gone? We need that hat we are knocking the door at like one in the morning could be a little bit of a problem, good sign. If i can get a look inside, maybe i can find out where he is warn him: okay, it’s a bit creepy now mate, but there you go all righty fellas we go around here, maybe that’s, weird um. Can i vault that little bit of parkour here fellas this guy hardcore parkour all right here we go rootkit alrighty jps! Here we go. We found him at least i guess jackson’s flat.

That looks like a miniature tech lab and gym equipment – hmm here’s, family staples. I guess: okay, Music, all right, jackson, it’s, dr ellis, my conference was cancelled, so i’ll be here this week after all – and i just wanted to say again how happy i am with the progress we’re making trauma moves our boundaries in ways that can make close relationships Challenging but the fact that you’re making so many new friends really shows it how far you’ve come anyway. Call me back if he’s in therapy. I guess that helps some people all right, it’ll be good. We disabled it! Okay, if you guys want to read any of this, please pause the video fine for protesting. I wish he’d keep his head down when i get in well, i can get in through the window through the window. Wow oh i’ll, get that back. Let it go! Yo, can we just not do this, please, okay, that works, see ya, knock it off. Jeez dude go there in the end, we’re good, we’re, good we’re in the yard. I don’t know if he’s here, i don’t, think he’s here i’m just going to creep into his house like a creepy old man, jeez bit weird lads come on. Hmm, you better get out right now, holy uncle aiden he’s grown a fair bit ugh. What the is wrong with you? I have not seen you in what 15 years and then you won’t break into my place this isn’t that i want to do it jax, i’m, sorry, but you’re in danger.

No, not this time i mean you got ta, send an email or or or a text, something that is how you do this. Oh, what the he did. He did get something like pulled out of his chest or some. Oh boy, moaning, hey Music, you’ve, been out for 12 hours, aidan jeez, i don’t think they’re coming jax. You have to trust me. There are people looking for you. They are serious. I’Ll, be fine! Trust me. After everything with uh you let me show. We know how to handle ourselves. Okay, hey. Can you leave a channel open? At least anything happens, i’ll be here in three minutes: yeah yeah, fine i’ll leave a channel open, but you got ta go damn that box is for you, mom brought it over the last time and uh. I don’t know why but it’s your jax. This is awkward. Oh boy, the hat let’s go fellas slap that hat on it’s time to go criminal charges all right now, we’re good what’s. He feel cool. Now he’s got a coat and a hat really he’s an old man bro. You should be feeling like this that’s, a pretty bad answer: alrighty well, testing channel open, like i said, copy thanks, jax jackson is good, actually sure yeah he’s got it and aiden. If you need help with whatever’s going on there’s a put by parliament, the owner knows, your kind of people knows how to get stuff that’s hard to get.

I can tell you you’re coming if you want. How do you know this person from protests? I help out as a street medic connie’s kind of a friend of some friends. You realize this protest. Stuff is a good way to get yourself killed right. There are guys already lost yeah. Well, some fights are worth losing. Look. I got ta go alrighty mate alrighty. How far we got to go this time, geez dude they ain’t playing, but these locations? Are they it’s not that far we’re going to stick this one out? We are in a bit of a faster car, so we’ll probably get there a little bit quicker. Yeah watchdogs is back boys. I was expecting this to be a little bit worse. I don’t know why, but i don’t know the first game was uh pretty mediocre apparently, but it was and the second game i actually never played and then legion. The main story. I really enjoyed. I thought it was a lot of fun, it was quite short, but it was, it was decent. It was decent um. Now, we’re back with this um got ta say better than i expected to be honest, but i can’t say i had high expectations, especially we’ve got code and everything the developers i’ve had a lot of play boys. I think everyone has to be honest, but yeah, interesting to see Music, some more some more watch, dogs and, of course, some more aiden as well.

I do believe at some point we do get to play as wrencher too, but i just don’t know when that’s gon na be so let’s keep it moving anyway. I think we’re going to the pub that we know so well from the first uh. Like the main story, i keep saying the first game. I mean the main story yeah. This is where we’re going. What if we’re gon na see patrick and all those boys that’d be kind of cool patrick was like my character in the main story. I don’t think this is gon na work, but there you go connie robinson aiden, pierce heard you know how to get pants. Yeah sure jackson called ahead when he told me that aidan pierce was coming to see me. I just thought he was being funny, but uh here you are so is uh the fox looking for something specific that her fox something exciting, this well i’m stumped. What is it a piece of shrapnel almost killed me? I think it’s part of a smartphone activated explosive fuse. You know where i could get something like that yeah i could uh ask around, but uh um off the top of my head i’ve got an acquaintance who helps me: import certain uh exotic goods, okay, let’s start with air smuggler. If anyone knows where to get bombards dead on i’ll push a location to your optic, but um aiden, this one’s, a favor for jackson in future you’ll, have to earn your own favors all right, mate, chill out jesus what’s up such a.

I feel bad for aiden. All righty that’s done now, where, oh, you were doing some weird t pose there weren’t your boy, friends in low places, mission started. Okay, talk to freddie all right where the is freddy. Is he over the other side of london? No he’s not he’s a little bit closer than usual let’s. Go we need to whip, though. Can we jump back in ours? We can let’s, go let’s, get it fellas. Moving on get rid of that music. Real, quick we’ve got to go. Don’T get copyrighted boys that we goods all righty let’s talk to freddie friends in low places. Hopefully this goes a little bit. You know smooth, see, we’re just meeting all these characters in a minute, and i have no idea who does what or you know or what? But this, i guess, we’ll see like that. Chicken bar, though i don’t know what the she was on, but yeah what the um audio i just dropped out there. I don’t know if that happens, to everyone that’s, watching or whatever or or if it was just my headset dropping out. I don’t know but yeah they’re driving cow 10 out of 10 10 out of 10 we’ll drive again it now i’m. Trying to see. Can we just go sorry: sorry there’s, a sex shop here i’m going to the sex shop, no i’m, not we’re, going to pull up here and go okay, creepy old man in a waist coat and a big hat walking in all right, you’re, freddie! Okay! Here we go at least he found the person we’re.

Looking for you know what connie robinson, oh you’re, her american pet supposed to be some kind of famous old, tough guy yeah. I don’t know about that. At least he was honest, i’m. Looking for a place where someone can get in bomb making supplies in bulk, hmm yeah sure uh, i just um, i can’t think of it like right now see i’m, just um i’m in this situation with albion. That’S got me like so stressed out, but um. If you could help me out of it i’m sure that my mind will clear like right up yeah fair enough. What are the details feeling familiar? You know don’t grease the right palms anomaly shipments stuck in the local fascist clubhouse got it, keep a line open this won’t take long, oh love, the bravado, very american, hey! Good luck! All righty! This is aiden pierce you’re talking to lad. This is this. We don’t need good luck, she’s just sitting up here like a ak on the side bro. This is england, not america, all right, let’s grab this motorbike what’s like the motorbikes and watchdogs. Look. I don’t know if you’re listening on this channel right now, but in case you were, i just wanted to say i don’t think he’s there. The reason i took the job it started one second before you start waffling on and getting all sentimental that’s just gon na be paid well enough, so that i could set up you and your mom forever.

Well anyway. Oops sorry, i’m: a phd student at one of the best stem schools in the world. Mom’S we don’t doing great money. I don’t always need a gun either, but when i do i’m glad i have one listen to yourself. You took the job because you love getting into gunfights with and talking like that, that’s, not true yeah. What are you doing right now getting distracted? I should go we’ll. Do those close me too? Did he take the job to just be a and you know, gun people down or was there an actual reason? I don’t know it just seemed a bit creepy it’s, not very charismatic. I thought that’s what a lot of people said about the first game, but this geezer in because you know he was quite grunty and quiet and i don’t know when you look at characters you you look at ones that you know kind of, oh within the wrong Turn good characters. That kind of remind you of like that. You know, i’m, very charismatic. I know there’s a few characters in gaming that’s, like quite uh, do you say quite quite grunty like marcus, phoenix and stuff and gears right you’re looking for a few little boxes? Little not a big box of guns, you know what they say. A little depleted uranium goes a long way depleted one yeah. On that note, you might want to use a delivery drone or something to move them. You know just in case it’s, not quite as depleted as advertised.

I actually picked up a gadget earlier then, might do the track. I parked a van nearby with a lead lined interior you’ll probably want to use that to move them. Can i distract you? Oh him up him up nice, nice that’s, you down boy, all righty, fair few guards here, that’s close, really nice he’s, a bad boy with his baton, jesus i didn’t, even see him. Okay come on. I need to mess him up in a sec Music. Okay. I’M. Gon na take them all out first, so i know we’re good. It come on boy what you got! Ah, oh it that is, i knew it. Wouldn’T go uh! Quite for long. You know all right: that’s, uh, let’s, get rid of these he’s got invisible, bro the what’s that do you in. Oh, my god. You want to go a little bit easier on the grenades. You know it now all right let’s go. We need a multi drone Music. How the is that gon na work i’m that okay, here we go, what kind of throw it what’s going on here, boys that was some accent hell yeah as a jamaican guy. All right, it looks like i can’t, i literally can’t, throw the thingamajig. Is that even called a multi drone yeah? It is why can’t i use it. Is it because of these nerds are looking for me? Oh there we go, you need to blow his brains out jerk off. If i can, i just put this gun away.

Why can’t? I throw it bro what the okay! This is great he’s telling me to use it let’s shut things down, so i can use that all right. But when it comes to this, i can’t use it boy. I don’t know: okay, i’m gon na end the ear fellas, because i i think it might be bug to be honest, um. Let me try and i’m smashing rb boy. I don’t know anyway there’s a key up here. I doubt that has any significance at all, but we’ll try i’m gon na try and see. If it does anything, i doubt it will, but yeah let’s go this nerd had the key can’t do anything with that hello, hello. I don’t have the key. I don’t know. If that does anything, i have no clue boy i’m, just i’m going off of instinct here to grab it and i just can’t seem to throw it which is irritating as to be honest, but hey guy Music, no, not going well worse. Music. Can i use this to like grab what does it have to be a multi drone Music? I wonder if i can just pick up with this Music yeah now let’s just drive it into the sea because that ain’t working, i don’t, know boys. I don’t know i’m going into here. I think, because i’ve got no clue, it’s, not letting me throw it you prick! No, what sake that didn’t even kill me i’m gon na end it here boys, take it easy, have a good day.

This thing’s a lot of have a good day.