So if you guys are first time, viewers right now actually hit that subscribe button and hit that notification bell. So you guys don’t miss out on my videos coming up all right so anyways about me. My name is tony and um i’m doing a lot of footages around utah and uh. You got salt lake utah, we got park, city utah, we got utah county, we got provo, aurum we’ve got a lot of good spots. You know, utah is a beautiful place. You got a lot of mountains out here, a lot of lakes to go fishing a lot of outdoor stuff out here. Pretty cool awesome place, i’ve been here for about 15 years and it’s i’m loving it and loving it. It’S been good to me and my family. You know i got a good job out here, trying to do my best on it, it’s working out here and there but it’s working out, but i started this new youtube channel right because i really want to do something new. I want to get something new out there and um. You know a little quick hobby as well like i’m, really enjoying flying my drone. Now i got a drone. I’Ve got about four drones, nothing so it’s bad, but it’s got the dji maverick mini. I got uh some holy stone. I got two holy stones and uh this new one right here, actually that i want to try to give you a quick review on so don’t miss out right now, don’t skip my channel.

Keep watching you guys. We got this bad boy right here, but i want to give me a sec. Give me a second but anyways. If you guys are first time subscribers hit the subscribe button, but if you’re, not thanks for your love and support, you guys, you guys been awesome. Lately. I’Ve been getting a lot of messages and i really enjoy you guys feedback thanks a lot for your appreciation thanks a lot for your support, all right, but if you’re not remember don’t forget to subscribe hit that subscribe button, my boys anything is cool out there. Let you know you ain’t gon na you will not want to miss out my videos coming up all right, so anyways let’s get to the point. Let’S get to the point i’m mumbling over here mumbling, but let’s do this all right. So we got this drone here for y’all. Where is it at man left around here somewhere? We got this bad boy right here, all right, not sure what it’s called. What i think is the the bell weather bell. First aerial drone, first aerial drone here with 20 minutes of endurance, pretty cool drone. I picked this up at amazon. It went for about what was it again like 70 bucks, 60 bucks yeah. I picked this bad boy up right here, um. I guess you got the black color and you got the white color i’m, not sure which one it is in the box right now, but uh let’s get it open and check it out.

You know here it is right. There let’s check this bad boy out, see what we get all right. Okay, so i dropped the instructions. I believe let’s get them right here, got the instructions, i believe onions owner manual right here came with this little booklet. So it looks like you got what a 90 days 90 day spare parts warranty so might as well. Keep that just in case got 90 days on it. Here’S your user manual got all the instructions how to get it set up. You know all the buttons what buttons do up and down pictures videos. You know they’re pretty much the same stuff. Any other drone has this one might be a little better. You know you got all your your your flips uh backflips from flips um yeah. So you got all the instructions right here. You guys want to check it out yeah there. It is all right, let’s get this bad boy up and let’s get this bad boy out of this box, a little plastic little box right here. So it seems like we got the white one right there, pretty cool it comes with a little plastic right here cover up not too bad, pretty cool drone yeah. You got your extra propellers and it looks like extra pro screwdriver and uh extra um. What it’s called screws got that screws in here? Oh man, this looks pretty cool. You got the camera right here, so you might have to hook it up to it.

Get it all hooked up there’s your drone right there that’s, pretty lightweight, i don’t know, might do not so well in the wind, but it’s pretty light still might do the job, though never know you never know. Yes. Last time, man, i got this drone. It just went flying everywhere, it was out of control, i couldn’t even control it and it was not even barely going like five miles an hour. It was. It was crazy. Whoa check this out. This is this. This controller looks awesome right here, and this looks like a real controller. You should be flying in the drone. Sometimes they come with those small ones, i’m, like what the hell is, this you know kind of just, but this one’s, nice and big. You can got two handfuls on it. It feels really good. You got your little screwdriver for the bag for the batteries, so you most likely have to buy batteries most likely, it’s, probably like four or four or three batteries, most likely it’s double a but uh yeah. So you got, your controllers looks like right. Here you got the little knobs right here comes with the little knobs. You can put it on the controller. You know i like it, because you got all the instructions right here. That’S your return home landing. You got your 360 flips right here, pretty cool. We have your off and on button right here, i’m, not sure what these are for yeah, but we’ll get to figure out the instructions yeah that’s awesome.

Oh, maybe you’ve got your color color guards and your you got two batteries right here. So you said they got 20 minutes of flight time. So that’s 40 minutes that’s awesome. You know i really enjoy a little 20 minutes. 30 minutes is a little less time when you got 40 minutes to go that’s the bang, for your money right there. You know, bang, bang, you know i’m saying bang for your money is always best man. You always want to get a good time of flying and uh yeah. This right here, i’m, not sure this for, but i think it might be. I see a video on this before i might have to go. Connect, your your camera, sorry and you get it connected and you kind of put it on your drone. So it could be something like that. You know so the drawing footage stuff right there cool. Then we got this bad boy right here. So at least like this right here looks like it will connect i’ll shoot the wrong way. It’S like it connects like right there. I believe, so you get your phone in there like that and bam. You get your phone and you just start doing some videos flying all over the place, that’s pretty cool i really enjoy. I like the like controller, how big it is two handfuls on it. You know, looks really awesome it’s, not so heavy either. So it’s, pretty lightweight we’ll, do the job all right.

Well, so now i got all this stuff out. You know just put it all together and i’ll, give you guys a little quick show off of it and maybe take it out for a flight as well and uh. Hopefully you guys enjoy this little quick review um. Now this video is a little long right now. So if you want subscribe on the channel because you don’t want to miss out the flight test on this bad boy and um i’ll, give you guys a little quick little clips right now, so you guys can see. The drone is all put together yo. What up you guys? So we got this bad boy all together. Now we got the camera all put it together. We got the legs on and everything so uh let’s get the batteries charged up and let’s see how this bad boy goes out for a flight. So my next video is gon na be the flight test. You guys, i’m. Sorry, this video is a little long, but i hope you still enjoyed it and if you’re a first time viewer hit that subscribe button and that notification bell. So you guys don’t miss out on my other videos coming out or this bad boy up in the air.