But the reason im making this video is because one gentleman named adam guys. This is adam. My names adam im out here from dallas texas and i flew my drone into the world trade center. Adam decided to fly his drone to catch an orbital shot of a fountain located near located near the world trade center building and while he was doing the orbit. Obviously, the orbital path was too wide for the fountain and he ended up smashing into the building and he lost his drone as he made a mistake. This is not about coming down on adam, but its more about delivering a video that, i think will give you some tips that if you do decide to go and fly in a city like new york city, you know what youre up against. What do i mean by up against theres a lot of challenges to flying in new york, city and im, going to list them and help you work through them? If this is something that you really really want to do, the first thing you want to do is open an app that shows you, if its safe to fly or not the best app that i recommend is kitty, hawk its also known now as a loft, a L, o f t. I did a video on that check it out over here how to use it its fast, its simple, its easy, but, more importantly than getting permission, which you can also do in this app as a hobbyist or as a 107 operator.

Its just checking out your airspace to see what youre dealing with especially in big cities, so thats. The first thing you want to do open up the map, the app go to maps and type in the location. For here we want to go to world trade center because thats, where adam was and then we can zoom in on the picture and well see this little black pin that shows world trade center. Now, as you can see, the air space is quite clear around there. Its like super clear, theres, no restrictions, theres a little red box there. That means you cant fly over federal hall, thats, not allowed right, theres another box over there thats a hospital. It probably has a helicopter pad on top, so you cant really fly there either anywhere. That you see in red, basically, you dont want to fly right. You dont want to fly over here either, but lets look at the world trade center where adam was its pretty clear around there. So yes, as a hobbyist and a 107 operator, technically he can fly there. If we look off more to the right as you go further up manhattan, you can see thats when the limitations start with this little blue area, and then you have the 400 foot limitations around there and then, as you move around and you get closer, you have Zero altitude restrictions. That means you cant even take off, because zero means zero feet off the ground, but going back to where adam is, he is quite clear over there in terms of airspace, so technically he was clear to fly, but this is where things get interesting.

Now, if youre from new york city – and you know me youre – probably saying but x, yes, you dont know you dont allow people to fly in new york city in your group, its not that i dont allow people to fly in new york city. I help run one of the largest groups in new york city, its called nyc five bars road meetups. If youre thinking about coming and visiting new york come to this facebook group join, ask questions in particular: look for the people who have the badges group expert next to them. They most likely have experience flying in new york, city and theyre, like this guy here says group expert next to his name. He probably has experience flying in new york city. Now, if you join this group, you cannot post new york city photos of you flying in new york, city and ill, explain to you why we came up with this duan donts im, not saying its illegal im, just saying we dont allow it here and the reason Being is because of the challenges that come with flying in new york city, but you can still come in the group. Ask questions if its something youre going to do anyway, so back to the map. Now that youve scouted your airspace and your airspace is clear. Youve got to make sure that you have your location now new york city has this old aviation law thats not really enforced, and, as you can see, from adams video hes out about free to walk, he just cant get his drone back.

He has to buy a new drone, because the cost to remove the drone from where its wedged in the building could run about a hundred thousand dollars, hes better off just buying a new drone, instead of asking for his drone back unless he wants to pay a Hundred thousand dollar bill he just has to keep it moving now. Adam did say that his drone is roughly twelve thirteen hundred dollars so most likely hes, probably flying one of these, which is the air 2 or the air 2s or hes, probably flying the older mavic. 2 pro or he could be even flying evo 2 pro i dont, know what he was flying, but this is my guess now. Why is that important ill? Come back to that in a second, because choosing the right tool is important, but lets talk about taking off and landing back to this old aviation rule. The old aviation rule says you basically cannot take off and land anywhere in new york city, except these five designated designated areas that have been outlined or given to us to take off and land in outside of those five areas. You can check the link below go to the five boroughs group if you plan on flying in new york city, and we will definitely outline those five areas for you and yes, world trade center is not one of those areas but outside of those five uh areas To take off in line youre, technically breaking the old aviation rule in new york city now there are some workarounds like if youre on private property, maybe youre on the rooftop of your building and you own the building or you have permission to take off.

But i dont want to get into all of that: its a rule thats not really enforced after airspace and location scouting, which is the number one thing you need to do. Number two is picking the right time. Picking the right time is important, especially around world trade center thats like a tourist spot, and that means that people are going to be there walking around just touring the place. The right time will probably be early in the morning very early in the morning like just as the sun is about setting up and not only picking the right time, but picking the right day. You dont you dont, want to go during the week monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday friday people are up early and theyre going to work. So you probably want to go like a saturday morning, because most people in the city are going to be partying theyre, going to be drinking friday, night theyre, probably going to be getting up late on a saturday or getting up late on a sunday morning. So saturday and sunday morning is probably one of the best times to fly in the city and fly early like before the sun rises just before the sun rises like half an hour before or 30 minutes after the sun rises or during the sunrise thats. Probably the best time, because theres not going to be many people out and about theres, not going to be many tourists out and about so.

If youre going to a tourist place like this, you dont want to go middle of the day. You dont want to go middle of the morning its going to get crowded, especially on the weekends so early morning, weekends when theres, nobody, working and tourists are not really out and about because, if youre flying over people, that essentially is illegal. So you could be clear on the airspace you could be clear to take off on land, but if youre flying over people youre breaking the rules as well, so choosing the right time and the right time of day is important as well. Number three choosing the correct drone or choosing the correct tool right now. This is important if you are going to do a shot like adams right and it all depends on what shot youre going for is going to determine what tool you need so lets. Look at adams situation specifically, he was doing an orbit right on a 1200 drone hes, probably not flying this, the meaning too, because this has no sensors right and, if hes doing the orbit, he probably was flying something like this, which has no side sensors and when He was orbiting, he hit the building at the side like smack right into the building. This has no side sensors so doing an orbit with this is not the wisest choice for that type of shot in the city. So more than likely, you might be thinking. Oh go with something like this: that has side sensors.

This is the mavic 2 pro right. The mavic 2 pro has side sensors, but the sight sensors may or may not work in orbit mode. This side, sensors on this drone, only works when youre doing active track or, if youre in tripod mode, thats the only time the side sensors work, which means youre going very slow. So you probably cant use this tool either right. You need to be familiar with how to use the orbit app. How close in proximity can you orbit most of these drones when you use the automatic orbit feature it doesnt? Allow you to orbit automatically unless youre at least 16 feet away from your center point or whatever youre orbiting so take that into consideration 16 feet in the city is not much. You could probably hit another building 16 feet away, orbiting right. This drone might or may not actually be your best option. This drone has sensors everywhere. This is the evo 2 pro right and its also the evo 2 8k, basically the same drone, but it has side sensors. Now, if adam was flying this more than likely, this would have picked up the building and it would have stopped and would not have completed the orbit. He would not have gotten his shot, but at least he would not have hit the building. So this, if youre listening adam, this is probably the way you want to go. However, sensors are not really there for you to depend on.

You need to do your due diligence and set your shots up correctly, so, depending on sensors is just not the way to go the best way to do it is actually, i think, in a situation like that, and flying in the city is flying one of these Little bad boys that do not have any sensors but work on your craft work on your skill and learn how to orbit things effectively manually using your sticks. Dont depend on the app and the algorithm and the technology to do it for you. In most cases, when youre doing tight orbits in tight spaces, where theyre buildings all around you, so this might actually be the best choice or mine. Might not this kind of leads into my next point, which makes things even more complicated? Yes, it gets more complicated and a lot of times we dont even realize what were getting into. I dont know if youve ever noticed or if youve ever driven your car in manhattan, but a lot of times, youre driving with gps on youll, hear gps signal lost with your phone just using it as a gps or youre walking around in the city. Your heel, you will hear gps lost, these devices will lose gps because gps needs or these gps chips need access to the sky. It needs clear, open sky in order to give you a clear, accurate gps reading. In order for these chips to function properly and thats, a huge problem in the city, because you will constantly be losing gps if youre flying in the city, gps, is what keeps the drone in position and allows the drone to fly back home to you.

If it loses signal, it uses the gps to mark and hold position and to return to where it took off. It marks that point via gps. So when youre losing gps youre losing number one, the ability to return back home and number two, the drone does not know exactly where it is now thats a big deal, but its not such a big deal, because you can still fly a drone if you lose Gps, you just have to be careful of the wind. The wind will kind of push you around, and that brings me into my next point, which ill lean into and ill come back to the gps and the compass thing, because yeah were not done there yet, but on the wind you want to check uav forecast thats, The app i use to check the wind to make sure that its not too windy when theyre buildings around the wind barrels through these buildings and creates a lot of turbulence. So you will take off between these buildings in the city and your drone is getting beat its getting knocked around its getting beat up by the wind, because the wind is just tunneling between those tunneling through between those buildings bouncing off the buildings and its creating turbulence. Turbulence that you wouldnt feel if you were flying over the water outside of the city or flying in a big open area without tall buildings, to trap the wind and have it bouncing all around so theres, even more challenges with wind.

So the wind doesnt have to be that strong to be turbulent, so you want to check the wind, and then you also want to monitor the wind. Why? Because the time that adam was flying in particular right now in new york city, its a very, very weird time the sun is coming in and out of the clouds there are gloomy days one day its bright day is another. The wind and the weather in general is just very unpredictable here now at the beginning of august, and that means that the wind can go up. The wind can drop down, so you need to ideally have a second person with you. Whos constantly monitoring the wind every minute or two as youre flying to make sure its not going up and not going down, is not a problem but its not going up which will increase the turbulence while youre flying between these buildings and make things harder for you. Now, coming back to the gps thing, you will constantly lose gps when youre doing these maneuvers and when youre, using the app to do the orbiting its depending on the gps location as well to keep you in a precise orbit and when you lose gps, because youre Flying between these buildings, its not like the drone, will fly away, but as the gps signal gets weak, so will the accuracy on your orbit or whatever your waypoints or just your general flying everything is going to lose accuracy and then your orbit might go wider or It might go narrower and then you might hit something which could have been one of the reasons i dont know.

I wasnt there, but couldve been one of the reasons why adam hit the building right, not necessarily his fault per se, meaning it wasnt really how he set it up its just the whole accuracy of not having accurate gps. I dont know i wasnt there, but that could have been one possibility and things can get even worse when flying in the cities guys – and this is probably the most important point that you need to take into consideration your compass, nine out of ten when you go To fly in the city, it will ask you to recalibrate your compass, sometimes two times sometimes three times, sometimes when you calibrate it its good as soon as you put the drone down and its in the concrete or its on the ground, the compass goes off again. Why? Because the city is near water, but these cities have theyre built out of yes. Its concrete new york city is a concrete structure but theres a lot of steel in there theres a lot of metal in that concrete and its all around you, and that means that its going to send your compass haywire, if not at the point, when you get Off the ground, because of all the metal around you at the point flying amongst those buildings, your compass will probably get triggered as well. Now the compass, or i should say losing compass, is worse than losing gps. When you lose gps, you can you still have control over your drone when you lose compass when you lose your compass im, not talking about compass, abnormality, thats, a warning.

If you get that you better book it and come right back im talking about you have completely lost your compass. Sometimes you dont even get a warning or the warning is just there for a second, your compass is gone and then guess what happens? Your drone shoots off. I dont care, how good of a flyer you are at that particular point its too late. You cannot, i repeat, you cannot control your drone because you do not have control over your drone while its exposed to much more metal in those tall buildings thats going to send it even more bunkers before you know it. There goes your drone smashing into a building. Well, but i have sensors right well, not really, sometimes, when your compass goes, haywire your sensors dont even work. So is this really going to be that helpful with the side sensors if youre going to have compass issues? No so youre, probably saying okay cant, i get a drone with two compasses well. Currently, none of these drones that i just showed you have two compasses none. They all have one compass. This one has two imus, which is good. The imus is basically the brain for the whole system, so youve got redundancy there, but this one doesnt, the air 2 and the air 2s doesnt have dual imu, the mini 2 or mini one. Certainly doesnt have it this one doesnt even show what it has. If it has one or two, but when you hit calibrate, it only tells you to calibrate one so im assuming this only has one compass and one imu, and none of these have two compasses.

The only drone that has two compasses out there, thats pretty much affordable is the phantom. The phantom has two compasses and two imus, so you stand a better chance with the phantom if the compass fails, but this is not really a compass failure. Problem were talking about were talking about a compass malfunction and if one malfunctions then most likely both are going to malfunction. So i dont even know if thats going to help you and then the phantom is a much more bigger drone, its a much heavier drone, and i dont even know, if youre going to want to take that for city flying as a matter of fact, theres a Drone called the skydio2 that drone might even be your best option, because its got all the sensors to prevent you from hitting at the side, and the sensors are not going to malfunction due to a compass error because it doesnt work with a compass. Its straight up does not work with the compass, so theres, no compass, abnormality error that youll ever experience there and your sensors will always keep you from hitting anything, and that has the best sensors in the business problem with that drone is that it can only be Used for close proximity flights like what adam is doing simple little, orbits and stuff, because that controller is working off of wi, fi and wi. Fi does not give you a lot of range, and that means that if you want to switch to building shots flying above buildings and cityscapes and stuff like that, you probably will lose signal with that drone.

So, even though it wont hit anything because its got the sensors, it probably will come back to you even and avoid everything, even if it loses signal its probably still going to be frustrating because youre constantly going to be using signal and losing signal and youre not Going to get the shot you want, so is that the best rune now you might have to work with walk with two drones, one for the city, wide scape shots and another one for the close proximity shots. Do you really want to deal with all this? Is the shots really worth it thats? What youve got to ask yourself so anyway, guys im not mad at adam. I understand mistakes happen right. Everything is a learning lesson, so the purpose of this video is to make sure you dont have to deal with that right know what youre up against know what youre going to be facing the whole point is, i prefer to give you the information, so you can Know and make an educated decision as to whether this is something you want to deal with or not to get these shots. Give this video a big thumbs up. Please share it to anyone who you know is thinking about flying not only in new york city but any city in general, because this is stuff that we deal with here. Flying in new york city weve got a tons of experienced flyers who deal with this stuff.

On a regular basis, whove been flying safely and getting shots of new york city for years upon years upon years, and they just know the ins and outs. They know certain locations and stuff like that. Try to connect with these guys in the group that i shared with you earlier try to talk to them, maybe even try to meet up with them. So you have someone with experience by your side and someone who can help spot you and guide you and tell you if youre going right or going wrong, because we all know that one thing can affect the other. And then, when things like this happen, it can lead to more rules and regulations right so share. This video everywhere guys help people to understand what theyre up against when they do decide to fly in the city, make sure you hit subscribe. If you have not hit subscribe already, if you find these video videos valuable make sure you hit the bell, so you get notified when i release more videos like this, alright guys thats about it. With that being said, i will catch you guys whenever i can make sure you become a patreon guys, big benefits to patreon get direct access to me.