You heard right the test server, the test server wasnt really available for the past week also, but we have uh new things, new items that i want to show you guys. We have a new drone, which is called the iron heart, so lets take a look at this new drone, guys nice drones that draw one looks like it has some metal protection around itself, its made of metal. I think that is how they classify it: iron heart iron, because the drone is made of metal and the heart because we can add a certain amount of chips to the drone. So we have uh five, seven iron hurt drones and they look nice guys. What do you guys think of this new drone? Let me know that in comments below each drone costs 6 000 gold. I have 43 000 gold left up there yeah, but that is how much the iron heart drone will cost when it will come to the game. Six thousand gold, so we are going to jump in here to the drone and see if we can find any information about it up here. The iron heart has a frozen heart, so the heart means its frozen, beautiful, powerful, dangerous, cold and hot all right. We dont know what uh, what that means, call it hot it. Can boot cool and warm your butt all right. So that means i can cool and warm up your robot. If we put a certain amount of chips were going to have to see what type of chips we can add to that iron heart is made of iron thats.

What i said earlier, its made up of iron and it looks like an iron yeah and looks like an iron, what an oily okay, frozen heart of iron heart, when your robot receives, freeze or blast effect. It is removed and the robot gains immunity to the corresponding effect. So that is what that means. So, when your robot has of receives a freeze effect lets say an enemy robot is firing at you with skiddies or glaciers, or it runs or with um. Any other freeze, weapons like the avalanche and the freeze effect is going to be removed and the robot gains immunity. So that is what the drone does the iron head. It removes the freeze effect that your robot is going to get thats what it says up here. It can work cool and warm, so it can warm your robot by removing the freeze effect and it can warm your robot by removing the blast effect and it can gain and your robot can gain your immunity back as well. It has one inner energy here. It can fire off an energy round, it says here, put it in a gig up means you can fire off an energy shot, and these are the tips you can add on here. You can add on a weapon chip, you can add in a chip type a or yeah and a chip type c as well. So that is the explanation of the drone here. All right, we are going to see what type of chips we can add on to this drone uh yeah 15 seconds of effect lets see what we can add on here.

Im gon na go into the shop here, imitating rifle imitating rocket or target seeking minigun uh lets uh. Do this yeah im gon na put on the target seeking cannon because it does more damage than the imitating rocket. We dont have anything here in our inner hanger. Here, im going to put on target seeking cannon into this slot right here, then we have the socket type e. We can either put down two luck: donors, or we can put on the defense mitigator lets see. Oh, we can put on suppressor or anti acid. What are we gon na put on luck, downer, suppressor, anti acid im going to put on anti acid. I think yeah im going to put on anti acid here. We have a socket type c lets see what we can put on under c: socket uh with suppression, defense, unhave, durability, defense on repair unit, defense, all of them have 80, except the one and half durability; defense that has 60 um yeah on have freeze defense with Suppression were locked down, were gon na put on on, have freeze defense. Well, put that one on. We have two two c type circuits we already have on half recipes. Do you want to put that on again, uh were going to put on one lock down defense when youre in defense, you can lock people down whats up early kind of suppression when youre in defense mode, when youre defending yourself, you can suppress your enemy, the other One is when youre in defense youre defending youre gon na lock down your enemy as well im gon na do this.

What else can we put on repair unit defense with suppression, yeah, im gon na put on on repair unit? Defense sounds better all right. Can we turn that drone around? Yes, we can look at that guys. That is awesome. Nice drone here and that drone is going to be coming out to steam, plays ios android amazon. My games that is going to be coming out in in the robots version. 7.6. 97.5, but in 7.6 – and we also have two new robots as well called the harpy, and we have a pilot called the cern, but that pilot isnt here on the test server and the harpy and the other robot isnt on the test server either. So we are just going to be testing out the new drone, the iron heart all right lets switch into this drone here, whats the time okay um. That is what type of socket is that that is a weapon socket all right, nice, a weapon socket target seeking cannon imitating rocket. We already have one with the target seeking cannon, so we are going to put on imitating rocket is what were gon na put on this one here, e type circuit, lock, donor acid sprayer were gon na put on were gon na put on the acid sprayer here And just for this, one here were going to put on on half luck down defense or with suppression. Uh were going to put in on half lockdown defense on the last turn.

Sea circle were going to put on were going to do this, see what will come and have freeze unlock down words of pressure im going to put on the im gon na put on suppression here, all right, brilliant next, one target seeking freezer were going to put On a freeze weapon that looks much better when you put on a freeze weapon, it only has a damage output here of 480. Can we get into the here yeah? It does the damage output here of 480. It has here a range of 6, 600 meters and a reload time of 15 seconds, so youre gon na have to wait 15 seconds until that weapon reloads on the drone, and it has a permanent effect on your with your robot and on your enemy that you Are firing at top suckered e tub lets see what we can put on we havent put on. We can put on a control. Resistor yeah were gon na put on a control resistor. Here then, we are gon na put on unload durability on half lockdown yeah were going to put on on half luck down here. Um on low durability, so when were low on durability, were going to get a little bit more durability. Defense, so were going to put that one on as well nice next, one here now im charging up my phone at the moment, so we cant use the headset. Otherwise, i will use the headset here, but we we have to charge up the phone first before we use the headset all right, imitating rifle im going to put on an imitating rifle here.

That is a weapon slot, the 8 type circuit. What can we put on here this time were going to put on the lockdowner here were going to put on were going to update this all right on half lockdown updated again? What else do you get on half durability, update again on repair unit, defense, yeah thats? What were going to put on unrepair unit defense last one low durability, defense, all right, brilliant next, one here yeah, we dont have too many options here. We have only here three options: target seeking freeze, targeting canon target seeking minigun thats, the only tree that we have so im going to put on target seeking cannon damage. I put is 1440 e type, socket acid sprayer freezer, no im going to put on im going to put on lock, downer, lock, downer all right. Lord double defense were locked on defense on repair youre, not going to put on a lockdown that one here you want to do. This were going to put on two half lock donors see what that does im imitating rifle target sticky freezer now, with the turkey seeking freezer chip here, youre gon na have to use your glaciers runs or avalanche or those other freezer weapons. I dont know what theyre called so im going to have to set up my second hanger with a robot that has the freezer weapons on all right: sucker type: a imitating defense, mitigator acid spray, anti acid to put on the defense mitigator.

What does the defense mitigator do with this chip? The drone can shoot enemies with with a freeze effect with a weapon that has a freeze effect, so you need for this chip here. You need a weapon with a freeze effect under im, going to yeah the awkward with a freezer with a freezer weapon like the glacier glacier rim, cryo or avalanche all right um. Here we are going to put on word suppression, defense. That means when we are getting suppressed, that chip is going to remove the suppression on a robot. I think one here im going to update it low durability and half freeze. Last drone minigun imitating rockets were going to put on imitating rocket here, which fires off rocket shots for 48 type, sockets yeah freezer like to put it on the lock down. We can change that around later. We can uh we can put on the freezer. I think we can uh, we can uh, take it off yeah that we can. We can take it off and put on the freezer later on, for this type socket were gon na up update. It lets see what we get here: unhave freeze, unload, durability. Half luck, donner were going to put on the unhave lockdowner that one here unrepair unit, defense, lower durability, defense, all right, my drones are ready. We are gon na go into our hangar here and by the way tomorrow, we are going to be doing a live stream with with a friend of mine on his channel.

So if you guys like to see the live stream, i will put, i will put the link to the live stream on our clan page here, so we have set up here, the orochi. We have a couple of new weapons here, the incinerator. Now those are not new weapons. Those are a little bit older. We have the orochi. We have two overdriver units. What im gon na do is im gon na take the overdrive unit off and im gon na put on a nitro unit, then im gon na put on nuclear amplifier. Where is it they call it the repair amplifier. I dont know what you call it: the repair amplifier when its called a nuclear amplifier heal, heal relative third person at the moment, additional armor 25 limit factor: 2 500 percent thats. Now that is a high number, as a percentage this year for every x damage taken. Your robot gains a small bonus to regeneration for the entire battle, so its gon na regenerate parts of its body when it gets hit when the maximum bonuses are reached. The robot receives defense points and restores the percentage of degree durability to itself. So that is what i said earlier here: the robot takes damage and when you have three of those its even better, your robot receives defense points. So when you put on a repair amplifier, the robot is going to receive defense points and its going to restore the percentage of degree durability to itself so its worth, having three of them on when installing several such modules.

The speed of receiving bonuses increases, but not their maximum. I have im gon na put that one on im not gon na and there it is the repair repair. Amplifier were gon na leave on the left, stand and the advanced repair. I have a robot here. I think its the the typhoon here. No, i didnt put it on there. Where did i put it on? Was it the fastener yeah i put on two repair amplifiers, two of them, because it says here when you install several search modules. Several i put on two of them: the speed of receiving bonuses increases and the bonuses are maximum. Bonuses are reached, the robot receives defense points. That is a bonus. The defense point is a bonus and the res the release, restoration or the the percentage of gray durability. To that is another bonus as well, so you have two bonuses and those two bonuses are gon na restore even faster when you put on three of them. I have put on two here on the fastener im gon na test that out put on the nurturing unit and the repair unit on my shell. Here, ive got the toxin and the bin. The bin is the heavy weapon. The modules im going to put on well im going to leave it the way it is fix, honey put it on for me, repair amplifier, two balance units address repair unit and uh, repairing yeah. Here we have the revenant also with the toxin and the bin.

I dont think that they have put in the venom im gon na just gon na see if they have put the venoms in, i dont think they put the vitamins in. They took the venom out of the game yeah. They have taken the venom weapon out of the game, so no more weapons on the venom, only toxin and bin, which is pretty good too as well. You know that is my shell im gon na leave it to it is my fafnir set up here with the skitties full of skinnies here my resident here and toxin overdrive units. I prefer preferred repair amplifier that is probably a new module thats, why they call it a repair amplifier and not the nuclear amplifier. The nuclear i prefer is does a different thing to repair amplifier, so so yeah um, my titan back here, is a surrender with three cataclysms. Three cannibal reactors and a suffix unit were going to build another hanger. I want to see if i can put on some freezer weapons here, medium yeah im going to put on four cryos here four crows at a typhoon here, because we have a drone with freeze effect, and i want to test that out all right. Brilliant look at that guys. We have put on four cryo weapons now those cruel weapons, they have a range of 300 meters and they do some severe damage if you, if you upgrade them to mk3, put those weapons here under test server, only level eight im going to put on three times What am i going to put on here, im going to put on three terms: repair amplifier, one two and three im going to test that out: im gon na see what that does im gon na leave on the repair.

So we have here three repair amplifiers. So we have three times two times: twenty five additional armor for the twenty five three: twenty five, two, four six, seventy five. So we have uh 75, armor and three times, two thousand five hundred percent. What is that? That is two thousand fifteen five one, two three one: seven, seven thousand five hundred heal limit factor all right, heal limit factor now thatll be a good module for for the d meter. Do we have a d meter? I think we have a d meter. Yes, we do have a d meter. We have a d meter here, thats, where, where im going to put that on d meter. Yes, sorry, that is a good module for the d meter gon na, take all those mattress off and were gon na put on the three times. Repair amplifier and, i think, were gon na be starting off with the d meter. I dont know yet im just going to have to build hanger after hanger after hanger. What were going to put on here for the last one we are going to put on lets, see what we can put on advanced repair. Yeah were going to put on the advanced repair here, although we dont need it, because we have the repair amplifier so were going to put on something else were going to put it on the sheet breaker for the weapons here. Those are, i think, those are medium.

Yeah those are medium weapons, so we are going to put on the scourges, no yeah the scourge weapon here and were going to switch the paint job over as well all right. So three scratches and three repair amplifiers and a sheet breaker all right sounds good. As far as i know is complete, we have a fafnir im just going to see if it can get a turret hanger in here um that is already in our hanger. I think what we have here, its already in our hangar, no its not the hook. Put that in hang our tree um, what other good robot do we have dont think the fujin is any good were gon na put in hanger tree anyway. Lets go back to hanger two here yeah we have your arjun. What can we put on here for our weapons, except for those thunder weapons um? I know they do a lot of damage, but those are standard weapons but as we can im gon na put on the wipers here, i like those i like the developer weapons here. I have them on my own battery link account as well. The modules are going to be were going to put on here entire control, that is an anti control shield, then were going to put on a balanced unit and were going to put on an overdrive on our shell were going to leave. That way, it is were gon na swap out the armor for something else.

Um were gon na put on anti control, were gon na put on a heavy armor kit, a heavy armor kit, and we are going to put on lets, see what we can put on here. Im going to put on a repair amplifier, i think yeah. We were not going to put on that stand. No, no, no thats, not what i wanted battleborn. I dont have a drone with the batterborne chip on it, so im going to put on the repair amplifier on the ravenna. What can we put on here were going to put on the wasp weapons here when this can we put on all right, scorchers all right lets put in lets, take the rust off and put on the scorchers all right, brilliant nice, one scratcher. We have scorchers incinerators and we have the other weapons as well, so were going to put on here a scorcher arriving now with scorchers another one we are going to put on the balanced unit. Uh yeah were going to put on the fortifier on ravenna and were going to put on poo poo poo. What are we going to put on here? Lets dent yeah, listen for the titan. What are we going to use here were going to use newtons? I think we dont have to locator anymore its, not in our in our in our shop here. We dont have to look at her, so were going to have to pick here the knowns and were going to put on for cyclones.

We have the crit circles squirrel. What else do we have ruptures um? I dont think the newtons is strong enough for the squad so were going to have to put on here circles and i might put put on – i might swap the names out later on and we are gon na what the heck is going on. Okay, that is weird uh, something wrong with the internet connection, so were gon na leave the hangar the way it is and im gon na, say goodbye and uh im just gon na try this one more time here. Im gon na put cyclones yeah my hanger couldnt couldnt be saved. I dont, i dont know why my hanger cant be saved here, guys, im gon na try this im gon na. Do this im gon na see? If i can save that to my and try that again, yeah theres something something wrong with the connection here, so im gon na end the video here thanks for watching and uh. Let me know in comments below what do you guys think of the new iron heart drone here? That is the new iron heart i have explained it. I have explained the chips as well, so yeah. Let me know in comments below what you guys think of the drone, its called the iron heart and uh.