Last week we talked on the bonus show last week, thanks to Pat choosing the story.. Quite frankly, I hadnt even read it, which is part of the problem. Joe Biden. Speaker 2, has quietly almost Speaker. 1 completely ended the drone war that has become essentially the status quo of American foreign policy to slightly different degrees. Since George W. Bush threw Barack Obama and including Donald Trump. And the corporate media has barely mentioned it. As we were talking about it last week, I realized we really should be talking about this. More broadly. Theres been this bizarre reversal on foreign policy perspectives for the Republican Party, really since Donald Trump started running for president back in 2015, when suddenly Republicans were pretending, they dont, like war Speaker 2, that they Speaker, 1 dont, like military incursions, that they dont like Interventionist foreign policy, when really those have been the hallmark of neoconservative republicanism for several decades at this point in time., And if you think back it sort of started with Donald Trump saying that Iraq War, that was a disaster. Trump started with that Speaker 2. And it was Speaker 1 always B.S… Trumps initial political constituency was heavily made up of people who supported the Iraq War under George W. Bush and, admittedly, people who were sort of right wing reactionary, Speaker 2, but were not Speaker 1, really following politics under George W. Bush, either because of their age or Because they just werent paying attention.

, And so they bought it., They bought it hook, line and sinker. Trump and Republicans now theyre against war.. Then it went to well. The leftists who didnt like Hillary started, building on it with the Hillary stuff and the Hillarys going to start for war stuff and Donald Trump isnt going to do that.. That became the story. And it mostly transitioned right into Joe Bidens presidency. With this idea that if you reelect Donald Trump hell keep us out of war., But if you elect Joe Biden it means that more wars are coming. Biden was going to go to war. I mean I dont. Even remember now, Biden was going to go to war with North Korea, Speaker 2 and Speaker 1, China and Iran and Russia, and all this different stuff now.. I said at the time I dont see any appetite from Joe Biden for doing those things., Maybe Ill, be proven wrong. But theres. Another story here: thats. Actually, what were talking about today., One of Barack Obamas biggest foreign policy, sort of conflicts with my ideology – and I talked about this all all through the Obama administration – was the drone war. Trump continued, the drone war massively.. He didnt talk about it. That much because remember it was killer. Who was going to do the war and the bombings not Trump., But Trump continued Barack Obamas drone war, which was an escalation of George W. Bushs drone war.. Now maybe Bush would have done more if the technology had been more mature at the time.

, Barack Obama had the benefit of that., But now we have the reality and the reality is that Joe Biden has almost completely ended. The American drone war. Joe Bidens not really saying that much about it. The White House isnt really saying that much about it., Neither is corporate media., But its a huge massive story.. There was that one strike during the the Afghanistan withdrawal which went horribly wrong, killed. Civilians., Speaker 2, Just absolute Speaker, 1 disaster., But Joe Biden has almost completely halted drone strikes and airstrikes in general.. We have to call this what it is, which is a foreign policy victory in my mind. And its also a communications and PR failure. By being almost completely silent about it. Under Bush, we started droning.. Barack Obama did even more. Donald Trump continued huge debate, controversy., But then look at what Joe Biden has now done. Enters office.. First of all sets up a system that requires White House approval for any strike outside of a war zone. And listen to these numbers in Donald Trumps. First, 11 months in office. He did 6500 air and artillery strikes per Airwars, which tracks drone strikes in Iraq and Syria, alone. Air Wars, reports for under Joe Bidens, first 11 months, not 400, not 40 or 40., As Joe Biden says. Just for four of them. Air strikes in Somalia, down 75 percent from last year to fewer than 10. No civilian casualties in Yemen instead of 18 strikes last year down to four.

. This is a massive change, but the real question is why the Biden White House has been so quiet about. It. Is it because the Afghanistan air strike the drone strike went so wrong that they just dont even want to talk about the fact that there is still some droning going on? Is it because it will lead to Joe Biden being called weak by Republicans, which of course, remember under Trump Republicans claimed? They are the ones who dont want to do? Interventionist foreign policy strikes, war etc. But at the same time the Republican Party has a long history of pointing to Democrats and saying: Oh, you dont want to go to war. You dont want to go to Iraq. You dont want to take this person out that. Well then, youre actually the weak one.. Is it a fear of that thats keeping the Biden administration from Speaker 2? Talking about this major Speaker, 1 accomplishment? More! Is it because Joe Biden doesnt like to brag, I mean a couple of people emailed means that they said its not Joe Biden. Constitutionally Joe Biden doesnt like bragging and thats? Why hes not doing it. Hes sort of hes bragged about vaccines. Hes, bragged about., I dont. I dont think that thats it., So a few different things here – number one., Of course, theres the reality that sometimes youre droning, instead of sending in boots on the ground. – And this was a big debate early in the big campaigns under Barack Obama, which was well.

We may be using drone warfare here instead of boots on the ground. And if either way were going to do damage do we prefer it be done without boots on the ground Thats, not the debate, now., Speaker 2, Joe Bidens, not talking about., Speaker 1. He certainly doesnt seem to be thinking about boots on the ground. Hes just dramatically. Speaker 2 reduced drone Speaker 1 airstrikes., And we should be glad about that.. Let me know your thoughts.